7 reasons to make good results about love with statice

7 reasons to make good results about love with statice As for the statice of the flower name, “statizo (stop)” of the Greek becomes the etymology and seems to be derived because a statice has been used for a binding medicine as a medicinal herb!

Because a color and form did not change even if a calyx dried the part which looked like flowers such as purple and pink or the yellow with the thing which developed, popularity♪ Japanese name was said with Limonium sinuatum as dried flower and seemed to enter Japan at the beginning of Showa.

You are divided into the statice genus Almeria genus and the Limonium genus, but the statice of the former generic name which is the old name is used widely now. Originally it is grass for cold-resistant one year native to the Mediterranean Sea coast.

Because it is slightly weak in the warm local summer heat, there is wonderful flower language a lot so as to enter the flower language that it likes good places of the Sun and the drainage and want to use for confession and a proposal!

Then I will introduce 7 reasons to make good results through love when you attach flower language and confess from now on!

7 reasons to make good results about love with statice


From the flower language of the oath not to change

It is a fundamentally important thing. It is possible even for anyone only by it being a condition at least that it does not have a meaning when you change around, and the feeling does not change forever, and thinking it to be it.

It becomes important to promise by expressing it aloud tight. I think that you may change even if you think the feeling of “yourself to be strange” in a heart because it is a human being.

Because we think that it is romantic, and there is greatly a difference in what do an oath and the one which you do not do, let’s see that you promise your real intention here aloud properly!


From the flower language of the heart never to change

When you think well slowly and carefully because you think that it is not the word that you always start in a mouth and are convinced because it is for implication not to change until this is already proposed to when it is eternity and dies throughout the life when you are this person, it will be what is surely pleased with when you tell ♪

The word eternity is a nice thing, and the that “does not change in” eternity when you want to be said to be it once for the words♪ life that fading knows from a crying statice to be able to leave for dried flower neatly was said to be it will become the lifetime treasure ☆


From flower language of the flower language of the knowledge

Because there is what the place where knows the partner to when it is worried about confession most and seems to know and does not know a lot, I think that you should always make each other open.

Is it not first thing to do anything you know the contents slowly and carefully because it is useless … two are prepared even if only one knows it, and where you know that each other is small to and it is a human being only by appearance or breaks it, and to think that it is this person?

It is not good to be advanced. It is unorthodox to decide at the level of the appearance to be cool because you are pretty ☆


From flower language unchangeable permanently

You feel hard to please if you come with in a kanji and four characters phrase, but it is an unbearable word and may come to the girl particularly with heartbeating because the meaning is very simple and is not to change even if time stands how forever!

What is not made easy is “not to change.” You do not intend to change by yourself and will insist that it is the same as old days.

However, mostly the person called the human being changes. For example, you may be glad of what the contents are with the same feeling even if an appearance changes without changing ☆


From flower language of the joy of the love

It is the work for a piano and a violin of Fritz Kreisler to remember to hear this, and it remains in the memory that a figure to play on the violin in a drama “buzzer beat” was frequent ♪

An impression is strong, and it may be just tied to this flower language to be music to be able to feel it is a bright work expressing joy literally, and kind at all!

Because, besides, there are joy of the love and a work to do, it is buzzer beat and the thing which does not come even if you realize it when a good work is born for the wonderful words and say with “love” in youth, but is the thing which you cannot help loving very much when love sprouts with age ☆


From flower language of the faithfulness

You are asked about what kind of … that you think to see a character that it is the same is preference, and “faithful well hears” ♪
Will such a person really exist? Because, in fact, it is the meaning called the true contents, all is the false heart that there is not the heart that the truth does not have the falsehood!

You are worried about a place called all, but it is really serious that there are not words, and true heart is felt by the posture for a person and things if I can meet such a person, and a falsehood is the impression called the lump of the… straightness that there is not, but it is originally natural ☆


From modest flower language

There are words young lady and the image called the old-fashioned woman that are used a lot for a woman, but a property and movement are quiet and are refined and have a meaning to be undemonstrative again.

Because most, not the thing which is made even if you make it, character that you are born and have must throw away the thought that is sweet to become graceful from tomorrow.

I think that 90% of men like graceful women. Even so, do not make it and think that the effort is necessary with effort.

Because you are enough even little by little because you are, it says to wear gracefulness and, as for a lot of men similar to old days in … present age to want you to be behind a man than you step forward, will be studied.


How would you feel about them?

It is the appearance of the flower to want to borrow power at the time of confession and proposal.

By the words of the sound beautiful at all that the feeling of poinsettia – me who only bougainvillaea – you that representative one loves rose – you take thought of invisible American dogwood – me, and blue star … heart to believe in, grayheaded cuckoo – you will know the love of Rina rear – you who wait for captive of single-mindedness, you, love in ivy – eternity, Gomphrena globosa … love, immortality not to change, confession of tulip – love to be fuddled with a figure – you, lavender – you to your thing, peach – you forever, and stare only at sunflower – you burns.

When the word seems to indicate that you make up the mind to be firm for an oath, a heart to never turn not to change, this statice realizes it.



7 reasons to make good results about love with statice

From the flower language of the oath not to change
From the flower language of the heart to never change
From flower language of the knowledge
From flower language unchangeable permanently
From flower language of the joy of the love
From flower language of the faithfulness
From modest flower language

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