9 ways to make days bright with inspiration

9 ways to make days bright with inspiration

Inspiration is a sudden stroke of thought when you try to do something. “Instinct” and “the sixth sense” are similar words, but they mean a little different. “The sixth sense” is a feeling that we are born with, same as a sense of taste or smell.

Inspiration seems important only for artists, but small findings and twists in our everyday life also come from inspiration. Don’t leave things you can’t do, and think of better ways to accomplish or make things better with inspiration.

Here are ways to live bright days with such inspiration.

9 ways to make days bright with inspiration


1. Accept the way you are

Haven’t you ever regretted your weakness and tried to be a different person? To grow our mind is a mission we all have to accomplish.

However, we need to keep denying ourselves to grow or change personality. A way you think cannot be changed in a day.
“I want to change, but I can’t.” Many of you might think so.

Why can’t you change? It is because if you can’t accept yourself, you would be distressed by your personality again even after you change.
To begin with, accept yourself no matter who you are. If you do so, you can be confident for yourself and ready to face any changes.
Your confidence will bring out your motivation and eventually leads to improvement of your mind.

Not accepting who you are means you are indirectly denying your true self.


2. Believe that now is the best time

It is difficult to think so when you are having hard time, but nothing bad really happens in your life. To put it simple, life is a continuation of phenomena, B happens as a result of A. Even if you feel like torn apart by phenomenon A, it always leads to something.

We don’t realize that small things gradually change to larger matters, but it is like seeds, water and nutrients to grow flowers. Flowers won’t bloom without them. Therefore you may experience good and bad things, and you will later realize that there was no bad thing happening. Think as you are preparing seeds and giving water for now.

If you want to heal and motivate your mind, tell yourself that everything is in best condition. There are no good or bad things in the world. There are just necessary phenomena happening one after another. So think that everything is for a flower to bloom someday in the future.


3. Don’t be desperate, but be crazy

You sometimes need to work hard, but working hard doesn’t always end in good result.
It is not good to be desperate and raise your shoulders, as you can’t carefully pay attention to surroundings.

You even ignore things you can recognize if you are relaxed and enjoying, and you only see your goal.
If you are working with other people, they will surely recognize your desperation and it won’t lead to a good result.

So instead of working desperately, how about enjoy and be crazy about your work?
People will gather and help those who are having fun. And some ideas only come out from those who enjoy.
It won’t be a pain to work for a long time if you enjoy it. It is not a pain, effort, nor hard working, but you are just enjoying.

Many professional people in many fields were just enjoying and enthusiastically playing, and ended up being a professional. There are many of such professionals especially in the field of arts. Things you like and fun are for pleasure, but from a different point of view it means you kept making an effort.


4. Accomplish small goals little by little

You have a big goal. You want to accomplish it as fast as possible, so you need to work great amount everyday.
As a result, you give up.

This commonly happens, doesn’t it? It is like starting walking to lose weight.
You walk 3 hours on a first day, but only 30 minutes on a next day.
Then why don’t you walk 30 minutes everyday? It is more effective.

To have a big goal is good, but divide it into small goals when putting it into action. It is important to make small accomplishments which eventually lead to a big goal.


5. Act a little different

If you feel that your life is not going well, do a little different thing everyday. For example, change your breakfast from bread to rice, change your hair style, or any simple and small things.

It is our instinct to be afraid of changes. We feel relieved for steadiness. However if you can’t satisfy with days without changes, I’m sure your present lifestyle is not for you.

As you live, you will experience a moment when you feel different from what you were before. It may be a message for you to step to new values and direction. Bring out your motivation with a little courage and action. By keep changing a little everyday, you will feel a drastic change someday.


6. Have a feeling of forgiveness 

Everyone have such feelings as “I can’t accept what I’ve done”, “I can’t forget what he has done to me”, or “I can’t admit her success”.
Such feelings, however, should be healed someday.

Our life cannot be changed for the better with such feelings. Woolly-mind will occupy a great amount of your mind against your will. And you will attract similar experience of past without notice.
So understand that everything happens because they are needed for you, even unacceptable self, people, and phenomena. It will avoid attracting uncomfortable experience of the past.

What is at the bottom is that everyone is immature. You in the past, which you are still angry at, people and events, were all immature. When your unacceptable feeling disappears, you are mature enough.


7. Know what you are given

When things won’t turn out good despite effort, think you are facing wrong direction.
Any desperate effort won’t fit into good place if it was not a right place. Making effort is important, but if you can do things fairly well without much effort, it definitely is a wonderful weapon you have.

Many people are not aware of what they have.
What are the most words you are said from others?
Any habits you do unconsciously?
How do you think? Sensuously or calmly?
Do you have a strong sense of justice or good at running away?
Do you like to interact with people or not good at communicating?

If you are not good at something, you have a talent in something else. Don’t be ashamed and focus on other things. People around you may not be able to do what you do. If you have a talent, you can make success without much effort. Find the weapon given only to you.


8. Accept whoever comes, never go after who runs away

It is tiring to get along with who are not incompatible with you.
You need to deal with them if it is work, but how about quitting the relationship if they are just friends?

You may have a bad impression for picking friends, but think about spending your precious time for someone not so important to you. You are wasting time for improving your skill or for hobbies, and your life is taken little by little by others.

You maybe are afraid of being disliked for quitting the relation, but unequal relationship eventually becomes a burden. You can be used for acting as a nice person, or cannot quit the relation even if you know you are looked down. The opposite could happen too.

It is important to cherish relationship with others, but being nice to everyone is not necessarily a good thing. Treasure those who are important to you or who you think you want to help each other in your life, then your life will be more relaxing. Have a simple relationship, decide whether the relation is necessary to both of you. One-sided relation won’t bring a good result.


9. Motivate yourself flexibly

You want to do something, but not motivated or lost the meaning of doing it. As a result, you would fail to have a good result, even for things you can do easily. That is wasteful. Control your motivation flexibly when you need.

“Forcing to get motivated” sounds you are working hard, but it is opposite. It is stressful to do things without motivation. It is waste of your energy and tires you more.

So have a habit of thinking positively and find the meaning for doing your tasks. If you acquire this habit, you won’t be discouraged no matter what happens in your life. As you can think every action in positive way, you will feel less pain for doing something.

“Chances come to you with a face of sorrow.” It is boring to simply give you a chance, the world is testing your thoughts over and over.

If so, isn’t it foolish to quit because you are not motivated? When you are not motivated, you could be tested. “What is this person’s perspective?” This is a chance. Encourage and praise yourself. And promise to your future, that you are not your true self now. It depends on your decision to become the best of you. If you can control your motivation, things feel much easier and can get good result.


Our life is not only with good things, but if you use inspiration to change your emotion before you feel disappointed or depressed, your days will be brighter.



9 ways to make days bright with inspiration

1. Accept the way you are
2. Believe now is the best
3. Don’t be desperate, but be crazy
4. Accomplish small goals little by little
5. Act a little different
6. Have a feeling of forgiveness
7. Know what you are given
8. Accept whoever comes, never go after who runs away
9. Motivate yourself flexibly


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