7 love charms to make your wish come true

Ways to be happy, 7 love charms to make your wish come true

Do you believe love charms?
We all want to be loved by who we love, or be successful in love.
Your wish may come true if you express your love to who you love, but it’s not that easy.

However nothing starts without doing anything. So why don’t you try some easy love charms?
Those who don’t believe in charms, give it a try.
Charms not only make your wish come true, but you can sometimes see what is in your mind.

Try 7 love charms, make your wish come true, and be happy.

7 love charms to make your wish come true 


Charm 1. Wish to a pink heart everyday 

Prepare a piece of pink colored paper and cut it in a shape of a heart.
Write names of you and who you love, and put it in your belonging you take everyday.
Before you go out or go to bed, wish to it for success in your love.

It is popular way of charm, but your mind refreshes as you put your wish into something. It is a charm to be confident.


Charm 2. Draw a heart on your cheek

Look into a mirror and draw a heart with your forefinger.
Think about a person you love, slowly, and draw a beautiful shape to wish for a success.
Try while washing face, relaxing at home, on your way to school or work, or any time you realize.
You don’t need to look at a mirror if you get used to it.

Acquire your ideal love with a cute love charm.


Charm 3. Have a same thing as your love 

Buy a same thing as a person you love. Stationery, food, or anything is possible.
If you already have a same thing, use it. If possible, use in the same pose or purpose as your love. It is a love charm to get close to him. It will also give you a chance to talk with him as you have a same thing.

If you don’t want to be noticed, use it secretly. It is said that your wish will come true after using it for a month. Keep using and dream of a day you can use it as a pair with him.


Charm 4. Give a charm when passing by him

When you pass by your love, wish in mind for a success of your love 3 times. As you continue, you will gradually get close to him. As you give a charm near him, he will be interested in you.

Please try especially if you are shy. Be careful not to say aloud though.


 Charm 5. Give a charm to cherries

When you eat cherries, eat first one as you imagine how you want to be. Then think about his name or what you like about him as you eat second one.

It is a good season of cherries from June, so enjoy eating them as well as giving a love charm.


Charm 6. Wish to a sunset

In an evening of a sunny day, imagine your future of ideal love toward sunset. Not only wish for a success in love, but more in detail such as you want to date him or what you would say to him. Imagine in details and look at a sunset.

Generally, a view of a sunset reflects sadness of people and the world. This charm is given to a sunset, the end of a day, to assure yourself that your mind never changes, by having a clear and detailed image of you and him.
In other words, if you can imagine your future clearly to a sunset, your love toward him is true. It is worth trying once.


Charm 7. Carry a picture of him with you 

Always have his picture with you. I recommend keeping it in your day planner. If you are too shy to get his photo, portrait is also good. Try to draw him. Photos or portraits have an effect just by having them, but if you face bad things or lost confidence about love, look at them and be cheered.
It is practical and recommended way of charm. If possible, prepare a new photo or a portrait. If you only have old one, prepare a white paper cut in the same size as a photo and put them together in your planner.
New photos are better than old ones to get your feeling across.

Your love will more likely to be successful if you imagine “what you like about him” or “how you want to be as a couple with him”, when you take out or put away a photo.


How were the charms? Did you like them?
I have introduced 7 love charms. Some of you might want to try all, while others want try just one of them. No matter how many you do, the feeling for trying is a first step for your wish to come true and be happy. I wish for happiness of all who read this article.



7 love charms to make your wish come true

Charm 1. Wish to a pink heart everyday
Charm 2. Draw a heart on your cheek
Charm 3. Have a same thing as your love
Charm 4. Give a charm when passing by him
Charm 5. Give a charm to cherries
Charm 6. Wish to a sunset
Charm 7. Take a picture of him with you

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