9 Speedy good luck art by natural stone

Speedy good luck art: 9 good ways with natural stone

Do you have natural stone? They are beautiful so only with it you can enjoy. But to be with it better, you can have better luck. Why don’t you review now?

9 Speedy good luck art by natural stone


1.To do a greeting

Between us human being, at the first meeting, or in the morning, we do greetings each other, don’t you?  If you purchase a natural stone, let’s do a greeting

“I appreciate you coming to me. Thank you from today.” Also, if it’s a bracelet, please do a greeting “I appreciate your help today.”

Like respecting for human being, please do the same. Because they are the natural stones to help an accomplishment of your wish.


2.To believe the effects

A natural stone must be pleased the feeling “Please help my wish to come true from today.” than“I heard it’s effective so I put on them.”and easily to be more effective. It’s also same to us human being, isn’t it?

Your motivation rises if you are said“I believe you, so I’ll leave this task. ”than “Though you may not do it anyhow, try you.”

Please believe the natural stones you chose.


3.To thank

“Thanks for today, too.” “I appreciate helping a little while ago. ”;I don’t mind the an expression method.

Let’s  tell everyday thanks to the natural stone. In Japan, there’s‘ a traditional belief in the power of words.’ If you tell them the good words, the condition of the natural stones better.

Take my word for it and please continue for 1 week. You must be convinced the effect of natural stone.


4.To sanctify(clean up)

Please clean up your favorite natural stone regularly. Every day is OK. The method of cleaning up is different from a kinds of them, but for both of them, the safe one is breathing in the moonlight.


Therefore, at night when the moon appears, please clean up the natural stone. At that time, Remember to say “Thanks, always.”


5.To polish

What do you do always after using the natural stone? you put it in the drawer or on the desk?

If possible, please polish with a soft cloth. Depending a kind of natural stones, some are poor at sebum. So especially, please polish them which is put the skin when you take off.

And if you don’t put it on your skin but put it on the furniture, let’s remove the dust regularly.


6.To rest

Even if it’s your favorite stone, it gets tired after using for a long time. Sometimes please rest it.

Please talk the term to rest with the natural stone. A guiding time is when the shining appearance disappears and becomes muddy. On the contrary, it becomes clear and the shining appearance comes back, it’s okay to start using it.


7.To try to choose not by the effects but with your intuition

When you choose a natural stone, how do you do? It’s OK to choose by the effects but sometimes let’s choose with your intuition. Because the natural stone can call you. Such a natural stone is mostly be with you for a long time so take one without doubt.

Also, your subconscious might choose a natural stone you need. Please try to hear your subconscious voice. You must have a good fortune by taking a natural stone present you need.


 8.Natural stones have an affinity

Do you know that Natural stones have an affinity? If you put 2 stones together and feel “Something different….”, it’s a proof a bad affinity. Let’s change

a combination.

If you change a combination the natural stone would be more effective. on the contrary, there’s the best combination. Your intuition relies on only this.

If you think “Well, this is different from usual one but feel good!”, please practice that combination. You can get a necessary power easily.


9.To change how to use

To put in your room, to put on as a bracelet….. You have several ways to use. Sometimes , please change how to use.

Always put it at around the front door but to the bedroom, walking with it as a bracelet but display in your room….. On the other hand, It’s OK to walk with the natural stone which usually is put in your house.

In this way, you can sitmulate your fortune. You may the different feeling a little, please try one day.


How do you feel?

By slight matters ,  you can get a power more from a natural stone.  Especially ,  from 1 to 6, are all easy matters all the time.  Please practice only one if you can.  I bet you can get along with your natural stone more.



9 Speedy good luck art by natural stone

  1. To do a greeting
  2. To believe the effects
  3. To thank
  4. To sanctify(clean up)
  5. To polish
  6. To rest
  7. To try to choose not by the effects but with your intuition
  8. Natural stones have an affinity
  9. To change how to use


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