The seven ways to keep your hormone balance with diet

The seven ways to keep your hormone balance with diet

To keep a good hormone balance needs a nutritionally balanced diet .If not, you’ll be poor physical health and have a bad influence for your beauty and mental. You need to keep in mind to have a good balanced diet with regularity.

The hormones be secreted inside our body are the type of steroid and peptide.

The type of steroid are sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. The amount one woman secrete in her life is only one teaspoonfuls. But it would give a big influence even if it’s very small.

And the type of peptide are growth hormones like insulin and melatonin. They prompt your growth and regulate a blood-sugar level and the cycle of sleeping.

This time we’re going to introduce to keep your hormone balance. The first step is improving your diet and living without stress.

The seven ways to keep your hormone balance with diet


Take vitamin B

To control your hormone balance you need to take all essential nutrients.

Vitamin is a necessary element for our body and vitamin B6 is related to female hormone.
It’s effective for PMS brings women various disorder before period and morning sickness in pregnancy.

The food include vitamin B6 are fish like bonitos and tunas and liver. And the products of soy beans, nuts and bananas also.


Take vitamin E

Vitamin E is also essential nutrients for your hormone balance.

It prevents the oxidation of hormone’s secretive organs like the pituitary glands and the ovary. If you can’t take it enough your hormone imbalance causes the gynecological disorder like menopausal troubles and irregular menstruation.

The famous food includes vitamin E are nuts especially an almond, soy beans, eels, cod roe and sesame oil. There are a lot in spinets and pumpkins among vegetables.


Take minerals

The mineral is also good for our hormone balance.

A zinc is an essential nutrient to make female hormone. Beef and oysters include a lot. And calcium keep a good hormone balance and calm an unstable feeling.

The mineral is included in seaweeds, dairy products and tofu. Taking magnesium with calcium controls your hormone balance. The food includes a lot of magnesium are seaweeds, wheat, embryo, brown sugar and tofu.


Take pantothenic acid

Pantothenic acid which is one of vitamin B, strengthen the function of adrenal gland and promote the secretion of adrenal cortex hormone.

It relieves troubles of skin like eruptions and pimples or allergic disease.
More over it has anti-stress action calm depression and irritation by stress.

The food includes a lot of pantothenic acid are liver, dried mushrooms, dark meat of bird and eels.
And avocados, mother flatfish and natto are also.


Take isoflavone

Isoflavone is one of polyphenol included in soy beans.

It’s similar to estrogen which is female hormone. So it’s called vegetable estrogen. Menopausal disorders of women is caused by decrease of estrogen involved in aging. To supply estrogen by isoflavone is prevent the disorder of your body and heart.

The food includes isoflavone are tofu, natto, miso, soy sauce and soy milk.


Be careful to take lipid

It’s important how to take lipid for a good hormone balance.

Trans-fatty acid is one of unsaturated fatty acid created in process to make margarine and shortening. Many countries prohibit to sell the food includes trans-fatty acid in Europe and America. Trans-fatty acid which is artificial, increase bad cholesterol in bloods and induce allergies.

Moreover it causes gynecological troubles because it disturbs hormone balance. You should take high quality fat included in olive oil, avocado oil and fish.


Live with regularity

There is biological clock inside our body.

The rhythm of body and hormone balance are closely related. So when the rhythm would be disturbed hormone balance also. That is caused by irregular time of diet.

And insufficient sleep will be a cause of disturbing autonomic nerve and hormone balance too.

In addition, overwork and accumulation of stress are also. Keep in mind to take a rest and release your stress.


How was it?

Disturbing hormone balance causes disorder of skin and irregular periods. You might lose glossy hair and suffer from falling hair. Symptoms of mental like irritation and disappointing possibly caused by disturbing hormone balance.

You can start improve your diet with this way we introduced. It must be effective you sleep enough and have a relax time. Spend fine days with good hormone balance.



The seven ways to keep your hormone balance with diet

・Take vitamin B6
・Take vitamin E
・Take minerals
・Take pantothenic acid
・Take isoflavone
・Be careful to take lipid
・Live with regularity

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