a minimum manner and rule about how to break up

a minimum manner and rule about how to break upEven if you are two people loving each other, you cannot occasionally avoid parting. Because the human feeling is easy to change, it isn’t a rare thing. Thus, there cannot be the thing that I am particularly troubled.

hough “it is the woman who you love that much … you promise love of,” ” eternity” … It is not necessary to think to have said.” However, you should mind the time of parting even if you don’t like it. Even if it is so, and human feelings are easy to change, the minimum manner and rule exist.

It is not exaggeration even if I say to a human being doing the time of parting with her roughly, and there is not a qualification to love people. Thus, the time of parting becomes the very important element after walking the future life. Therefore I spotlight the time of parting with her this time and want to discuss it.

a minimum manner and rule about how to break up


The talk about breaking up will talk about the meeting

There is a way to part by an email if it is telephone, now it is about an old day. These days, the lines correspond, too. However, let’s certainly give up having this. The thing that is the most important as a manner of the time of parting with her is to meet and speak.
You surely understand the awkward feeling. I understand the feeling that you don’t want to meet him/her. But this is the act that the worst man does. It is a rule to meet and talk tight from the front.


Let’s talk carefully

The next is to talk carefully. Because of talk about breaking up, the person who are talked about parting is more likely to become emotional. Here, you are tempted and become out of control if you become emotional. Talk calmly and carefully by all means.

You have to prevent from entrusting feelings by mistake and making an absurd remark. Then you cannot part beautifully. Even if a partner becomes very emotional, it is a manner about that thing, you have to keep talking carefully till the last in parting from her.


Let’s tell clearly

The time of parting with her, the third are to tell clearly. Actually, it is hard to talk about breaking up when you face a partner in eyes. I can understand the feeling that you want to talk about it mumblingly.

However, you cannot part well by doing this. When a man takes an unclear attitude in spite of the situation becoming always emotional, you only make a partner more emotional. Because the good time of parting is not made from this, let’s keep you speaking it clearly by all means in mind.


Let’s stop denying a partner

You are asked about the reason by all means when you talk about breaking up. Because your partner wants to know the reason, for the partner, “why?” will be a proper question. It is a manner of the time of parting to talk well and is a rule.

However, what you want to be careful here does not deny a partner. “○○ is no use, there is not the human being who say, “□□ is prohibited is said, and your partner does not think unpleasantly. It is minimum respect to her to part peacefully to the last. ”


Let’s recognize your fault

When you say without denying your partner, “how do you explain a reason?” as for this, it is easy. You should take all responsibility. Until the last parting, to let a woman take responsibility is not to be done by the man.

What it looks is not enough in yourself and you should not make it her responsibility by all means, in acknowledgment of your fault, let’s explain it. This is the beautiful time of parting. As for the man, it is requested not to injure a woman till the last.


Let’s convey thanks

Furthermore, let’s convey the thanks by all means. Unfortunately two people would part, but there should have been the happy time so far. You should have got a lot from her. You must never forget the thanks for it.

And it is necessary to tell by all means. It is very important in the occasion of separation with her. Finally there is not the beautiful thing as love, “thank you,” to say, and to be over. You should learn it.


Let’s certainly avoid the quarrel

Finally, let’s certainly avoid the quarrel. In the time of parting that there is a number, it is a split-up to belong to the worst class. When you split after a quarrel, there is neither the manner nor the rule. It will be only nothingness to remain.

You love once with much effort. What you want to end neatly is common. Therefore let’s certainly avoid only the split-up. You must never become emotional even if anything is said. You should understand that you begin to talk about parting.


How do you feel about them? Might you understand the best time of parting with her? You will have been able to understand that a man should have a minimum manner as an adult. Actually, there are many men doing the violent time of parting.

Such a thing is not love. Love is not including the egocentric love. The love is the thing which is formed if there is a partner. It says a man to receive with respect to be the woman partner who decide parting.

In addition, such an intention leads to the next love. The woman sees through a man treating a woman roughly. I strongly recommend that you should know how to break up with a girlfriend beautifully by all means to walk the next life.



a minimum manner and rule about how to break up

・ The talk about breaking up will talk about the meeting
・ Let’s talk carefully
・ Let’s tell clearly
・ Let’s stop that I deny a partner
・ Let’s recognize one’s fault
・ Let’s convey thanks
・ Let’s certainly avoid the quarrel

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