7 reasons unexpectedly high calorie of vegetable chips

7 reasons unexpectedly high calorie of vegetable chipsFor the tendency of here these days, the sweets appear one after another to sell the healthy one in the low calories including the vegetable sweets using vegetables.

In addition, the cake using vegetables is a topic while you say “to eat vegetables well” flourishingly. Particularly, people having “vegetables chips” of the vegetables same form increase. Because Naoko who does not like vegetables eats a snack cake munch-munch fast, I think that it seems whether you cannot consume the nourishment of vegetables in chips.

However, as for the commercially available vegetables chips, things lifted up in oil are often found, and there is more things than a snack cake with much oil, too. It is thought that the responsibility is big, but I want to prevent you from forgetting a sense to eat a cake with consciousness.

Including vegetable chips, a lot of products which declared “entering vegetables” are sold in images that even a snack cake and a sweet cake are good for the health.

I introduce a reason becoming unexpectedly high in a calorie of the vegetable chips thought to be healthy this time.

7 reasons unexpectedly high calorie of vegetable chips


The vegetable chips is a calorie for five cups of rice

As for the vegetable chips, there is a healthy image concerning the cake using vegetables, but considerable with 550kcal per 100 g; is caloric. It is four to five cups of bowl 4 when you convert it into rice.

Because you fry very thin vegetables in plentiful oil and wave salt a lot, it is natural to be caloric. It is taken in a surplus of fat content and the salt and does not change with potato chip at all.

The person who has vegetables by a proper recipe is good for a body than I eat vegetables chips and is reliable. Because the calorie is held down, and vegetables chips of the non-fried food are healthy, what you cook using a microwave oven and an oven by yourself will be good.


Lipid included in the vegetables chips is high

Do you know that there is unexpectedly much lipid included in the vegetables chips? 192k calorie, lipid 12.3 g is included with one bag of 35 g case, too.

There may be much to remember an adipose intake if you say a powerful enemy when you diet.

There must be some fat, but it leads to obesity to consume lipid too much, and the human being becomes a cause to invite the lifestyle-related diseases such as geriatric diseases including heart disease on living.

The vegetables chips to look healthy at a glance do not change with quantity of lipid included in the potato chip. Let’s be careful enough to eat too much.


The salt included in the vegetables Tips is a powerful enemy of the diet

It is 0.6 g to be included in one bag of vegetables chips. Because even an everyday meal will consume salt plenty when thick taste is a favorite person, you cannot deny the risk of taking too much salt.

The salt is one of the indispensable nutrients to a human body, but, in fact, taking too much salt is a natural enemy of the diet. At first internal salinity rises when you take too much salt. The kidney works to control it to normal level so that water is not drained from a body.

In other words, as a result, the weight increases because quantity of body fluid increases. In addition, metabolism comes off, and it becomes hard to be burnt, and fat changes in the constitution that is easy to gain weight when you continue always having diet that there is much salt.


A large quantity of frying oil is used for vegetables Tips

As you know, you fry the vegetables chips in oil. Oil in itself is a caloric cause, and there is the person that quality of the oil has a problem.

Probably, as for the snacks which you fry “being bad for the health”, and being said, this point is big. Because what the oil consumes too much leads to high blood pressure and obesity, attention is necessary.

A lot of lipid peroxide whose fat oxidizes a snack, the confectionery using the frying oil for is made. When this has hazardousness and takes a lot it, you may cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. The person who is sensitive to oil in particular will be careful.


To watch out to an additive is included in the vegetables chips

The additive is included in vegetables Tips. The additive is added in various ways to become delicious. Watch out in this.

The food additives are used for the side dish of a convenience store and the supermarket, most processed foods are included in coupler men. As for the food additives taken in by the body, it is disintegrated detoxification in liver, but is accumulated in the body without being able to dismantle most in the liver. And active oxygen occurs somehow in the process that is going to disintegrate in liver, and, as a result, a big burden suffers from liver.

Toxins collect in a body, and metabolism thereby worsens. In addition, as for eating the quantity that there is many it at a time because you feel it to be still more delicious by an additive added in vegetables chips, and being in calorie over.


You eat much quantity fast because it is delicious

The vegetables Tips delicious fast is a great snack cake. This is because it is not stopped why it is great. Tensions relax at the moment when I eat one piece of only tip and will not be stopped.

It is felt to be especially strong in a taste simply because it is mouthful size. The carelessness of the heart is given simply because one piece is small and finishes eating immediately.

“Another one if, furthermore, think with one piece, another one piece”, and eat more, and notice it, eat all it up. For one piece of vegetables tip, the stress that I stored up begins to blow, and an appetite becomes uncontrollable. It is to watch out for only the caloric vegetables tip which I fried in oil despite one piece.


It is different from the cake equal sign Hel sea using vegetables

Including vegetables chips, I think that much is misunderstood if the cake uses vegetables, snacks are healthy. For example, including the cake using vegetables is healthy, but there is the case where I use a large quantity of sugar and lipid for to delete the fishy smell of vegetables.

As for a lot of dietary fibers being produced, the result is that calorie does not change with a common cake. Because the vegetables chips is the same and uses a large quantity of frying oil and additives, salt, you are not precocious despite healthy.
You see it well, and please purchase it now because the vegetables chips of the non-fried food seem to be sold. “I use the vegetables … Attention is necessary so that you are not confused by a catch phrase called “.


There are 7 reasons unexpectedly high calorie of vegetable chips, but a dietary fiber and the nutrient.

will not have any problem as things mentioned above because it is, and skin roughness and constipation cancellation can take in vegetables necessary per day easily at the point included in the richness as far as you sometimes eat a small quantity.

But please warn him because the thing with many oil contents might become more caloric than potato chip.

Finally I recommend that you chew more than usual when you eat snacks not only vegetables chips. I suppress overeating by concentrating on that you chew and may get a feeling of full stomach.



7 reasons unexpectedly high calorie of vegetable chips

・ The vegetable chips is a calorie for five cups of rice
・ Lipid included in the vegetables chip is high
・ The salt included in the vegetable chips is a powerful enemy of the diet
・ A large quantity of frying oil is used for vegetable chips
・ It is to watch out to an additive included in the vegetable chips
・ You eat much quantity fast because it is delicious
・ It is different from the cake equal sign healthy using vegetables

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