7 points for you to enjoy the herb garden travel

7 points for you to enjoy the herb garden travel “The herb garden” that featured the theme of herb gains popularity. There was “a botanical garden” to admire the trees and plants in old days. When that’s called “herb garden” it’ll be fashionable feeling.

Of course, as for admiring it, the herb garden has a concept to say so that even aroma or a meal thoroughly enjoy an effect of the herb.
Because there is a Western image, you will want to go there if you were women.

As for the herb, Hokkaido is famous, but there are much herb gardens in the various places throughout the all over Japan. Even if a little far away, with many likely place worth going, it will be distracted.

The herb garden where you can go by a little trip on a weekend. I gathered up the points which enjoyed convenient facilities when I knew it before going.

Please read before outing to enjoy a herb garden 10 times.

7 points for you to enjoy the herb garden travel


Herb garden in the whole country

The facilities named “herb garden” are nearly 100 places in the whole country. Surely a herb garden should be found near your house.
I think you know about history of herb and effect of herb. By eat or smell the scent of herbs, and you can cure the disease or eliminate the stress.

The herb garden is the leisure facility where charm of such herb can be enjoyed fully. There is not such a wonderful place to be able to study happily, and to be better for the health.


Herbs that can be enjoyed in four seasons

There are many places planting various kinds of herb in the herb garden to have you enjoy it seasonally.

The effect etc. are studied in the guide book while looking at the herb in the beginning. There are the facilities establishing a herb school or a herb lecture.

You can buy seedlings of favorite herbs, you can also can buy a cup of tea and products made of it.

There are the facilities introducing a monthly flower and the flower every season on homepages. It is pleasant to come after checking when favorite herb blooms.


Check the event information

There is a herb garden that is doing the seasonal event. There is a facility to make, such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, cherry blossoms, and autumn tea party.

In addition, there are the facilities which can harvest the herb. There are the facilities to have of a game to assign the name of the herb and to perform work using a herb.

Because there are a lot of events that featured the theme of nature, a couple and families may enjoy it. In addition, there is such as dog run and mini- zoo, there seems to facilities that can go to take a pet together.

There are also facilities with a garden of vegetables and a fruit garden in the neighborhood, so even if I tour variously, it seems fun, doesn’t it?


Herb dish restaurant

The dish to eat at the restaurant among gardens of a lot of green is very delicious. There are many places adding a restaurant to in the herb garden.

There are many healthy menus that used a lot of herbs. There was also a facility that uses homemade vegetables in.

Such as herb salad and herb pasta, there are a lot of likely to menu joy woman. In the big facilities of the scale, there was the place where it became the buffet served unlimitedly.

Meals in the herb garden , is one of the great fun.


Garden cafe

The cafe in the herb garden is also the place I want you to use by all means. Homemade bread and cookie using the herb, cake, dessert and herbal tea.

How about the teatime while you feel green and wind refreshingly on a garden terrace? There is also a cafe that is stuck to the natural yeast and organic.

There are also a lot of cafes with a focus on herbal tea. To a feeling, please be relaxed with a choice of a favorite thing. Because there is also a beautiful herbal tea of color, you can enjoy to put in a glass cup.

There is also a facility where there is a herb ice cream.


Experience workshop, Seminar

There is also a facility that features an experience workshop on site.

There, you can experience something handmade using herbs. You can handcraft a herb candle, herb soap, a lease, flower arrangement.

Are also many people likely to be used, such as the freedom challenges of children’s summer vacation.

The making of lip balm and hand cream seems to become the reward to oneself. Depending on the facility, limited time and, there is also such as the number of people limit. Therefore you should make a reservation beforehand.

In addition, there is the place holding the seminars such as “how to put in delicious herb tea” or “a method to adopt herb in life”
If you are interested, when you participate in to check the date and time, I think to be the day more fulfilling.


Souvenir of herbs

After you enjoy the herb garden, the last of the fun is the souvenir corner. Little by the study, if there is a herb you want planted in the house, let’s buy seedlings.
A rosemary and a mint or the basil which are usable to a dish immediately are recommended.

There is the place where not only the seedling but also the gardening goods are sold together. Not only raw herbs, also let’s check such as dry herbs and spices.

The herb tea is light and is good to a souvenir. Such a nice potpourri and mini lease is also distracted likely. When saying herb, I’m interested in an aroma product. Let’s check essential oil and a soap, the bath articles.

By the souvenir which you took home with you, please enjoy herb life at home.


How would about? If you thought “now I want to just go … “ it is, please visit the herb garden of the neighborhood.

Since enjoy in any season, you are good to visit many times if you like. When you are surrounded by the flowers of many herbs, the everyday fatigue seems to splash.

The place that eats a delicious thing, and is relaxed in a cafe, and the study is done a little, and is prepared to a wonderful souvenir. The herb garden boom seems to continue from now on.



7 points for you to enjoy the herb garden travel

・Herb garden in the whole country
・Herbs that can be enjoyed in four seasons
・Check the event information
・Herb dish restaurant
・Garden cafe
・Experience workshop, Seminar
・Souvenir of herbs

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