Start to enrich your life with the law of attraction

Enrich your life with the law of attraction

In Japan, most people think that spiritual things and business are at opposite side. Spiritual things satisfy personal interest. On the other hand, business is a real way to earn money. People assume that they are completely different. However, in the US (the country I live), best selling writers and successful millionaires admit the spiritual point of view positively. They think that it is a means to get the life they dreamed.

Brian Tracy, the world-famous success coach, meditates everyday and hears the true desire of his heart.

 Enrich your life with the law of attraction


Deepak Chopra, the author who sold 30 million books worldwide raises up at four o’clock every morning, and starts a day with two-hour meditation.
They say that they don’t meditate since they succeed, but they have got things they want by listening to their own voice trough meditation.

The author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”、Jack Canfield starts a day with a conversation with his higher self (the bigger himself in the spirit level). It is because when people listen to the true voice of their spirit calmly through meditation, they never miss the right way in the life.
All of them not just meditate and not just wait for happiness to come. Some people expect to depend on other beings through the spiritual help, but I recommend you learning how to use the spiritual point of view in the realictic and positive way.

There is a concept that all answers are in the Infinite Intelligence.

That has several names, but they mean the same thing. It means the truth called “the truth of universe” or “the truth of life.” They are being revealed by the law of attraction.

Those ideas are delivered from the Infinite Intelligence through channelings or communication with spiritual readers. It is from God, ascended masters(the spirit ascended to the higher dimension), and sometimes from more familiar beings. Those messages are similar and beyond our dimension, whether the beings are considered true or not.

Here are the similar points among those messages.

This universe was planned by the Creator, not exists by accident.
There are eternal spirits and they come to this world for developing themselves, self-actualization, or learning something.
There are basic laws. The law of boomerang: You receive things you gave. The law of attraction: Your thoughts attract the results of your life. The formula of creation: Your imagination turns into creation.

Those laws are unlimited, not depends on a taste of the Creator. There are just processes that thoughts bring us the results. It is not only for special people, everybody can get dream come true.
Using those process well, all people in this world can get the reality they hoped by thinking about it.
If there is the law that you get what you gave, what will you give?

When you focus on getting, you will lose virtue and will suffer from stress. Why don’t you take the short cut to happiness by becoming rich through giving? First, give your unlimited positive energy like goodwill, love, and awareness. Don’t haste to give your most important things or a lot of money.

If there is the law of attraction, what thought will you choose?
Many books on the law of attraction are published, and the truth of the law is being clarified. Then the people who got the results with that law are becoming known in the same way. Each law has some different details, but they are almost the same. It will mean that the law is extremely close to truth.

Isn’t it wonderful that you can choose and attract realities by your thoughts? Then if there is the law of creation, what will you create?

There is a saying.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world.”
― Albert Einstein

What thoughts, imagination, and creation do you like to leave to the world as proof of your existence? That question will stimulate your unconscious mind.

Then, think about it.

What will you do if you receive a double of something you gave to others?
If you can draw reality with your thoughts, or can get what you imagined comes true?

All power to get your wishes come true is in your mind.

With those laws, most worries about the life in modern society may disappear. Both people who suffer in their life and struggle with their work will get solutions in the same way.

If the law of attraction really works, we can assume that we don’t have to work hard. However, we feel uncomfortable with the pipe dream that all dreams come true by just wanting for it.

What should we do after all, to get the results we want in life and business? Should we depend on only the absolute law of the universe? Should we spend many years to develop each element of success according to the so-called philosophy of success?

Let’s find out the answers to those natural questions.

Each of us has a particular purpose of birth. If your business is suitable for your purpose of your life, you will have a sense of fulfillment everyday. “Suitable” means to fit the law of the universe, so you can move on along the natural flow of life.

For example, even if you have any experience, it cannot be a mistake or failure. If you have some uncomfortable feelings or need of other people’s help, believe that sense. The objective point of view may help you.
There is another saying,

” We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
― Albert Einstein

Your life has a purpose and a mission. Let’s explore them.

I hope the articles provided here will help you to find out them.

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