The 7 Meanings You should know about Hydrangea

The 7 Meanings You should know about Hydrangea

The hydrangea blooms around June to July during the rainy season. It is really beautiful to see it blooming without losing to the rain. In the language of flowers, it has negative meanings such as “fickleness” or “cold heartedness”. Therefore many people avoid sending this flower to someone important despite its beauty.

However, it has many other good meanings. In this article, I will introduce 7 positive meanings. So, if you have hesitated to send this flower because of their meanings, you must see this article.

The 7 Meanings You should know about Hydrangea


You can use hydrangeas in weddings! Have a “happy and united family”

You may have yearned for having your wedding in June. If so, the hydrangea is perfect. Actually, you can have a “happy and united family” according to its meaning. This comes from how it blooms. Small flowers are really close to each other, symbolizing a united family. Therefore it is appropriate to use as decorations or bouquets in weddings.

However, elderly people may come up with the negative meaning of “”fickleness”. In this case, ask the master of your wedding to announce that this flower has a good meaning beforehand. If you are going to give hydrangeas as a present to the newly married couple, write down the positive meaning in a card.


The story of hydrangea and “persevering love”

In the language of flowers, hydrangea also has a sad meaning of “persevering love”. The story behind this meaning goes back to the Edo period. A certain German doctor called Siebold was staying in Nagasaki. He loved a Japanese woman called “Otaki”. However, Siebold was expelled from Japan, he took back hydrangea to his country. Thinking about her, he named the flower “Otakusa”.

Hydrangea, therefore, represents his enduring and persevering love towards her. Also, the flower blooms during the rainy season in Japan in June. Therefore, “perseverance” is the perfect word to describe this flower.


A pure white hydrangea means “tolerance”

The hydrangea has different meanings according to its color. A rare white hydrangea represents “tolerance”. Now we have hundreds of species of hydrangea around the world with so many different colors. But it is said to be originally a blue flower from Japan.

So, we have so many variations probably because foreigners were attracted by its beauty and they did selective breeding. Perhaps, the white hydrangea was born during this process. During the rainy season, we tend to feel depressed. A white hydrangea can cheer us up in such a situation. That is how “tolerance” has become one of its meanings.


The bright pink hydrangea represents “feminine vitality”

The pink hydrangea is the second most common type after the blue one. The meaning for this color comes from France. It is said that the color changes according to the soil. Therefore, if you raise hydrangea in alkaline soil, it tends to become pinkish. France has more or less alkaline soil. So pink hydrangea becomes the norm in France.

June in Japan is very rainy and humid, but France has a really good weather during the same period. Therefore, the pinkish color and the nice weather symbolizes a very “cheerful woman”. That is how this meaning was created.


Hydrangea and “humbleness”

As mentioned above, there are so many species of hydrangea. One of those is the “lacecap hydrangea”. Usually hydrangeas bloom in a cluster.

However, this type blooms differently: many small flowers bloom in the center like a bud and several big flowers bloom around it. It is said that ornamental flowers try to attract pollinators by blooming like that. The lacecap hydrangea is actually one of those flowers.

he way it blooms – having concentrated flowers in the middle and big flowers around – is very humble. It does not bloom gorgeously. That is how, “humbleness” became one of its meanings.


Give hydrangea for mother’s day! Hydrangea and “family ties”

The hydrangea also means “family ties”. Give this warm message to your mother for mother’s day. If you always send carnations as a present for your mom, why don’t you give hydrangeas this year?

If you explain the meaning when you give it to her, she will be happy. Hydrangea is a little big flower that you can keep in a pot. If you keep it well, you can enjoy the flower next year. That is perfect for a present.


Give it to your friend! Hydrangea and “friendship”

Hydrangea also means to have “a good relation with your friends”. Indeed, you can imagine how this meaning comes from the flower: small flowers bloom all together like friends. You can, therefore, give it to a friend without any problems.

Now, we have many options for giving hydrangeas as a gift other than a bouquet. You can, for example, give a preserved hydrangea or hydrangea in a wreath. It would be nice to combine it with other flowers, for it has little cute petals. Please consider giving it as a present for an important friend.


These were the 7 things you should know about hydrangea to give it as a present. You may be surprised if you thought that it had only negative meanings. However, it is actually very good as a present.

A vivid hydrangea will surely make you forget your depressive mood. If you have a chance to give a flower to someone in June, please give hydrangeas. Don’t forget to attach the proper meaning for the occasion.



The 7 Meanings You should know about Hydrangea

You can use hydrangeas in weddings! Have a “happy and united family”.
The story of hydrangea and “persevering love”.
A pure white hydrangea means “tolerance”.
The bright pink hydrangea represents “feminine vitality”.
Hydrangea and “humbleness”.
Give hydrangea for mother’s day! Hydrangea and “family ties”.
Give it to your friend! Hydrangea and “friendship”.

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