7 Tips on How to Grow Basil

7 Tips on How to Grow Basil

The basil is a very popular all-around herb that can be used for many different dishes. For example, you can make a basil pesto and use it with potatoes or you can just use it as a topping. It goes really well with tomatoes. It can be eaten cooked or uncooked.

Also, the basil is one of the easiest vegetables you can grow in your garden. Even an amateur can certainly harvest it.

So, why don’t you grow basil in your garden this year? Even sloppy people can do it. It doesn’t matter if you get bored easily. Once the seed germinates, it is really easy to grow. This article will show you how to grow basil in a way that will increase your harvest.

7 Tips on How to Grow Basil


1. Let it get enough sunshine

“Light” is the most important thing in growing basil. You need to prepare a good place to get sunlight even if you are going to grow indoors. Basils like sunlight very much. So, keep the best spot in the kitchen for the basil. Near the window should be most suitable.

If you have a garden, look for a clear place that gets enough sunlight in its southern side. Where you grow the basil will greatly affect the amount of harvest. Check the sunlight several times a day, and find the best spot.


2. Leave some space among the seeds

The basil seed is small and lots of tiny buds will sprout up at first. After the seeds germinate, rearrange the space for the first time. You need leave enough space among the buds because they will grow bigger and bigger. However, an amateur would fail to give enough space for each bud. But don’t worry. If you feel that the garden is crowded, you can rearrange for the second time.

It depends on the size of your planter, but you will eventually need around 10 to 15 centimeters between each bud. You can gradually adjust the space if you are not used to doing it.


3. Shear off the stem when the top leaves grow

After the bud gets big enough, you need to cut off the stem from where the third leaf from below is growing. You may feel that doing this is a waste, but you have to do this in order to grow a big nice basil. By shearing off the stem, new sprouts will appear from the sides.

Of course you can use the cut-off part for a dish. You can use the leaves at any time if you keep it in a cup with water. The top leaves are a little bit hard so I recommend cooking it.


4. Don’t hesitate to cut off the stem

Think why you need to pinch off the stem. It would be more effective to have more branches and leaves than to grow only one stem.
When you cut off for the first time, the basil gets to almost half of its original size. But do not be afraid. Just cut it off without hesitation.

In a while, two sprouts will appear from the place you sheared off. The new branches will soon grow and you will not even know where you cut off. That’s how to grow a big basil.


5. Cut off the side branches

When the side branches grow big, cut off their top leaves. And if other parts grow, cut them off as well. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times and the number of branches will increase, making your harvest much more abundant.

Watch out for humidity. When the leaves grow, they start to overlap and the plantation gets stuffy. Under such circumstances, some leaves below will die up. Cut off some leaves to make room for fresh air.


6. Multiply the number of basil

You can not only use the cut-off part for cooking, but it you can grow a new basil with it. Basils are really strong. If you put the stem into water, new roots will appear and you will have a new basil.

Here’s how to do it. Put the stem into water for about a week. Replace the water every day and give it sunlight. After roots emerge, move it to the soil. This way, you can increase the number of basils and have more harvest.


7. Finally, harvest basil leaves

You can always use basil a little when you cut the stems off. But when you want to make a sauce, you should take more leaves. Harvest the leaves that are towards the end of the stem first. New leaves will appear from there. You will be able to harvest new leaves one after another.

Since the harvested leaves absorb water easily, you do not need to wash them with water. Just wipe them using a wet kitchen paper. The best part of growing basil by yourself is the harvest. Enjoy cooking using homemade vegetables.


How did you like it?

I feel that I used basil for the first time not a long time ago. It was a fresh leaf similar to perilla or shiso on top of a pizza. I remember that the first time I heard the word basil, I thought that it was indeed a name for an herb. Today, it has become really popular for cultivating at home.

The fresh smell of basil goes really well with pasta and other tomato recipes. It has also germicidal properties and helps your digestion. Make the most of it in seasons when food poisoning is common. Plant basils in your garden and enjoy their benefits.



7 Tips to Have an Abundant Basil Harvest

1. Let it get enough sunshine.
2. Leave some space among the seeds.
3. Shear off the stem when the top leaves grow.
4. Don’t hesitate to cut off the stem.
5. Cut off the side branches.
6. Multiply the number of basil.
7. Finally, harvest basil leaves.

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