7 songs that sympathized with heartbreak

7 gentle songs that sympathized with your heartbreakYou feel you are losing your lover’s heart, or your lover may start to love somebody else….
Even though you try to figure out for a solution, you cannot find a right answer and feel so depressed that makes you feel you lose your way in your love rabirinth.
And more, you cannot be brave to ask your lovers thought.
There are many people who listen to music that gives power and braveness, cheers them up, or sympathizes with them for their heartbreak that let you cry.
I am a person who weeps as much as I can as listen music when I had broken my heart.

So, today, I would like to introduce some good heartbreak song that may help you cry, stress out, and heal you who have a fear of heartbreak.
Among tons of music in the world, I pick up good match songs that may fit your current feeling instead you.
What I introduce songs for you are pretty famous heartbroken songs which have nice lyric that I like.
Hopefully, these ones could reach to your fragile heart….


7 songs that sympathized with heartbreak


No.1 Koi no Uta / GO! GO!7188

“What you think, who you love, and whom you got hurt from?” I realized my loving person likes someone else not me, however, I cannot have anyone else but you.
I know where your love goes to, but please stay beside me and makes me smile as long as you could.

This lyrics expresses how lonely, bitter love feeling for one way love.
This song is pretty old one more than 10 years ago, but still very popular and well known. It has a slow melody and rhythm with a strong voice that lyrics about how much she loves her favorite person touches my heart.
I have listened this song again and again after I had broken my heart, of my unrequited love in my school age.
All girls who are in one way love situation will understand this song’s words.


No.2 Snow smile / BUMP OF CHICKEN

“I sincerely, I am so happy that I met you” You and I used to walk on the street covered with snow when we were steady. Winter time has come again, however, my dearest person, you are not beside me anymore.
It is very painful lyric of song but you could feel calm down with a slow melody that you could imagine beautiful scenary changing autumn to winter.
The road we used to walk together, the shop we used to go together, and the place everywhere we went together reminds your face still now.
It is very precious memories I cannot forget…. It is unhappy story that you are not with me anymore, but I am so happy to love you… Just keep those “beautiful memories” inside heart forever…. This song makes you feel like that.


No.3 NAO / HY

“I really wish I were that girl you love and asked you how much you love “me”. I wanna feel how much happy I am as you love me…”
This is one way love song that her loving person already has a steady partner and would not be happy ending.
Regardless, she wants to forget that guy but she cannot, and her heart keeps on moving everytime he does something kindly to her.
This song lyric writer describes about herself in this song that may easier to feel sympathy to people who have same bitter heart feeling.
This calm melody and strong singing penetrate through your heart.
I strongly recommend sing this song at karaoke. You can be into the sentimental heartbroken atmosphere as you are singing.


No.4 Suki (Love you) / DREAMS COME TRUE

“Oh, I just noticed I wanted to cry” This singer sings and says very straight word “Love you” so many times. If you a person who tend to not cry for your heartbreak, I recommend you listen this song.
You may notice how you feel and can be honest with your tears, and you can express your love without any hesitation.
You might be surprised when you listen to this music that describe people’s love patient emotion exactly, and this song is for people who try to do all the best with heartbreak bitter emotion.


No.5 First Love / Hikaru Utada

“Where are you, and whom you are thinking of?” This is one of the well known heartbreak song in the 90’s that so many people may cry with this song…. You cannot move for new love, but you cannot forget that love and still want to hang on this love sorrow.
You can totally cry for your love as you listen. A singer’s clear voice that may move your tears reaches your fragile heart and you cry again and again.
Yes, I am a one of them. I have cried over hundreds times with this song.


No.6 HANABI~episode II~ / Ayumi Hamazaki

“Just lock this box in my heart and keep it as a beautiful memory” Although you need to forget former bitter love, but just leave it in mind as an unforgettable beautiful memory.
This song suggests you that you can go forward regardless you keep your heart broken memory.
It was true that you really loved your former partner and those love memories with your partner were so pleasant and happy for you. Many people may have same emotion.
This song gives you a positive answer and chance that it is also all right. By the way, another song HANABI~episode I~ is very sad love song.


No.7 Over / Mr. Children

“Let’s go through this tunnel of sorrow” You notice you changed your lovers mind after break up. You realize how important your former lover. Though it is rhythmical cheerful melody, you see how bitter love is in this lyric of song.
This song describes the emotion of guy’s side, but all genders can sympathize it and feel braved by this song. It is true people realize who much important own partner was after breaking up.
Your partner finished your love partnership that you were stuck in a rut, and you suddenly realized that you do want to apart and want to with more.
You should not think that your partner would not leave you forever.


How do you like it?
Stay in a quiet room and remember your loving memory, sing a heartbreaking song with your bitter emotion in Karaoke alone, listen to some music that makes you feel be positive in a beautiful landscape, sing songs with your best friend and stress out your sorrow, and so on.
Listen and face to your emotion wherever and any way you like.
If you want to cry, please cry. If you get angry, please shout your voice and stress out with karaoke.
As you follow your honest emotion and release all your feeling, you may see what you want to do after you organize your mind.
Hope you get right answer whichever you decide to confess or give up.



7 songs that sympathized with heartbreak

No.1 Koi no Uta / GO! GO!7188
No.2 Snow smile / BUMP OF CHICKEN
No.3 NAO / HY
No.4 Suki (Love you) / DREAMS COME TRUE
No.5 First Love / Hikaru Utada
No.6 HANABI~episode II~ / Ayumi Hamazaki
No.7 Over / Mr. Children

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