7 Love Spells to Fulfill Your Love

7 Love Spells to Fulfill Your LoveEveryone who falls in love wishes to express their love and fulfill their love, which is eternal theme of them. If you are not sure whether someone you loving loves you or not, you need so much courage to ask her or him out. Don’t you want to avoid broken heart right!?

In such a case, why don’t you use a charm to fulfill your love alone? Although there is no scientific basis on charms, people around the world believe the magical power of them since the old days.

Since people can cast a spell without being seen or heard, you do not have to feel embarrassed about that. You might be doubtful about spells, but you should try them once. I will introduce 7 spells for fulfilling your love.

7 Love Spells to Fulfill Your Love


1. Love spell to carry a hair of person you love

Nails or hairs of person you love are used as an important stuff of love spells since the old times. People think that hair or nails have some spiritual power. In fact, hairs and nails contain DNA.

It is believed that living hairs are more effective, so you should pick up the hair as soon as it falls off if you can. Wrap up the hair in white paper and carry it as a lucky charm, which is said to have a good effect on romance.

The problem is how to get the hair. If you fall in love with your friend, it is not difficult to get it because you can get his fallen hair easily. If you fall in love with someone you have never talked, it is difficult to get it. In such a case, first you should make friends with his friends and ask for cooperation in the matter.


2. Love spell to cast a spell in the setting sun

Put your right hand to your chest watching the beautiful sunset and cast a magical spell in your heart “shrink・shukura・ritun!” holding up your left hand to the sunset. And then, see the sunset goes down till the end.

You must not speak during the spell, so you should do it alone where nobody is there. The spell has a strong effect on attracting people’s heart. It is said that there are many people who fulfilled love with the spell and even some of them were asked out by their lover.


3. Adhesive plaster love spell

This is the spell, write the name of the man you love on the body and apply an adhesive plaster on the name for three days. What you need for the spell is just an adhesive plaster and a pen. First, write the name on your left arm. Next put an adhesive plaster on the name so that it covers completely the name.

And remove the plaster after three days. The spell is said to make you fall in love with each other. Someone say writing the name on the any parts of the body is O.K. and you do not have to write it on the left arm.


4. Inscribe the name on a pink lipstick or a pink chap stick

What you need is a new pink chap stick or a pink lipstick and a needle or a tooth pick. You should not choose deep pink one but light pink. Put out a lipstick as long as possible and inscribe the name and the letter “LOVE” on the side of it.

And use up it without being seen because the power of the spell is gone, if someone uses the lipstick. So you should be careful about that and use up it by yourself. And the power also will disappear when you use it on the other parts of the body other than on the lips or waste it to use up as early as possible.


5. Love spell to wear pink items

Pink is known to be good for romance in Feng shui or spells. Since pink promotes female hormone, wearing pink items can enhance femininity naturally and draw people’s attention effectively.

Besides, wearing pink items makes people feel up so pink is quite effective to attract men’s attention. Wearing Pink accessories or carrying a pink bag can make you look attractive more and more. So you should make the use of those items.


6. Pinkie ring

If you do not want to carry or wear something spiritual or magical, I recommend a pinkie ring. Especially one with a gemstone like a rose quartz is more effective for improvement in romantic luck

The effect of the ring differs from left hand or right hand, and which also differs from people. So put a pinkie ring on the right or left hand of pinky for a while and to see if the power is effective. If you will find that ineffective, you should wear it on another side of the pinky. In feng shui, forefingers are the symbol of connection, so not only wearing ring on the pinky but also on the forefinger is said to enhance the spell.


7. Something long

Generally, men like women with long hair. Men tend to like something long but not limited to woman’s hair. However, women with short hair can get the same effect by wearing a scarf around the neck.

In the field of feng shui or spells, something long is the symbol of connection. So long fashion items such as long hair, long stole, long earrings or long boots are said to improve romantic luck. Even long foods like pastas also have the same effect. If you want to fulfill your love, long is the key word.


How was that?

Since there are various kinds of love spells, you can try the combination of them to enhance the spiritual power. People can get positive energy through spells, which may bring about a miracle.

The spells I introduced this time are easy to start and anyone can. So just try them. It is important to keep a positive state of mind for romance.

But the effect of the spells varies from person to person and each spells has different power. So you should not give up soon even if a spell does not work immediately. Keep on trying till you fall in love with each other.



7 Love Spells to Fulfill Your Love

1. Love spell to carry a hair of person you love
2. Love spell to cast a spell in setting sun
3. Adhesive plaster spell
4. Inscribe the name on a lipstick or a pink chap stick
5. Love spell to wear pink items
6. Pinkie ring
7. Something long

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