How Marguerite Comforts a Maiden’s Heart

How Marguerite Comforts a Maiden’s Heart
Have you ever fallen in love? When you do so, all you can think about is the person you have a crush on, right?

When you are in such a state of mind, small things can make you very happy. For example, you almost faint just because your eyes met with his. However, love is also very cruel.

Sometimes, you may become tired because you think too much. Also, you many not able to control yourself and do reckless things that you will only regret. But do not worry. The marguerite has a solution.

Maidens, listen up to the words that this flower has to your heart! You will feel much better. This article will introduce 5 messages of the marguerite that will soothe your feelings.

How Marguerite Comforts a Maiden’s Heart


1. Cheer up with love fortune-telling

The marguerite can tell your love fortune. The marguerite has mystical powers that will surely respond to the needs of your heart that has fallen in love.

But, how do we do fortune-telling with that flower?

Just pull out the petals one by one and for each one say “He loves me” and “He loves me not” alternately. The last petal or phrase you say is the result of the fortune-telling.

As mentioned before, this fortune-telling almost always end up with “He loves me”. You can do the fortune-telling without worries. If you are going to tell this to a girl, do not tell her how this fortune-telling works. Just let the magical powers take care of her.


2. Believe the person you love

Marguerite also symbolizes “trust”. You may feel really anxious when you don’t know how he feels about you. You start to feel lonely, sad and only bad things come into your mind.

In such an occasion, tell your worries to the marguerite. I bet it will tell you to believe the person you love. It is very important to wait patiently for the person you like.

Don’t let yourself be influenced by temporary feelings. Be positive and patient. If you think you are not going to endure all the hardship, talk to the flower. I guarantee it will respond to you.


3. Cultivate your secret love

The marguerite also stands for a “secret love”. A shy maiden will probably hide her feelings deep inside her. This hidden feelings completely match the meaning of the marguerite.

So, why don’t you grow your love inside you? Maybe, it is still not the right time to tell your love. The marguerite also symbolizes trust. Therefore, let’s trust the person you like and grow your love for the time being.

When the right time comes, you will have a chance to express all your love. The marguerite will also heal and support your heart then.


4. Maiden’s true love

A pink marguerite symbolizes “true love”. Sometimes, a girl will be lost with her own feelings. She will know that she likes him, but she is going to ask herself: “How do I like him?”

Time for worries is necessary. But if you cannot go forward, ask the pink marguerite for an answer. If your love is true love, it will definitely respond to you. The true love cannot deceive itself.

If what you feel for him is really true love, go ahead and tell your feelings. If you couldn’t tell very well, the marguerite will comfort you.


5. Maiden’s beauty and the yellow marguerite

The yellow marguerite symbolizes “beauty”. A maiden tends to lose her confidence as her love grow bigger and bigger because her feeling of shame also becomes bigger. However, a maiden in love looks really beautiful from an objective perspective.

The yellow marguerite will tell you to be more confident because you are beautiful. If you act according to your feelings, you are beautiful. Be more confident.

The yellow marguerite will be watching over you warmly and support you. For the smile that comes from your true feelings is more beautiful than any other.


How did you like it?
A marguerite has so many good meanings as you just saw. It is perfect for a maiden who needs to think positively.

Worrying about love is like a wonderful bottle of wine. You can only taste or experience it now. Someday you will get calm. Meanwhile, just remind yourself of the marguerite’s messages.

They will lead you to the right direction. A maiden will soon become a more sophisticated woman.

After you get mature, do the fortune-telling again if you still remember your worries. You will probably realize how this fortune-telling actually works. But do not forget that it is the marguerite’s kindness.



How Marguerite Comforts a Maiden’s Heart

1. Cheer up with love fortune-telling.
2. Believe the person you love.
3. Cultivate your secret love.
4. Maiden’s true love.
5. Maiden’s beauty and the yellow marguerite.

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