7 secrets of how to get taller in meals and exercise

7 secrets of how to get taller in meals and exerciseThe person whose height does not have the inferiority complex says, “the person is not just judged by height,” but is the problem that is serious judging from troubled with the very low height. Actually, to be small is unnecessary to mind deeply.

However, it is human nature to think which “I want to be taller if possible” “to want to grow taller if possible.” Therefore I explain the method to get taller this time. Particularly, the big points are a meal and exercise.

The person makes a body by eating. And we can get healthy by exercise more. Thus, these two are important. Because I summarize 7 points, please refer to them.

7 secrets of how to get taller in meals and exercise


Let’s consume protein

At first an intake of the protein is basics. You cannot exclude the intake of the protein on introducing the method to get taller. It is the cause to constitute a body. Not only you make muscle necessary to get taller, but also it is a raw material making every part of the body.

After all, for an intake method, meat is the best. You should eat a cow, a pig, a chicken in a good balance. Because there are few people disliking meat, the practice is easy, too. It is easy to assume your self-image and the Japanese think they can get taller by the westernization of the meal, too.


Let’s consume calcium

Next is calcium. As well as the growth of the muscle, you cannot miss the growth of the bone to get taller. If a posture does not grow big, in the first place there are not specifications of the growth. Thus, calcium to prepare the bone into is indispensable.

But there will be many people who know this because this is a famous story. “It is the first to drink milk for the method to get taller” is the word that has been inherited from generation to generation, but after all is right. “Milk of the every morning” should make it a practice of this.


Let’s consume magnesium together

There will be many people who are conscious of an intake of calcium but not conscious about an intake of magnesium. The bone does not grow big only with calcium, just as the house is not be built only by wood when you build a house.

The bone grows big only after there is a partner saying magnesium. Does magnesium exist like a carpenter if you say in a house? Because it is included a lot in cocoa and a brown alga, you should take it in with milk.


Let’s consume zinc together

It effects double to raise a bone when you take zinc more. Because this is because the secretion of the growth hormone is promoted by an intake of zinc. I assist a result, absorption of calcium and support that a bone grows big.

Because it is included a lot in a persimmon and a lever, thigh, you should learn this as the method to get taller. Not an intake as single, it is important to take in compositely in this way.


Let’s carry out a longitudinal activity

You will see it about exercise from here. At first exercise longitudinal is a recommended exercise. I stimulate the cartilage such as knees by performing exercise to be prolonged lengthwise and can promote growth.

For a concrete method, jumps will be good. A basket or volleyball will be good sports. Not only the person who is tall play as a basketball player and a volleyball player, but also players who continue basketball and volley ball become tall, so there is the factor to say, “They are sports to lengthen people’s height.”


Let’s avoid the exercise with load.

About the exercise that you should avoid the next. The exercise is the thing which is indispensable to human growth, but there are an appropriate amount and a saying thing in anything. The exercise with load too inhibits growth adversely, and it is an element disturbing that height lengthens.

Specifically, you should avoid it because the weight lifting takes load to a knee joint too much. You become able to aim at the high height more when you understand the exercise that you should avoid as the method that height grows.


Let’s stretch before sleeping

Finally, it is stretch before sleeping. Bath rise and the stretch before sleeping are effective in relaxing a body. As a result, you fix the metabolism of the body and lead to sound sleep. The moderate exercise is good for stress-relieving.

You relieve stress and come to be able to assist the promotion of the growth hormone which is secreted during sleep by connecting it with sound sleep. Because you cannot miss the sound sleep for the method that height grows, you will understand the need to cause this by moderate exercise.


How do you feel about them? Might you understand how to get taller? For a person aiming at the high height, the importance of a meal and the exercise is very high. Actually, as for getting taller, there are many people eating well.

Furthermore, there are many people who belonged to the athletic club. You can understand the importance of moderate exercise and the appropriate meal as I mentioned as an example. Not because “I eat because I am big,” and “I do not play sports”, but because “I exercise, and I get tall “I become big because I eat a lot,” you get taller. I recommend that the reader of this article changes the recognition in this way and try hard. Surely you will have a desired effect.



7 secrets of how to get taller in meals and exercise

・ Let’s consume protein
・ Let’s consume calcium
・ Let’s consume magnesium together
・ Let’s consume zinc together
・ Let’s carry out a longitudinal activity
・ Let’s avoid the exercise with the load
・ Let’s stretch before sleeping

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