7 unexpected ways to gather yourself up from heartbreak

7 unexpected ways to gather yourself up from heartbreak

What is the difference between people who gather themselves up from heartbreak and people who are down and sad forever? Even if someone looks ok from heartbreak, they could actually have anger or sadness in their mind. In this way, the experience of the heart break could be traumatic for a long time.

Here, I’ll introduce you how to understand your situation, have no regrets and move on to the next step with a fresh feeling. There is no magic to get out of the darkness right away, but you will laugh in the end, thinking that it was just a little thing.

7 unexpected ways to gather yourself up from heartbreak


Understand well how you feel now

It’s the most important thing not to deceive your feeling. It’s very tough to have a sad and bitter feeling, especially when it’s about breakup or heartbreak.

Some people deceive themselves and pretend to be ok because they don’t want to have those tough feelings. But then they end up leaving a scar on their heart, which will never be healed, and it will affect your feeling every time something happens.

Therefore, you have to be brave and face the tough feeling from the heartbreak. No one wants to do it, but without it, you will not be able to move on. You could even make the same mistakes again in the future.


Analyze the situation that you are in now

When you are down terribly, you might blame other people to justify yourself. But they you would feel guilty and therefore you would put yourself down.

Everything that happens around you is always caused by you, but your subconscious doesn’t realize that. You might want to blame other people on anything to think that you are not wrong.

In order to understand why you got heartbreak, you have to face the bad part of yourself, which is not a pleasant thing. But once you understand what was wrong, you can just snap out of it, like “It was wrong anyway, but I couldn’t do anything.”, “I cause a trouble because I didn’t know.” or “I won’t do the same thing next time.”

When you cool down, you may understand that the partner was also upset, or the person and you were not balanced.


Think about what’s important for you

If you are obsessed with the person of your heartbreak, that’s because you stick to them too much. Half of the whole population in the world is opposite sex. Didn’t you stick to the person just because they were useful for you, or you thought you couldn’t meet the next person in the future?

Didn’t you expect a return? Possessive feeling is a big burden. Even if you were refused by someone, you would be able to snap out of it if you didn’t expect a return.

Then your feeling would be lighter, and you could understand that you weren’t meant to be for the partner. A selfish and heartless mind and a possessive feeling cause a pain of heartbreak.


Be aware that you broke up, and reflect on it

But feeling of love is not controllable. The feeling like an animal instinct controls your personality and quality, which normally controls your feeling and habit to think. That’s why your feeling goes to an unpleasant direction sometimes.
The only thing you can do about it is to control it with a rational mind. Be careful of the instant feeling which comes up suddenly. Don’t take an action immediately. An instinct is important, but just take a deep breath before you want to do something.

Think calmly about what you were about to do. Never stalk the person of your heartbreak. You can’t take a calm action when you are close to them, and therefore you can’t gather yourself up from heartbreak.


Throw away things of your memory

You may have things of your memory with the person you liked, such as emails or letters. If you were dating the person, everything reminds you of them. Presents, clothes you wore when seeing them, etc. If you want to forget the person, just throw them away.

You will feel fresh by throwing away those things and buy new things. The best way is to throw away everything so you don’t have to see them anymore. But if you feel guilty about it, bring them to a charity shop. You will never have the next start without a reset.


Ask for help of your friends for a new start

Just ask them to listen to you. You don’t need an answer from them. Your friend might give you some advice like not giving up, but those advices are actually what you want to hear from them so you can blame them on your own action.

So, just ask them to listen to you. If you get some money by throwing away your memorial stuffs, ask your friends for a dinner or drink with that money.


Go out or have a trip

This definitely has an effect to heal your broken heart. Just go somewhere you’ve never been to. By seeing new sceneries and trying new food, your five senses will be reset. A new world pulls a trigger to take a new step.

But don’t go to places where you have memories. It only makes you feel alone and depressed.
How was this article?

If you get a heartbreak, that doesn’t mean only your partner is to blame. If you really didn’t do anything wrong, then the partner wasn’t just meant for you. You will find a better person, so take the next step.

But you are not always innocent. You can’t move on to the next level without looking back to what you have done. If you want to be happier, you shouldn’t stay where you are now. Try these 7 steps to heal your broken heart, and get a real happy life.



7 unexpected ways to gather yourself up from heartbreak

・Understand well how you feel now
・Analyze the situation that you are in now
・Think about what’s important for you
・Be aware that you broke up, and reflect on it
・Throw away things of your memory
・Ask for help of your friends for a new start
・Go out or have a trip


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