7 ways to make a bouquet for a small budget

7 ways to make a bouquet for a small budget

Do you want to give your boyfriend/girlfriend a bouquet as a birthday gift? Or do you want to give your colleague it as a celebration gift? However, what would you do if you don’t have much money now? Would you just buy a small bouquet or give up buying?

Don’t give up! A bouquet is a perfect gift to express your feelings. Flowers have an aura so that they can express your feeling better than a word does.

To tell the truth, you can make a gorgeous bouquet even if your budget is tight. If you know some tips, you don’t have to worry about your small budget.

Here are some tips to make a bouquet for a small budget.

7 ways to make a bouquet for a small budget


Add small flowers

Big flowers are quite expensive. If you put just few main flowers as roses and lilies and add some gypsophila, your bouquet can look bigger. This is common effective way, but it may be boring as gypsophila is not a rare flower.

So check any other flowers at a florist’s. There may be many kinds of little flowers. If you add rare small flowers, your bouquet will be nicer.


Use only small flowers

We’ve just learned the way to make a bouquet with small and big flowers. You can make with only small flowers too. There are many types of lovely little flowers. For example, asters have a variety of colours including red, pink, and purple with single and double petals.

By using just one type of flowers with various colours, your bouquet looks gorgeous. Even though it is not easy to use only little flowers, you can make a lovely one.


Add a big green leaf

So next, let’s add a big green leaf. By using a big leaf, such as Monstera, you can add volume to your bouquet. Also, leafs are inexpensive and it can make a bouquet impressive.

Recently, white and green bouquets are quite popular. So it can be good to use a big leaf with little white flowers. It may be also great to put them in a basket rather than a bouquet.


Use flesh flowers

Even if you get a gorgeous bouquet, you can be very disappointed if it starts to die the next day. When it happens, some people may not be happy with not only the gift but a sender.

You may not order a big bouquet is your budget is tight. However, a receiver would be glad for your concern.
So try to check how fresh flowers they use at a florist’s.


Simple wrapping

If you use few flowers with gorgeous wrapping, your bouquet might look poor. This is because wrapping looks more gorgeous than flowers. So this is not a good idea at all.

So it can be better to wrap some flowers in plain Japanese paper. Japanese papers are bit expensive, but you can reduce number of flowers and spend on the paper. You can have a elegant bouquet.


Use one colour

Why don’t you make a simple bouquet? So try to make it using just one colour. Breeding has been improved so that some flowers have unique petals attached. You can make a simple bouquet when you use different variety of flowers in the same colour.

When you use just one colour, your bouquet looks gorgeous. This is the same as when little fish swim together, they look like a bigger fish. So let’s try to make a one-coloured bouquet.


Add a rare flower

If you add a rare flower, your bouquet looks gorgeous even though you can’t add volume. When there is something impressive, you just pay attention to it.

The important thing is to ask a florist if it is a rare flower or not. This is because it can be already common. Probably the florist wants to show some rare flowers to you.

I’ve seen a bouquet with a little green apple. So it is also a good idea to add fruit to your bouquet.


There are some tips to make a bouquet. Let’s use them and choose perfect flowers. Don’t worry. You can make a great bouquet even if your budget is small.

Anyway you need help at a florist’s. So the best way may be to get along with a florist.

I hope this article will help you to make a nice bouquet.



7 ways to make a bouquet for a small budget

– Add small flowers
– Use only small flowers
– Add a big green leaf
– Use flesh flowers
– Simple wrapping
– Use one colour
– Add a rare flower

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