We introduce “finding your charm” by margaret meaning.

We introduce "finding your charm" by margaret meaning.

The margaret known by using Love fortune-telling flower.

The Japanese name is “moku-syun-giku” meaning “garland chrysanthemum will be changing a chracter like a wood”

It is cultivated in a greenhouse and a plastic greenhouse as gardening plant for the admiration.

As for it, the Canary Islands are the places of origin, it went over to Europe at the end of 17th century.
It reached Japan in last years of Meiji era and came to be cultivated widely from the Taisho era.

The flower blooms from March through July.
One fold of coming out of the white is popular,

There are yellow and a pink thing, blooming in double, the thing of the clove coming out, too.

It will be changing a chracter like a wood and shrub in many wintering.
“moku-syun-giku” was named from there.

It meaning “Love fortune-telling” “hiding love” “Faithfulness” “honest”
We introduce “finding your charm” by margaret.

We introduce “finding your charm” by margaret meaning.


Let’s come to like someone.

Margaret is white, like a pretty girl.
It is an ideal flower to express a feeling when fall in love.

love fortune-telling, It is cuteness to be able to nod for flower language.
Some people is used for fortune-telling willingly.
Because lovely flower margaret with a neat and clean has much number of petals.

The flower which is easy to be brought up, and is familiar may be a reason.

As for the petal of the marguerite, most are odd numbers.

If you count the petal from “love me”,the end willbe “love me”
It is not finished ” love me not”
Good for unrequited love.

Even a fortune-teller is worried about the result.



“secret love” meaning secret feeling when time to fortune-teller.

It is common throughout the world to be absorbed in the fortune-telling of the marguerite.

In france the origin of the marguerite fortune-telling.
They fortune-telling by four word “love””like””soulmate””dislike”

“dislike”is the one of four words and last.
The probability to be when a petal is an odd number is low.

Reconfirming your charm by fortune-telling using four words.
When you see your favorite person walking with other person.


Let’s give it to Artemis of the Greek myth.

The flower which ancien people gave to guardian deity Artemis is a marguerite in Greek myth.

Margaret meaning “faithfulness”,Because Artemis is a goddess of the purity
The white flower of the neat and clean marguerite is used as a bouquet of the wedding ceremony.

Fragrance of margaret has relaxation effect of healing.
The bride is made an expression with a calm feeling.

It will be good to dream of wedding,and to display it.
You get some courage from Margaret today.


Let`s add the lucky charm effect of the pearl.

The marguerite opened all over the world from France in the about 17th century.

The place of origin is the African Canary Islands.
An improved marguerite spread out from France to world.

The origin named the marguerite from “Margaritaceus” in Greek.
Margaritaceus meaning pearl, becase marguerite has snow-white petal.

By the way, do you know that the stone has stone words?
The stone words of the pearl are purity.

There are the hair ornaments which arranged pearls lines like a circle.
Please display it while staring at the purity in yourself.


Cheers! for yourself by marguerite

The marguerite which is the Christian name of the woman.
I look good with flower language “faithfulness”

The names are delicately different by a country.
In english called ” Margaret”
In Italy, called “Margherita”

Speaking of Margherita, a pizza is famous.
In summer of 1889,
The pizza give for Umberto I and queen Margherita.

Cheers! for yourself by marguerite with wine.
Please enjoy your relaxation time.

Probably, you find your charm and faithfulness like a margaret.


Let’s begin a tea party of Marguerite.

It is the name of the flower which is used a lot for the woman`s name in the West.

In french called Marguerite.
Marguerite cake is famous.

It is a simple cake of an egg and the wheat flour.
Baked in form of the marguerite.

Mixing two-eggs with granulated sugar 80 grams,
add weak flour 80 grams and mix.
add melted butter, baking in 170.35 degrees Celsius.

Let`s eat Cute and lovely marguerite cake with tea.


Let’s bring up a feeling to introduce true love into.

Queen Mai’s,kind of marguerite has pink petal.

Pink marguerite meaning “True charm”

Let’s bring you up while praying.
“I want to become yourself attractive like a marguerite”

Demanding a pot seedling in the early spring.

The proper time of the plantation is about the end of March.
It likes sunny warm places.
Adding slow-released fertilizer toThe soil mixed by red ball earth70% and leaf mold 30%.

The watering is plentiful, in the sun.
When the beautiful flower blooms, Your true charm greatly grows up.


How about this messages?

The margaret is Love fortune-telling flower.

The marguerite has a long time of the flowering from the early spring to the summer.

The figure makes us happy.
I think it telling to us “Bring up your charm slowly”

Please enjoy it by a relaxed feeling by looking,glowing,eating,as lucky charm,as friend.

You will be get pretty charm like a marguerite.



We introduce “finding your charm” by margaret.

・Let’s come to like someone.
・Let’s give it to Artemis of the Greek myth.
・Let`s add the lucky charm effect of the pearl.
・Cheers! for yourself by marguerite
・Let’s begin a tea party of Marguerite.
・Let’s bring up a feeling to introduce true love into

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