Iris meanings for our good life.

Iris meanings for our good life.

Iris begins to bloom from chilly about February,
The heyday around the Golden Week of May it full bloom wonderfully.

It just falls on the season for outings and is most suitable to go for forest bathing.

“Which iris or rabbit-ear iris” is Jpanese old expression.
“blood Iris””Rabbitear Iris””Japanese Iris” has similar figure.
It`s difficult to distinguish.

I distinction about them are beautiful appearance.
A difference seems to understand that I look at the part of the basis of the petal.

I distinguish it roughly,It is a Rabbitear Iris that the place of the basis of the petal is yellow,
basis of the petal is white is Japanese Iris, basis of the petal is design of the halftone plate form is Iris.

Maybe, iris meaning refined flower language.

Today, we find out our good life by check iris meaning out.

Iris meanings for our good life.


・Let`s continue having “hope”

There are unforgettable lines in “The Shawshank Redemption” shown in 1994.

“That there’s something inside that they can’t get to, that they can’t touch. That’s yours.”
“What are you talking about?”

The famous word is known by many people.
It is the word of the hero imprisoned in a false accusation.

Contineu or not contineu having hope in the hopeless environment.
Not the another person make your choice, you choice it.
This movie convey it for us.

Please continue keeping your hope in hopless environment.
You wouldon`t lose a dream and hope, can fight for your dream.


・Let’s give it “good news”

You makes friends,lovers happy,It`s easy to make happiness for you.

But, “make someone happy” is difficult to doing.

I suggest send a letter.
The letter which I put a stamp on is recommended than the email.

A sentence is too short by the email to tell your heart.
The New Year’s card is enough if there is not an opportunity.

You thinking of someone is makes someone happy.


・Let’s confirm “the friends news”

I have an old friend.

I am acquaintance more than 20 years with her.
She sends a postcard from the overseas she goes for travel.

Post card tell me her doing now,for example “the dinner which sheate yesterday””She forget smartphone in Japan”

It is rare to meet each other, because I am separated from her and live.
I become glad when she remember me by these communication

If I go for a trip, I want to give a card to old friends who does not meet for a while.


・I believe the happiness of the thing to believe.

Someone says “those who believe shall be saved”
Somebody other says “those who believe shall be deceived”
Nobody understands that which is right.

But I choice belive someone,because the heart doubting is ignominious

While I doubt a someone, I do not somewhat calm down,I stand so that I am not deceived.
I cannot go ahead.

I cannot spend every day well for it.

We may not believe anyone,we believe the person who decided that ourself believes it.
Then,we will walk it powerfully.


・If “nice news” arrives

A representative of the nice news is acceptance.

There are many kinds, Entrance examination,Promotion examination,Qualifying examination.
You endure to like it for a long time,As a result that the effort that you studied desperately was rewarded.
It is the ticket to a dream.

If such nice news arrives,the life turn to happiness,you can live towards a dream.

If such nice news arrives, Please report it to family and friends who supported you immediately.

People sharing joy together are treasures.


・Let’s have “passion”

A color of the iris has much purple,but the white iris is so pretty too.

White iris meaning “passion”

Someone was full of the enthusiasm that could do favorite work,when someone just entered the company.

The person who can be busy for work with passion for longtime.
He/She has strong mind.

Working with dream, you make your good life.


・Let’s take good care of you.

At first,Let’s take good care of you,before someone do.

And let’s spend everyday life carefully.

Let`s prepare shoes properly, return a bag to the original place,when you go home.

And eating the handmade dinner with full of vegetables,taking a bath and going to bed early.

Let`s get up early on an off day and do gymnastics.
Clean the room,Press clothes,Go to buy a flower.

In acting carefully little by little,taking good care of oneself,You become able to spend every day carefully

The secrets of good health is care yourself not other one.
It is a point to do little by little without overdoing it.


How about this messages?

There is a story of the love to concern to iris in “Taiheiki”
※Taiheiki is a Japanese historical epic written in the late 14th century.

Minamoto no Yorimasa loves beautiful Lady-in-waiting “Ayame (meaning iris in japanese)”
※He was a prominent Japanese poet and warrior.

The Emperor tested him.
He display beautiful womens to one line, and can Yorimasa find Ayame from far away?

Then,Yoritomo reads the poetry of the iris so that a partner hears it.
He found out blushed woman is Ayame.

The man who can write a poetry all through the ages is wonderful.

I want to come across a man making a poetry for me, too.



Iris meanings for our good life.

・Let`s continue having “hope”
・Let’s give it “good news”
・Let’s confirm “the friends news”
・I believe the happiness of the thing to believe.
・If “nice news” arrives
・Let’s have “passion”
・Let’s take good care of you.

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