7 Love charms to see soul mate, be happy

7 Love charms to meet your Mr. Right, and become happy

“Hocus Pocus! Pain pain go away, come back another day” Haven’t you been put a charm like that on you when you’re small? Even when I had a knee barked from falling, I felt as if the pain was going away after this charm was put on me.

Like this, charms are around us at all times, it’s not like injuries and illnesses are cured by them but the feelings of sympathy of a person putting a charm reach to the other person through the act itself and heal the heart and body of the person. I believe charms have such curious power.


7 Love charms to see soul mate, be happy


No.1  When you use charms, make sure to have a right mind

When you put a charm, make sure to have a right mind. Wish for only one thing, and wish from the bottom of your heart. Let’s not be greedy, wishing for this and that, we have such a strong “power to believe”. When we put a charm, make sure to believe “I will be happy”.

This act works towards making a positive contribution, and achieving good results. To the contrary, the thing you must not do is to wish someone’s ill. If you ill wished to someone, misfortune would also end up meeting with misfortunes. Negative feelings must be avoided with charms. Positive and upward feelings are what enhance the effect of charms.


No.2 If you hope a good encounter, clean your room!

Some of you may think, this is irrelevant to love charms, well you’re wrong.

What your answer would be if you’re asked. “Which room would you like to visit, A room in a terrible mess, or A clean, tidied up room?
Most of you would choose the “clean and tidied up room.” It’s the same with fortune, good fortune likes “clean places”. Enhancing fortune is fundamental to enhancing love fortune.

If you want to meet your Mr. Right and be happy, let’s start with cleaning up your room.


No.3 Sparkly small items and Pink enhance love fortune

Let’s decorate sparkly small items or wear them as accessories. You don’t need many of them, just having them for a single place will do. And one more thing, “Pink color” is authentic partner of love charms.

Especially if you’re female, having a pink colored thing around or replacing what you always carry around by a pink colored one will enhance love charms. And off course, let’s positively wear something pink. As a love charm and work towards enhancing your love fortune.


No.4 Make a change to your everyday life

Taking a different path when you head your school or office, going out at times different than usual, making a bit of change to your everyday life can change the flow of fortune.

And also by thing this, you may come across to a new thing you didn’t know till then.

Taking a different path, wishing in your mind “I wish to meet a wonderful person” is also effective as a love charm. Encounters have no bounds. Either you grasp them or not is dependent on your act and intention.


No.5 Receive a share of happiness

Ask a friend who is happy in a relationship if you can have an accessory she uses. This is a charm to pass the baton of happiness. If possible, ask for something your friend uses on daily basis.

Wear what’s soaked in her “happy aura” and spend every day, wishing strongly, “ It’s my turn to be happy.” To receive a share of happiness, you have in touch with people who are happy in relationships or happily married. This way, you will also turn into being a happy person.


No.6 Write down your ideals

What’s your Mr. Right like? Even small nothings are fine, lets write down a description of your Mr. Right. The important thing here is to be as specific as you can when you write them. Writing specifically will make your ideals more clear.

Picturing your Mr. Right this way and wishing for happiness enhance encountering fortune even more. The act of writing with all your heart will be a charm, making good encounters drawn to you.


No.7 Voicing your mind is very important

Let’s say it out loud that you’re happy to have met your Mr. Right. Even if you haven’t met one yet, by saying “I’m happy” you will get closer and closer to happiness. Words have a “mystic power of words” .so, using negative words all the time gets a person closer to misfortunes.

If you want to be happy, you matter-of-factly should say, “ I’m happy”. “Wishes are more likely to come true when voiced rather than thought in mind. As it’s a love charm, let’s voice it!


How was the article?

Charms are something you do for yourself, not for ill wishing. Charms are something that helps you grow confidence in yourself and therefore, open up to good encounters, I believe.
It’s you who meet your Mr. Right and grasp happiness. Charms are the supporter, the encouragement of you. I believe nothing can be achieved without your efforts. The power of Charms will be stronger by your strength to wish for happiness and positive mind.


7 Love charms to see soul mate, be happy

No.1 When you use charms, make sure to have a right mind.
No.2 If you hope a good encounter, clean your room!
No.3 Sparkly small items and Pink enhance love fortune.
No.4 Make a change to your everyday life.
No.5 Receive a share of happiness.
No.6 Write down your ideals.
No.7 Voicing your mind is very important.


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