Powerful 7 love charms for love with him

Best powerful 7 love charms to love each other with himEveryone wishes to get love with someone they love. From old time, women have used love charms,which is something a little dangerous to amateur like magic, there is also a charm to borrow fairy or angel power.

I introduce simple and easy charms that don’t need any difficulties. It’s easy to get started immediately. By all means, please get love each other with him you love!


Ask the full moon

Full moon power is a powerful, though when you make a wish on the new moon it’s said your dreams come true in the full moon, here I introduce unlimited powerful love charm that you continue for about a month from full moon to next one and only one night of full moon night.

Part 1

① Stand in a place that you can see the moon directly in the full moon night.
② Wear salt.
③ Get concentrated and take deep looking at the full moon.
④ Think of him staring at the full moon. Especially that you are together or dating Shuchieshon.
⑤ Repeat every day until the next full moon. ※ In rainy day please do it in your room.

Part 2

① Get his hair.
② Prepare one piece of your hair
③ In the full moon night, stand under the moon.
④ Spell. “Besutarabeto Korumubutito Vireera Eiusu Murierisu”
⑤ With spell, let’s tie over and over again two pieces of hair.
⑥ Carry the amulet what you tied in ⑤.


Use the plaster

This it is the way to use a bandage. Since you attach plaster for 3 days and again, so who with sensitive skin, take care as shifting the position.

① On non-dominant wrist, write the initials or name of him.
② Hides and put a bandage on this.
③ Replace plaster every three days and repeat three times.
④ Let’s confess your love after 2 weeks.

※ Because there is no effect, never show it to others and do not trace even if the character is going out.


Use a lip balm

①Prepare a new lip balm and lipstick.
② Tick letters favorite person’s name and heart or LOVE using needle.
③ without being known to anyone, use up by your own so that it is not used to anyone.

Do not tello the people that you are doing this incantation. ※You’ll make the effect zero if you reduce or let others use.To use up the lipstick takes time, so if you want the earlier effect,  I recommend you to use balm that you can put on many times.


Method you can do feeling free in bath

This is the love charm to use the mirror of the bathroom. Since you can do during bath time, please continue secretly without being known anyone.

① Enter the bathroom to bathe as usual.
② Wait until the mirror of the bathroom fogs up.
③ When the steam makes the mirror cloudy, write his name.
④ Write the word you want to be said in his confession under his name.
⑤ Close your eyes and cast that word 7 times.
⑥ After casting turn off the character on the mirror by shower.
⑦ continue this for 3 days and then your love is reached to him.


Love charm of willow

① Please look for a willow tree.
② Look for a branch that has a knot wich is made naturally by the wind.
③ Hold it by your mouth.
④ While holding, write a spell on a piece of white paper. “Ihold your luck, swallow your feet. Your luck is brought to me, so that to be mine soon”
⑤ When you write a spell, wrap in that paper that branch of willow.
⑥ Carry ⑤ as amulet.
⑦ When you  confess him your love, hold it by your hand.
※ Purify hair and pen or use new ones.


To recite the mantra

Love charm to cast mantra is what diviners are using. It is a mantra that has the effect of showing the affection of friendship to the target person.

① Strongly conscious of him.
② The mantra is “oM ma hA raga vajro SHI Sa va jra satva jaH+jaH hUM vaM hoH”

※ The mantra doesn’t have effect when it’s interrupted so please memorize firmly. Wish will come true by chanting while your feeling is seriously strong.


Use the eraser

① Prepare a new eraser.
② Prepare a pink pen.
③ Put off the cover and write his initials by that pink pen.
④ Put on the cover.
⑤ Use up so as not to be seen nor mention by anyone.

This is a easy and handy strong love charm to use the eraser.


How was it?

For trying these strong love charms, you have notes that are common in all. Do not do for fun, it is the tip of good effect to imagine strongly about the person you intend, it is not just a charm.

By doing, conveying your love in the unconscious is purpose. Particularly love charms which are done under the full moon are considerablly effective since moon power  helps you. So keep your mind strong, and tackle seriously love fulfillment by firmly consciousness.



Powerful 7 love charms for love with him

Ask the full moon
Use the plaster
Use a lip balm
Use the eraser
Method you can do feeling free in bath
Love charm of willow
To recite the mantra


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