My 9 mistakes of being tricked by know-how to be rich

My 9 mistakes of being tricked by know-how to be rich

There are many ways to be rich and people who try to swindle people out of money. In today’s informational society, we hear a variety of information through TV, internet and word of mouth,

It has made our lives convenient while at the same time made people who ty to ill use of the information to trick us using a various kinds of ways. It’s us who try to gain information that has to gain the knowledge and make the right choice.

In order to do so, we first have to know what ways there are to be rich and how we fail in our attempts. Now, I will introduce about my 9 mistakes of bring tricked by know-how to be rich.


My 9 mistakes of being tricked by know-how to be rich


Forward trading in commodities and investment in stocks

In ways to be rich, there are forward trading in commodities and investment in stocks. Buy cheap and sell high, it may seem to be simple, but indeed it’s very profound. The most important thing is the knowledge, information and cool judgement.

It excites as when those stocks we learned to some degree go up and gets carried away as time proceeds and make more and more investments. If you become a day trader you will have to spend every few minutes of your day checking stock values feeling all worried.

There are people that say, they went complete bloke or even, kept investing in stocks after having gone into debts. subprime loan crisis, it’s possible that a financial crisis occurs throughout the world it can make the most skilled traders lose everything within a matter of 2 to 3 days.


Horse racing “Investment” frauds

There are groups that increase the number of their customers by boosting the horse racing image as an investment rather than a gamble. In some cases, customers receive no support after their enrolment, and are asked for separate information fees, when they ask for return of their money, those groups recommend them to contact consumer finance services let alone not catering to the refund requests.

They use tax accountants and accountants in their advertisements, promoting as though it were a clean investment but be careful, it has nothing to do with horse racing.

“Money increases with 100% of accuracy. ““ I won the 1 million winning tickets every week” these things they say are impossible. After all, It will be safe to say, horse racing is a gamble.


LOTO6 frauds

You get a sudden phone call by saying, “ Are you interested in lotteries?” and they continue “ I will tell you the winning number of a LOTO6, check that in the morning paper tomorrow.”

And when you check with the paper the following morning and find the numbers have been right that is a tactic that used to trick people into paying a large amount of enrolment fee to be an official user. And in another we’re asked to send money into their accounts in return for the information fees.


Start a new business?

Starting a business itself is nothing bad, but we are susceptible to fail without specifically calculating various fees. Especially it’s really risky for beginners to start a business.

I believe people who’re to start a business must consider the consequences of the hard outcome such as failing after making hundreds yen of investment and having to wander around the streets.


Free ride

Free ride means you gain money without doing anything. But is it really true that we can earn money without doing anything about it? That’s wrong.  To obtain free ride, preparation is needed beforehand and also after we’ve started gaining a free ride, we have to do something about it to a degree.

As for investing in stocks and affiliate advertising it’s possible to gain money while we’re asleep. But it does need the knowledge and preparations, in other words, effort.

Auctions and blogs are also considered free rides. But the amount of money we really gain from these is little. So, do not believe a web advertisement like “ You annually can get a free ride of 5 million yen”. You would be tricked to buy an expensive product which never helps you increase your income.


Sideline business of working from home PC

There are websites gathering people with the catch-phrase “ You can work from home”. The targets are women like housewives. Those who can’t work outside due to child rearing and nursing think about working from their home PC.

There are cases in which they’re provided with PCs for hundreds of thousands of yen but no signs of work requests coming. If you are thinking about working from home, be careful with the websites that say pre-fund is required.


Self-publishing novels

After applying your novel etc., for a contest on a website of a publishing company, you receive a call saying “ You missed a prize this time, but it was indeed a great piece of writing. Why don’t you self-publish it?” they’re very persistent in their offer. To ask for the details, they say it requires over a million yen in publishing expenses in case of self-publishing books.

Some hesitate at the price that costs over a million but still, having their own book displayed in book stores is a great thing, thinking that has a possibility to be a hit, they decide 1 million yen is not a big deal and take the plunge to self- publish their books.

But the reality is, there is not a single book of them displayed in book stores despite of the investment of over a million yen or, the royalties on their book were really little even though many copies of your book were sold.


Pyramid schemes and pyramid selling

It’s the type of business that gives you margins by first buying the product yourself and then introducing a friend the same product. Especially expensive products such as cosmetics, supplements water purifiers are dangerous.

In even worse case, there are no products to sell or to be sold and only exchanging money exists. The characteristic of pyramid schemes is only benefit the person who first begins it and the rest are given short end of the stick.

It starts from buying a product recommended by a friend and then, there are somehow, seminars and gatherings, by being around of many people, you feel hard to say decline or become brainwashed into thinking it’s fun.

Those who have come to realize that they had been a sucker find it hard to be friends with the person who introduced the product to them first anymore. And those who keep gaining margins by getting people to buy the products become avoided by the others.

It’s dangerous as it swindle us not only money but also friendly relationships.


Even beginners of internet business can earn money. 

Websites that say things like “ Even beginners can earn 1 thousand by affiliating “ and “ know-how to make money that even beginners can understand” in their advertisements are dangerous. They write such positive things that reading them make readers think they can really become a billionaire and tricked into buying expensive products.

Besides, in some cases, you find no specific work manual in their products and it’s nothing more than a teaching material for being positive. Again, we should be careful about those whatever that requires pre-funds in their guide to start a business.


How was the article?

if you have been tricked by know-how to be rich, you must be careful not that to happen to you again. Regretting over the fact doesn’t make it disappear and makes us only depressed.

Do not disagree with yourself as a failure, think positive to make the future lying ahead of you a blighter one. Let’s once again think why you want to be rich and take altruistic actions for other people.

Let’s try not to get tricked by things such as, “getting rich quick, billionaire, 100% sure to earn, getting a free ride.” And there is a thing that’s said those who have been swindled are likely to be swindled again.

That’s because the name lists of those who have once been swindled go around in a network and they try to use them for another fraud scheme. It’s necessary to have a strong mind “I will never get swindled again.”


My 9 mistakes of being tricked by know-how to be rich

l  Forward trading in commodities and investment in stocks
l  Horse racing “Investment” frauds
l  LOTO6 frauds
l  Start a new business?
l  Free ride
l  Sideline business of working from home PC
l  Self-publishing novels
l  Pyramid schemes and pyramid selling
l  Even beginners of internet business can earn money.


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