7 selections of the gift matching for the violet flower

7 selections of the gift matching for the violet flowerThere are a lot of stories concerning the violet in the Greek mythology. Do the people want to create the beautiful stories for the beautiful things? The pretty violets was one of the flowers liked by European people and passes down the story of the beautiful woman Io.

One day the sun god Apolon fell in love with Io at first sight. Apolon was chasing after her and continued to make his court to her. But she was not going to accept Apolon’ love even if he chased after her. Because she had the fiance of a shepherd. It is said that Apolon who got angry at it changed her to the violet.

He would rather think to change her to a flower if he could not acquire her for his own.

It is said why the violet is pretty is to leave the pretty remnant of Io. The pretty violet flower is termed under the influence of the Greek mythology. Choose the present matching for the other person with the romantic violet flower attached.

7 selections of the gifts matching for the violet flower


To be “faithfulness”

Io in the Greek mythology continued to decline the courting of the sun god Apolon. It was why she protected the fidelity to shepherd’s fiance. Now the violet can be overlapped with the dignified attitude of Io.

The violet is a small flower, but each of flowers blooms at the slightly big top of the stem for the size of the flower. Maybe it is because each of stems extends upward straight and small flowers gather there, and it makes us feel the woman of strong will though it is small.
You should present homelike things with the flower of “faithfulness.” May your earnest feelings reach the other person.


Find the “small happiness”

The violets have various colors of the flowers, and the flower languages are different by the colors of the flower.

The blue violet flower is “small happiness.” “Small” will come from a small flower as was expected. The small flowers which are loved in the West seem to be often blue or purple. It may be why small blue flowers are associated with the blue pure eyes of the beautiful women.

In addition, the blue represents a happy color as “The Blue Bird” in the West. When they see the small blue violets, they may feel as if the small blue ones carry happiness to them. Will you present something blue with the flower of “small happiness”?


To continue being “sincerity”

On the other hand, the purple violets have the flower language of “sincerity.” The sincerity is one of the personalities most expected for a partner in both works and loves. In fact, the acquaintances with insincere people or the untrustworthy people make you tired very much.

You have to make sure of whether the partner has dubious acting watching the current of him.

At first you should give sincere responses for the partner to keep long acquaintances. You must not tell a lie. All you need to do is something taken for granted such as keeping to time.

he sincerity is reflected on your daily actions. You may be able to present your sincere attitude rather than to do a thing in a formal way.


Give your “love”

Io must have had enough trouble loving her fiancé earnestly and continuing to decline the courting of the sun god Apolon. Because he is the sun god. He has the authority and much pride. She must have called for courage to decline the proposition of such a man.
However she did not change her love to her fiancé even if she was changed to the violet. It is a wonderful story.

It is very difficult to have your partner understand your feelings even if you have such a great love.

You cannot measure the size of the love with that of the present. If you want to convey your feelings to your partner, it is good for you to do it not on a memorial day at all but on a normal day. Present the flowers with the flower language of “love.”

It is the opportunity when you want to tell your feelings. Do not miss it, and you should have your partner understand your feelings.


The “cautiousness” is sometimes necessary

The sun god Apolon possesses a jealous nature because he has much pride and cannot just forgive the woman who declined his courting. In fact, in the Greek mythology, there are the opinions that Apolon changed Io into the violet and that Io who feared the vengeance from Apolon changed herself into the violet.

Why was Io caught sight of by Apolon? She is beautiful and pretty but does not look remarkable gaudily.

It is not written in detail in the Greek mythology, but she might get careless. She thought she could not be caught sight of by Apolon. A person sometimes needs cautiousness in order to protect his important things.


Are you looking for the “innocent love”?

The love of both Io who was still a girl and her fiance might be pretty and fresh. Her fiance was a shepherd and must have lived without inhibition in the nature. The innocent love of the two met an untimely end.

If the two were more adults, or more shifty, Io might not be changed into the violet. But they might be able to clumsy love one another simply because they were young.

You also should remember your “innocent love” of old days. With turning over your old album. Your lovely past may be the first gift to you. Past your lovely might best gift for you.


Look for the “humble joy”

The yellow violet has the flower of “humble joy.” Yellow is an eye-catching color, but the yellow violet is not conspicuous very much for some reason. It has the atmosphere of blooming quietly with assimilating into the colors of soil and leaf.

Yellow is the symbol color of peace. It is peace and calm and may be good for the peaceful days adversely if not special events.

It is thanks to have peaceful days for two to have a dinner in a relaxed manner or a chat drinking coffee.

You do not need to live in the lap of luxury particularly. You may not need a special gift for humble joy.


How about things mentioned above?

There are other Greek mythologies concerning the violet. Once upon a time the violet was the white flowers only. The arrow shot by the god of love Cupid shot hit the white violet by accident and the blue and the pansy violets were born the wound.

One spring day, the angels who descended in the field found a group of the purple violets. They were surprised at them having said there were beautiful flowers like these also on the ground, and kissed them and soared highly into the sky. Therefore it is said why the violets spread to the ends of the earth as a messenger telling the joy of spring.

Although you cannot found happiness even if you look for it, it may be there if you notice. Look for the small happiness close by you while remembering the flowers of the violet. You should surely find it.



7 selections of the gift matching for the violet flower

・ To be ” faithfulness”
・ Find the “small happiness”
・ To continue being “sincerity”
・ Give your “love”
・ The “cautiousness” is sometimes necessary
・ Are you looking for the “innocent love”?
・ Look for the “humble joy”

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