7 steps for making a bouquet for beginners

7 steps for making a bouquet for beginners

When do you give someone a flower gift? Probably you give it on someone’s birthday or wedding anniversary, at any other celebration, or for a house visit.

Also, you may bring a gift for a hospital visit.
A flower gift is a way to express your feelings, love, blessing and sympathy. A flower gift makes a receiver happy and has positive thoughts. This means that a flower gift is a great thing as it can connect a sender and receiver. So why don’t you make a bouquet?

You can simply bundle some flowers together. But if you learn some techniques, you are able to make a lovely bouquet.

Here are 7 steps for making a bouquet.

7 steps for making a bouquet for beginners


For who? For What?

At first, you need to think about whom you are going to give a bouquet. This is because you need proper arrangement depending on a receiver.

Also, you should think about the purpose of a gift. When you visit your female friend’s house, a bouquet with red and pink flowers can be good, and when you visit your grandfather in hospital, some flowers with not strong fragrance could be better.

It can be a good idea to use some colours a receiver likes.


Let’s choose flowers

The second step is to choose flowers.

It may be good to ask a florist to choose. However it is fun for you to choose some flowers while thinking of a receiver.

For example, you can choose pink flowers if your friend likes the colour. You can use pink as a base colour, some red flowers as an accent colour, and need to add some green using leaves.


Let’s trim some leaves and stems

This is the third step. When you get flowers, you need to trim some leaves. The point is to remove leaves which are under a binding point.

Flowers can be rotten easily when there are some leaves in the water in a vase. Also, it is difficult to make when flowers have some leaves. If you are a beginner, it can be easier for you to make it with long stems. In addition, you should remove thorns of roses using a knife. Just be careful not to cut yourself.


It is important to draw water up

After trimming leaves, let’s move on to the fourth step “drawing water up”. Have you heard it yet?

You should help the cut flowers to improve water flow. This is important to keep them alive longer. The methods vary depending on flowers.

For instance, roses should be wrapped with paper such as newspaper. And then, the stems need to be put in the water and cut some part of the stem diagonally with scissors. Leave them for a hour. But you should cut stems of Texas bluebells with your hands.


Let’s tie up flowers

So now we’ve prepared to make a bouquet. In this section, I’ll introduce you how to make a rose bouquet with jasmines.

First, hold one rose and choose a binding point. Next, put a jasmine diagonally on the point. Then, put a rose diagonally on the point. So put a rose and a jasmine alternately. Even if you use just some flowers, you can make a beautiful bouquet in this way. At the end, tie up all flowers tightly.


Water to preserve flowers

The next step is to add water to preserve flowers. This step is important to keep a bouquet fresh.

If stems of a bouquet are long, arrange length of them and cut diagonally. Next, wrap the stems with soaked paper towel. If it is hard, you can wrap the stem with paper towel and soak them together. When getting enough water, put a plastic bag and then foil.


Let’s wrap a bouquet

This is the last step, wrapping a bouquet.

If you want a simple and nice bouquet, choose two plain wrapping papers with different colours. First, wrap a bouquet in one paper, and then wrap it in another paper. Just put the second paper at an angle so that the first paper can be shown. Finally, tie a ribbon and that’s all.

It may take some time to make a bouquet at the beginning, but you will enjoy making and want to try other variation.


The history of bouquets is long. Bouquet has been made since ancient Egypt for deodorant and graves. A flower gift began in the 19th century in Europe. In Europe, there are bouquet specialists at a florist’s and they can make bouquets like artworks.

Japan has had the art of flower arrangement and people have enjoyed arranging flowers. We have wonderful flower culture so you can make lovely bouquets. You will broaden your horizons.



7 steps for making a bouquet for beginners

– For who? For What?
– Let’s choose flowers
– Let’s trim some leaves and stems
– It is important to draw water up
– Let’s tie up flowers
– Water to preserve flowers
– Let’s wrap a bouquet

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