How to cheer up an anniversary with a surprise gift♪

How to cheer up an anniversary with a surprise gift♪

What do you do in a birthday or in an anniversary? A surprise gift is really pleasant for both sides: those who give it and those who receive it. Also, it will definitely heat up your party.

You must see this article if you are planning to give a surprise gift in an important occasion or in an anniversary. It shows how to heat up an anniversary using a surprise gift. Let’s read this and make a successful performance.

How to cheer up an anniversary with a surprise gift♪


1. Make a video letter

This is one of the best surprise gifts for a wedding ceremony or a farewell party. Who would be a special person for he or she you want to give a surprise to? He or she must be pleased with this surprise but it is very important to prepare carefully.

It would be difficult to do this if you are not really familiar with the person you want to give the gift. If you are not sure how to prepare the video letter on your own, ask a close friend, parents, or the school teacher of the person for help.


2. Prepare a surprise guest

This is also very effective in weddings and farewell parties. Invite a surprise guest if there is anyone who can come on the day.

He or she will be glad to have a friend come over to their party. You also need to make a lot of preparations for this, but it is definitely worth the effort.


3. Send a collection of messages

This is a really trivial surprise present but, it is still popular in farewell parties and in graduation ceremonies at schools. It is so nice to receive messages from everyone. I bet your teacher will cry when he or she receives it.

The good thing about these messages is that you can reread them as much as you like. Nowadays, there are many options to make a collection of messages. You can find big colored papers that can accommodate a lot of messages, book-style massage collections, and foldable papers. Find these at a general store or at a big book store.


4. Celebrate the anniversary with the restaurant staff

It is common to eat out in special occasions. Explain your situation and ask the restaurant staff to celebrate your anniversary together.
Oftentimes, you can hear a birthday song being played suddenly and see the restaurant staffs celebrating a customer’s birthday. You may think that it is embarrassing to have a surprise like this, but you will surely be delighted. Ask the restaurant to see what they can do for you.


5. Go see a fantastic scene together

What about a surprise gift like going to see marvelous scenes such as a sightseeing spot or night illuminations together? Looking at a spectacular view together will help you understand more about each other and deepen your relationship.

Also, you can write a message on a postcard you got on your first anniversary and tell him/her that you want to visit that place again. The post card will awaken good memories from the previous anniversary. It would be good to know where he or she wants to go beforehand. Why don’t you try it?


6. Use the time machine postal service

Let’s use the time machine postal service. This service sends you a letter on a day in the future of your choice. It is usually used to send messages on the day of graduation of your son or daughter, or to send a letter to your spouse a few years after his or her birthday or anniversary.

It would be also interesting to send a surprise letter to yourself. Why don’t you write a letter for yourself at 10 or 20 years in the future?

This type of surprise may not be suitable for people who want to make a surprise right away. But, the receiver will be amazed that you had thought about him or her for so many years.


7. Use a set of surprise gifts

Using a set of surprise gifts is ideal for people who don’t know what to do or don’t have time to prepare anything. It is sold on the Internet and in general shops.

There are many different types of sets, but a set of rose petals and LED candles is one of the most popular. Using this, you can create a path of LED lights and rose petals that leads to your gift. So romantic. If you decorate your room so nicely, he or she will definitely be pleased.


How did you like it?

The methods to heat up an anniversary with a surprise gift are really simple, right? The person who receives the surprise will be obviously happy. But preparing the surprise gift can also be very satisfying.

Even if you were thinking that making surprises is embarrassing or troublesome and you couldn’t take action, why don’t you try it for the next anniversary?

The most important thing is to be willing to make someone happy. So you don’t have to think too much. I hope this article was very useful for you.



How to cheer up an anniversary using a surprise gift♪

1. Make a video letter.
2. Prepare a surprise guest.
3. Send a collection of messages.
4. Celebrate the anniversary with the restaurant staff.
5. Go see a fantastic scene together.
6. Use the time machine postal service
7. Use a set of surprise gifts

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