7 steps for new love after heartbreak

7 steps for your next love starting from heartbreak.
Major love refugees country, Japan!
There are Half of young popularities age = year without a lover, so you are the winner despite of heartbreak!
That’s fine! Tons of guys, like number of stars, still want you to get closer.
According to a web reserch by 2000 male and female in United Kingdom, to reach for “True love”, you need to experience an avelage of 7 times
love steady relationship and 2 times heartbreak.
So, you can still bet for next!
Today, let me introduce seven skillful steps for next love that has started from heartbreak.


7 steps for new love after heartbreak


No.1 Feel so refreshed singing at Karaoke.

I can not forget my former love whatever everyone says…. You still cannot get out of your love pain.
That’s all right. You do not need to pretend to be fine. You can still stay being the heroine of a sad love story.
The more you try to forget former love, the more you will be able to not.
Just accept your painful love emotion. What works well for you is “Stress out with Karaoke!”.
Choose and sing mostly sad love song. Don’t you feel you can sing better than usual because you empathize sad love songs so much?
It is best way sing a song with a loud voice. If you finish karaoke by shouting “Idiot!!”…. Don’t you feel so refreshed?


No.2 Change a perfume.

It is a common story that woman got her hair cut to get visual transform.
Let’s change a perfume you use as well. In fact, human olfaction links to own memories so tightly.
For example, your former boyfriend’s scent and his favorite Eau de toilette…
These scents evoke your missed memories when you smelled similar scent someone passed you on the street.
To reborn yourself, let’s go and find your favorite new perfume.
I recommend the perfume that you feel charged energy when you wear it.
That is your perfume with the scent of “next love”.


No.3 Work out.

I could totally understand how you are feeling, but you would regret if you keep going on binge-eating.
Your motivation and fortune stays in a bottom and never well with rubbing your fat belly.
The god of fortune loves something light and shiny.
You do not need to wear such a heavy, dull coat When you work out and get skinny with good metabolism.
Wear pretty colored shirt and brilliant accessories, and walk on the street dashingly.
The grant of heartbreak is maybe “you can be on a diet with slightly effort”.
You feel more guy’s gaze, don’t you?


No.4 Just as I thought, Go on a heartbreaking journey!

Have you ever heard “Heartbroken Taxi” in Kyoto?
This taxi service is exclusively for ladies that taxi driver helps you to forget your heart broken memories.
You might care outlook of this taxi what is called heartbroken taxi, but do not worry. It looks totally same as common taxi.
Just be healed without thinking.
Where a driver of heartbroken taxi takes you is the place you will enjoy by yourself.
There are special event at the last of your journey; for example, making a lovely sweets decorated accessories,
having your fortune read by tarot fortune teller, and so on, and these service offers are exclusively for you who take this taxi.
I also recommend you go to Okinawa if you go for travelling alone.
Many people at the pub in Okinawa are so friendly, especially to a traveler by yourself.
Drink well and enjoy Okinawa dance ” Kachashi”, then everyone will be your friend! and keep you busy.
You will not have any chance to remember your ex-boyfriend face anymore:-)


No.5 Try a petit-cosmetic surgery.

For women, who is the 100% much more important existence than your boyfriend?
The answer is “Yourself”.
Staring at yourself in a mirror, and try to change and fix what part of your face you do not like.
You do not need to get a petit cosmetic surgery… you may start trying to get pierced hole in your ear,
Wear colored eye contact lens, or dye your hair color lighter.
It sounds so excited that you make yourself over.
Let’s think your best partner is yourself. Do not hesitate to be narcist.
Make over yourself to be a charming woman.


No.6 Change your environment.

Living only by yourself tend to keep heartbroken memories. Your room must be full of regret and love for ex-boyfriend if you stay there alone.
Why don’t you make up your mind, move your residence, and try a share house?
There is an option service you can stay in a share house with foreigners only weekend.
It sounds exciting that new boyfriend will be a foreigner, don’t you?
If you still could not have such feeling, how about having an animal pet?
Especially a dog, cat, rabbit, and so on, which has soft and fluffy hair makes you feel so healed.
How is that?


No.7 Talk and talk with men.

It does not matter you chat with, and you do not need to talk to a man you like.
You can talk to whoever you can; your best male friend, your junior at your working place or school, etc…etc…
Let’s start making more opportunities to chat with men.
It is a curious thing that chatting with men are very effective.
You are not forced to seek a new boyfriend chatting with men, but you feel much better from heartbroken pain.
Truly “Your new boyfriend can treat your heart broken wound which was made by your ex-one”


How do you like it?

Heartbreak is painful and sad experience, for sure. However, you can go for next love chance because
you got through that bitter experience.
There is no limit of age and the number of times to love someone, so enjoy your love as much as you could, and
have more live albums that are spice of your life.
What the heartbreak is that you just lose tiny one person who did not love you, but on the other hand,
this guy who left you loses the precious one who had loved him.
You do not need to be sufferd from this end of love.
It means that you have a chance to choose another new love playing card and your ex-boyfriend losts one of them.
See, Let’s refer to these seven steps, and go for your new love!



7 steps for new love after heartbreak

No.1 Feel so refreshed singing at Karaoke.
No.2 Change a perfume.
No.3 Work out.
No.4 Just as I thought, Go on a heartbreaking journey!
No.5 Try a petit-cosmetic surgery.
No.6 Change your environment.
No.7 Talk and talk with men.


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