7 things to see when you give a lily flowers in celebration☆

7 things to see when you give a lily flowers in celebration☆ Lily flower often has Progenitor and hybrids type. Also flowering time is different by kinds and cultivation methods, but basically flowering is in time of summer from April to August. At present it is shipped through a year because cultivation method has been devised,  so you can see at shops at any time.

From soft colors and mysterious form, it is also the flower that has been positioned as a sacred flower in every country. In addition, it’s sad languages of lily are generally “dignity,” “chastity,” “innocent”.

Furthermore in Japan, there’s a proverb that “Standing style is as grass peony, sitting as peony, walking style is lily. ” That also means “There is a taste as peony, brilliant like a button, neat as lily” as an epithet the beauty of women.

It looks gorgeous to bloom big flower, it seems there’s even no problem as a gist in celebration, but in fact lily is also a profound flower. If you give lily flowers that has meanings vary by color or number, you may cause misunderstanding.

I’ll introduce points in order not to prevent unexpected trouble.

7 things to see when you give a lily flowers in celebration☆


Be careful to all white that reminds of funeral

Lily flowers that may be used for the funeral. It is used with daisy or orchid in Buddhist and Shintoist ceremony, and for floral tribute in Christian way. Since it reminds of funeral when you give only the white lily flowers, so bouquet with only white lilies at the time of each celebration is not unsuitable.

If that happened in close relationship, you can excuse that you didn’t know, but be careful because it may be regarded as harassment when you send it to someone that you can not explain the situation. If you might send all white lily to someone who really love ehite lilies, it might be also pleased with bouquet of only white, but you must send with a message card so that you avoid the misunderstanding.

If you’d really like to send white lily flowers, it is best to give in combination with other bright color flowers.

Furthermore only one  of white lily might have a meaning of “flower dedicated to the dead,” it ‘s only one wheel. Sending only one of course, sending only one white lily with other colors should be avoided. In that case, it’s good sending combined with 2-3 white flowers. I do not mean that is commonly known, but for people who know there can be a case of harassment, let’s remember that.


Know the meaning of downward flowers

Downward flowers have been regarded bad luck from the image of “neck fall.” Whole lily flower head fall down when it finished blooming, that reminds the death.

That might not so much familiar with young people, but it is known as common sense for the elderly. There is no problem for who doesn’t care, but it may not be too pleasant for those who know about it.

In particular, this theory has been a taboo in visiting people in a hospital, but also for those who have a sinister image from daily life. It is important to give after you know about people that you’re going to send in advance.

Also, downward blooming doesn’t look healthy, sometimes that seem to be already dead. Because currently breeding improvement, the amount of downward lilies is getting fewer, but still that’s the point which you should be careful when you are choosing.


 Strong smell becomes annoying by location

Strong aroma of lily is characteristic. For sweet clear scent, is is also often used as a base of perfume. Such lily fragrance might be preferable for some people, but it’s different for the other. When you give it to people who’ isn’t good at too strong smell, you need a little need consideration. Also, when you give it for opening celebration at restaurants also you should be careful. Too strong smell will fulfill that space with scent.

In the case of restaurants, the smell of cooking is also an important point that affects the taste, but that the fragrance of flowers would interfere with the smell of cooking.

Let’s choose the flowers, depending on where you give.


Cut off pollen that is hard to fall 

Lily also has a feature that it has a lot of pollen, but that also requires attention in the same way as the scent. In the case of restaurants, it may splatter pollen and go into the cuisine.

Also is not limited to restaurants, but pollen will make inside dirty by falling down. Since the cleanliness of the shop will affect significantly to the impression of customers. Also that can annoy that restaurant to make customer misunderstood that it isn’t clean enough.

Furthermore, in the case of shops dealing with the clothes, there is also a possibility that the pollen fall onto products. Lily of the pollen does not have the smooth in order to get carried sticked to the insect to another location. Since it is composed of materials such as oil , it will not fall when it fall onto clothes.

Here it would be also a trouble to customer’s your clothes. When you give the lily flowers, ask to cut off the pollen in the shop in advance, and considerate.


Fritillaria has an ominous image

Seeing the language of flowers, for a black purple “Fritillaria” shows “love”.

A word “love” depending on the use is not specially bad, but in fact the Fritillaria has another language of flowers. It is a “curse”.

There’s a legend of the “curse of the flower” while that has been a “flower of love” in the Ainu. In Japanese old age of war, the warrior Sassa Narimasa  heard rumors that a mistress Sayuri (“Yuri” is lily in Japanese) had a fornication, he killed her.

And she left the curse that “If the Fritillaria flower blooms on Tateyama mountain, Sassa house will ruin.” Also unusual flower color and from unpleasant odor that flies prefer made even devilish flower image strongly, and it is even being became the ominous language of flowers.

Even if you don’t know the language of flowers, basically black color have somewhere sinister impression often, what don’t rejoice obediently even at the time of the glamorous celebration. Also for the general color of the images and language of flowers you need to be careful.


Pink lily, which means “vanity”

From the color image of the pink lily, it is very gorgeous and cute, and it seems also be likely perfect for celebration. However, even here is a problem with the language of flowers.

Language of flowers of pink lily will be something called “suggestive” and “vanity”. If person you give it to might be familiar with languages of flowers, he/she may regard that celebration itself is thought as a “vanity.”

There’s some people who think they want to be celebrated as much as possible if once they know they’d celebrated. There’d be also  someone who’d a little spurt come to that timing.

And at such a party, when your gift is mistaken to have been awarded the words “vanity” ruins precious celebration. Even if that person isn’t noticed, that would be embarrass unwittingly if others are aware of it.

You can add a word in order not to cause misunderstanding. Let’s give a good gift to each other in consideration.


Yellow to stir up anxiety

Also bright and colorful and festive yellow lilies also seem good for appropriate celebration. But this also has the problem from language of flowers. This flower has “hilarious” or “natural beauty.”

I think it’s impeccable as celebration flower if this only has these, meanings,  but this also means “false” and “anxiety.” For wedding and baby gifts, it’s clear that you should be careful for it.

If you want to send these flowers, please encourage with messages as “Beat false or anxiety.”


How was this above?

I think many people want to use lily for celebration from abundance of pomp and color of lily flowers look. If the people you are going to give to like lily, you don’t need to be captured by these rules so much.is is give the other party liked the lily flowers, you do not need to be too caught too much. It’s finally dependent to how you to give think about recievers if you are careful for minimum problems as pollen or smell.

For that, you should tell correctly why you send that color, or how you think about celebrated people. If they get your feeling, negative images or language of flowers can turn to be positive.

But you don’t have to give lily without any particular reason. Giving lily should be with love. Let’s celebrate with the love stronger than competitive negative image.



7 things to see when you give a lily flowers in celebration☆

Be careful to all white that reminds funeral
Know the meaning of downward flowers
Strong smell becomes annoying by location
Drop pollen that is hard to fall
Fritillaria has an ominous image
Pink lily, which means “vanity”
Yellow to stir up anxiety

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