7 ways choosing presents, languages of Jasmine sambac

7 ways choosing presents, languages of Jasmine sambacEven if a flower called Jasmine sambac will be what kind of flower and is asked so, there may be the person who does not get a hint. But I think that you understand it immediately if you call it “jasmine”.

Including jasmine tea, even perfume or essential oil are flowers of the extreme popularity. The fragrance sensual indulgently of the jasmine has the enthusiastic fan whom the favorite person really loves.

It is certain that even an aroma product is one of the representative fragrances. When you give a thing in connection with jasmine for the birthday of the important friend or a celebration of the marriage, I want you to show you recommended jasmine goods with flower language.

7 ways choosing presents, languages of Jasmine sambac


It is certain that is wonderful, is presented, thing

As for Jasmine sambac, well- known at all with a flower having a lot of fans all over the world. Japanese name Marika is on in Japan, but, as for this, “Malian Carr” of Sanskrit seems to be the etymology.

Of “a white fragrance” have a meaning. It is called jasmine in the fame, but this comes from Jasmine sambac of Persian. In Jasmine sambac, “a present from God” seems to mean.

It seems to be called a jasmine (jasmine) in China. It becomes the national flower in the Philippines and Indonesia. Please give somebody important the wonderful floral art that is a present from God.


The flower language is a good present, too

“Amiable” “amiability” “mild” “pure” “joy” “Masami” “loveliness” includes “it is sensual” for flower language of the whole Jasmine sambac. In addition, there is the flower language “to follow you”.

In addition, by the color of the flower, you have different flower language. As for the white jasmine, “docile” “mansuetude” “is sensual”. The yellow jasmine is “Masami” “beauty”.

It is the flower which is pretty with neatness visually, but the fragrance is the attractive flower which you disagreed with to be sensual. Even if there is a thing with such an opposite meaning, you understand the flower language.


Let’s make an aroma product

The name in the world of Jasmine sambac may not have the place without a product using the jasmine by the aromatherapy. It is popular and is the flower which is high in the popularity, a degree of popularity along with a rose.

And, in the essential oil, it is considered expensive and valuable. Relax with a feeling brightly to be effective in letting a feeling become exalted to essential oil of the jasmine.

In addition, it is said that there is sleep cure. It is good to cook essential oil in a room that a man is effective than a woman, but can enjoy even fusers on incense, a soap, a candle, a day.

It is the fragrance that you want to recommend to the friend who refrained from lovely couple and weddings.


Let’s make perfume of Jasmine sambac

Jasmine sambac has various kinds. Jasmine sambac is the American olive department jasmine genus, but there is the thing which is not the jasmine genus even if the name called “jasmine” is on among them.

Because it resembles jasmine, there is the flower of the kind that became such name. Jasmine sambac becoming the ambergris becomes the kind called “jasmine Grand D flow “.

This flower becoming essential oil and the ambergris blooms in the early morning. It takes effort very to pick up a small white flower one by one carefully. It is a fragrance including the fascinatedness as flower language including it when neat and clean.

In the famous place, perfume ” Jasmine sambac” of Bulgari is famous.


Let’s make jasmine tea

When you eat Chinese food, you drink jasmine tea well. Because a fragrance is good, and taste is refreshing even if you will have tea, it is good after the fatty dish.

There is not only the taste but also the function of to help combustion fat. In addition, vitamin C and E are included and are effective for dry skin and anti-aging. It seems to fix the hormone balance and seem to be able to expect the beauty effect, too.

It is good tea to present it to a woman. It seemed to have been drunk as an elixir in China.


Fragrance of the jasmine which Cleopatra loved

The jasmine is known concerning the fragrance that Cleopatra loved. In the times of Cleopatra, the jasmine seemed to be used as a love potion in India and the Arab region.

Pickle Jasmine sambac to oil and, using the perfumed oil which you make with the liquid which leach out, seem to enjoy a fragrance. The perfumed oil is good for the Bible, and a description is given. It becomes the origin of essential oil and the perfume.

Cleopatra painted a body with perfumed oil and seemed to bewilder many men. You are amazed to learn that jasmine is an ideal fragrance for some time on a party and date at night in any tenth century.


Let’s bring up Jasmine sambac

I think that after all it is a present with the potted plant to enjoy a flower and a fragrance of Jasmine sambac. Time to be able to enjoy floral art is long, and Jasmine sambac can enjoy it around summer from June to about September. You are glad of being able to enjoy a pretty, pretty flower and a good fragrance for a long time white.

Because it is a flower blooming well in summer, let’s give it in a sunny place. Because it is not strong, put it in the room on a cold day. Because the leaf is very shiny, and it is beautiful, you can enjoy even the time when the flower does not bloom.


How would you feel about them?

This is because there were some reasons for height of Jasmine sambac of popularity. Loveliness, a pureness, elegance, many attractive flowers turn up including the fascinatedness.

The woman who wear a fragrance of the jasmine will have many fascinated men.

As for Cleopatra having been called “a matchless beautiful woman”, jasmine may be the one which helped of the beauty. Please wear a fragrance of the jasmine to draw femininity in oneself.

I think that it is pleasing even if you send perfume of the jasmine and a body mistake and a lotion to a woman from a man. It may be the flower such as the image which the man idealizes for women to have sensual charms though it is pretty visually and is neat and clean.



7 ways choosing presents, languages of Jasmine sambac

・ It is certain that is wonderful, is presented, thing
・ The flower language is good to a present, too
・ Let’s make an aroma product
・ Let’s make perfume of Marika, the jasmine
・ Let’s maket jasmine tea
・ Fragrance of the jasmine which Cleopatra loved
・ Let’s bring up Marika Arabia jasmine

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