7Easy Ways to Make Aromatherapy Candles

7Easy Ways to Make Aromatherapy Candles

It is always nice to have aromatherapy candles in your room. You can see many of them in general stores. Even you can make these cute candles by yourself given the right materials!

There are several types of candles in the candle world, where even artists exist. You can see, for example, seven-colored candles on a circular ball, or candles of multiple colors, or candles with beautiful carvings.

But the best is just a simple one that you put wax and a wick together like those that are usually made in candle making events for kids. The timing to add essential oils is crucial.

Now, I will introduce how to make aromatherapy candles in several categories.

7Easy Ways to Make Aromatherapy Candles


Materials for an aromatherapy candle

Candles are very simple: they are made of wax and a wick.

Candles for a Buddhist altar
Crushed tea light candles

Wax for handmade candles: e.g. Paraffin wax
Melt these with hot water or induction heating cooker and reshape them.
*If you want to add some color, add some fragments of crayons.

Use the wick from the candle for Buddhist altars.
Soak a piece of kite string in melted wax and let it dry.
Use candlewicks sold for handcraft.
The bigger the wick the bigger will the flame be.
If you can get a metal washer, use that to sustain to sustain the candle.

As for adding the fragrance, you can use “essential oils” that are used in aromatherapy or synthesized oils such as “fragrance oils”. However, you cannot have the same effects that you would have in aromatherapy if you use fragrance oils.

Also, make sure to add oil at the right temperature. Use a thermometer to check if the wax is around 70 degrees Celsius. If it is hotter, the fragrance will evaporate. If it is colder, the smell will not spread evenly throughout the candle.

The ideal amount of oil would be 3-5% of the amount of wax. For example, if you have 10ml of melted wax, add 0.3-0.5% of oil.
Now, let’s see 7 different ways of making a candle.


Use a nice and pretty mold

The easiest way is to use a heat-resistant mold to make the candle. Use a glass mold or some pottery.

In the mold, fix the wick with a chopstick so that it stays on the center.

Pour the wax with fragrance and let it solidify.

Now you have an aromatherapy candle. You can also put ribbons or a piece of lace to make it prettier.


Pour wax into a mold

In this case, a mold can be various things. You can use paper cups or milk packages.

It is very easy to make candles using them because you can easily settle the wick and you can just cut the mold to take the candle out.
Other than these, you can also use cups or mold made of silicon. When the mold is not tall enough, you can add the wick afterwards.

ust make the candle in a mold and use a drill to pass the wick through the hole. Lastly, just knot the wick and it is done.


Use cooking molds

You can also make candles using a cooking mold. Here’s how you do it.

First, prepare a parchment paper that is 15cm wide and 20cm long. Also fold the four sides by 2cms to make a box.

Fix the four sides with a tape. Lay a bigger parchment paper below the box.

Pour wax into this mold while the wax is still soft. Add the wick afterwards.

This candle can also be used as a floating candle.


Make an aromatherapy candle with a special wick

There are many types of wicks: cotton wicks, a fuse wick made of lead wire, or a twisted paper wick. But, there is one type of wick that is most suitable for aromatherapy candles.

That is a wooden wick. When you burn it, you can enjoy the fire crackling and you do not have to worry about the sooty smell. Also, it looks very professional and elegant. If you are particularly concerned about how it smells, I highly recommend using this wooden wick.


Make a candle with dried flowers

This requires more labor, but you can get a very special candle in turn.

Ingredients: 2 molds of different sizes
In the smaller mold, make a candle with a wax.
Put this on the center of the bigger mold and sprinkle dried flower petals around it.
Pour melted wax and wait. Pull the candle out from the mold and it is done.
If choose good smelling dried flowers, it would be even nicer.


Make a gel candle

You can even make a nice handmade gel candle. However, you need special products for adding color or a special type of gel wax. So, I recommend to buy the materials online.

The good thing about gel candles is that you can make several designs. For example, you can put san, seashells, or small objects. Note, however, that you cannot put burnable things such as dried flowers because gel becomes even hotter than wax when melted.


How did you like it? There are also scented wax sticks that can be made without burning wax. They are made mainly from beeswax and you don’t need a wick. You can enjoy the sweet smell of honey, but you can also add some fragrance oil.

These sticks are not made to burn like a candle. Decorate those sticks using dried flowers, nuts, laces, and ribbons. Now put them in your closet to enjoy the scent. You can even use give it to someone as an unusual gift.

The more elegant, the more expensive aromatherapy candles tend to be. However, you can devise much better candles on your own.
So, please your own unique candle. Just be careful not to burn yourself with melted wax.



7Easy Ways to Make Aromatherapy Candles

Materials for an aromatherapy candle.
Use a nice and pretty mold.
Pour wax into a mold.
Use cooking molds.
Make an aromatherapy candle with a special wick.
Make a candle with dried flowers.
Make a gel candle.

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