7 money spells known to build property

7 money spells of effect proof, known to build propertyIt is often said that “If there is even love, no money is needed.” Even if there is love, without minimum money, the person cannot live. It is not good to crave, but it is the proper wish that anyone holds only a little more income than now.

Then how about trying seven these methods? It is possible to start some of them right now or you have really to try others to a full-scale thing. I introduce money spells with the luck up.

7 money spells known to build property


Let’s get ready to call in fortune appeared in the natural phenomena by cleaning.

You might have heard it, but “the cleaning” is most quick ad effective to put up not only luck with money but fortune appeared in the natural phenomena. Of course you have to clean the room, arrange it, and put in order, but the entrance is the most important place which is a face of the house.

If you do not clean here, the good luck that come with much effort passes by you. At first,
sweep the entrance hall with a broom and put salt in a belt in front of or below the door. Keep this salt as it is for seven days. Surely there should be some change within seven days.


Money makes a round of the world.

Luck with money improves adversely by using “the money that is helpful for somebody other” called a donation and contribution, and money comes to enter. In addition, by advocating “On, Makya and Sowaka” which are the Buddha’s preach about truth of the god of wealth on this occasion or “Onrokeijinbarakiriku” of 11 Kannon’s preach, your money matter will be solved.


Money spell in hope of an incidental income.

The wallet before the payday is desolate, and when you don’t know what to do and whether you can make it … … depend on a spell to contain an incidental income how. A thing to be set up is a wrapper of silver gum and a black pen, adhesive tape.
1. Prepare a wrapper of silver gum and write, “luck with money improves” with a black pen. Then do a silver part outward and fold it into a thin piece.

2. Fasten the both ends with tape and loop it if you fold it to 2.5mm width.

3. Put the thing you fold to the northwest of your room. When there are not a desk and a shelf, do not put it on the floor, and stick it on the wall. An incidental income and an unexpected present will come. Start it once again within 30 days when it is ineffective. Dispose after thanking for aluminum foil if effective.


Money spell of bringing luck

A thing is said to “improve luck with money from old days when you put the cast-off shell of the snake in a wallet.” The snake waits for “an errand of God” from ancient times and is said to be “commercial God”. Thus, the power a cast-off shell is great enough to look after of bringing luck with money.

It is commercialized for spell use of the luck with money up, but the skin after the snake having shed off can be found when you look for it carefully in the area where there is a snake. But watch out very much when you look for it. As for saying the place where a snake is, it should be the dangerous place that is not maintained by hand of the person.


Emit the air that is stagnated, and upload luck with money; how to make money incenses

The incense purifies the aura and removes bad mind by lighting a fragrance.

[materials] ・・・ nutmeg: 1 pinch, cinnamon: 1 pinch, Melissa: 1/2 pinch, lemon or orange peel: 1/2 pinch, honey water (the liquid which honey and water is mixed at 1:1)

[tool] ・ Grinding stick and mortar

[How to make] 1. Pick up each material and put it in a mortar while putting a desire.
2. Grind all in a mortar well.
3. Harden powder with honey water like incense on the corn and that’s it.

[Way of the spell] 1 Set an item on a table in every direction. Let’s put water in the wand reader of → stone (power Hitoshi Stone) facing north, → twig or the tree facing east, the candle with the fire facing south→ a product made of glass or metal facing west → Put incense in the middle of the table and light it if All installed.

2. Advocate it to the apparition of a living spirit of each direction as follows and hold the greetings of the ceremony. Advocate “Watch the north kobold soul, this ceremony” while raising a stone towards a north direction. Advocate “Give an apparition of a living spirit of the east wind, this ceremony power of the wind” while raising a twig towards an east direction.

Advocate “Burn down the south salamander soul, a dirt” while raising a candle towards a south direction. Advocate “Purify the west naiad soul, this place” while raising a glass towards a west direction.

3. Advocate “Grant this wish” after saying a wish towards the smoke of the incense and send smoke off from a window.

4. Finally describe the apparition of a living spirit of each direction thanks and in order of the north → west → south → east, finish a ceremony. Do not breathe in smoke directly. And it is a money spell for yourself to find happiness to the last. Definitely stop negative wish credit casting a spell on.


With good luck goods since ancient times, upload luck with money; how to make money potpourris

The potpourri has been used as a talisman against evil, a good luck charm from old days, but is the item which is often made as all-around good luck goods.

[materials] ・ 2 clove pinch, 1 oak muslin pinch, 1 cinnamon pinch, three patchouli pinches

[tool] ・ A green cloth 10cm square (a thing of the natural material such as the cotton wool is good) , string or thread
[How to make]
1. Mix all the materials while putting a wish. When putting a wish, let’s strongly image yourself when your wish come true concretely. At this time, it is also effective if you drip several drops of herb oil.
2. Wrap the materials which you have finished mixing with green cloth and link with string or sew with a thread and close it.
3. Rub it a little and emit smell. That’s it.

[Way of the spell]
1 Put it in a pocket or the breast pocket of the jacket, or in porches, and carry it. On that occasion do not be found by anybody and let others touch it. It is said that it loses effect when a hand of another person touches it.

2. Rub it each time if you do not smell. Carry it, and wishes about the money always come true by smelling this fragrance. Let a desire accomplish by carrying this, and smelling it.

Remake the potpourri every three months. Extract the contents of the potpourri which became old, and bury it in the soil. The herb as material has a reason and effect in each. You can make an original recipe only for yourself who puts some power together.


Call in money at hand as soon as possible; how to make money oil.

It is the aroma oil with the money luck up effect to be able to make easily.

[materials] ・ Five drops of ferns, bechiba four drops, ginger two drops, patchouli seven drops

[tool] ・ A container to pour oil into. A thing to be able to buy in 100-yen shops is enough.

[How to make]
1. Meditate how you really use the money frugally if you make money by a way of breathing in air from a nose slowly and vomiting from a mouth long, imaging it concretely.

2. Put all materials in a container with a wish while smelling the fragrance of materials.

[Way of the spell]
1. Have a container, and advocates an incantation. “Grant the power to thou in the name of the sun, a month, a star, work for my luck with money up in any place in any time. Try so as you are.”

2. Prepare a note and paint oil on corners upside and down in order of top right corner, the lower right, the lower left in the left and put it in a wallet. In this way it is handed down that the money spent becomes than double and comes back. The aroma oil may cause the skin troubles such as a rash, the reddish tinge depending on a person.

When oil touches the skin, let’s wash it away as soon as possible. When you have any trouble on skin, have an examination check with a specialized medical institution immediately. In addition, if you are pregnant, and, during menstruation, the people such as the high blood pressure, you might get out of shape depending on a thing.

I recommend that you talk about a doctor or aroma therapist with an expert beforehand when you have that condition. Learn that it becomes all the self-responsibility about the handling of the oil.

In addition, you can give the oil which you make for another person as a present gratis individually, but you cannot sell. It is disposed strictly to conflict with the Drugs, Cosmetics and Medical Instruments Act when the exchanges of the money occur.


How do you feel about them?

Whoever works properly steadily seriously may have one push from a fortune, and there is the affinity of person each in a spell and fortune-telling, the jinx.

Though it was effective for A, a different method was suitable for B.. Well, what type of spell will bring you the first effect? Please try it once.



7 money spells known to build property

Let’s get ready to call in fortune appeared in the natural phenomena by cleaning.
Money makes a round of the world.
Money spell in hope of an incidental income.
Money spell of bringing luck
Emit the air that is stagnated
With good luck goods since ancient times, upload luck with money; how to make money potpourris
Call in money at hand as soon as possible; how to make money oil


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