7 ways to realize dreams by natural stone

7 methods to fulfill your wish with a natural stone The natural stone is a source of the mysterious power that took in life of the earth.
The human being takes the better contact to his own subconsciousness through a natural stone and feels life of the earth and conveys it. It is a necessary reason to utilize a natural stone well.

Today I will tell you 7 methods to utilize the natural stone much better.

7 ways to realize dreams by natural stone


Find a right natural stone for yourself

When you purchase a natural stone by mail orders, many people do as follows
: they wear it with feeling it is different from their image somewhere after they actually see the thing though they like it in catalogues.
Then there is no effect too much. A natural stone demands you as well as you demand a natural stone.

The feelings that one (you) is not so positive are directly infected. At first you visit a shop, pick it up, and confirm it, and you wear what you understood.

Then your intuition is important. Do not have such a preconception as what my birthstone is or what the genuine stone for the effect you want now is. (I do not deny a mail order. I will recommend the person who feels an intuitive thing in a mail order to use it).


Try to handcraft it decisively

It will be one of the methods for feeling a natural stone closer decisively to handcraft.
The simplified introductions with utilizing images and animations on homepages increase recently. And, it will be good to use the store performing making lessons.

You come to feel attachment more by taking trouble.


Keep it on you all the time

It is a basicsin basics. It is said that it is good to keep with a natural stone to you at all times. You have the image that you always absorb the energy of the natural stone.

It is one of the methods to make an amulet case or accessories and carry it.


Put your concrete wish into it

Nothing changes even if I have a natural stone vaguely. You should tell a natural stone with your aim or your wish. It is important that you image it more concretely then.

And you should confirm whether there are not negative feelings like “it is impossible anyway” for example in your heart then. It is important that you are full of motivations.

In addition, it is necessary to put up the most recent aim at the same time. It will lead you to the better goal with the accumulation of aims.


Report an effort and result: make thanks (share)

At bedtime you should share the growth or the small achievement and effort that you felt with a natural stone on the day.
It is more effective when you perform not only the good things but also the negative feelings equally.
You share negative feelings with the natural stone, and it is necessary to convert them to positive feelings and to go to bed without carrying it over on the next day.

You can penetrate the power of the natural stone and the better thought to subconsciousness by performing it at bedtime. In addition, you must not forget to thank the natural stone every day either.

The natural stone may get bent out of shape without the share and the feeling of thanks despite getting great power (laughing). You should recognize that you share the life as well as power with the natural stone.


Supply the energy of the natural stone

It is a matter of course, but the power of a natural stone becomes weak when it uses too much energy.
Therefore it is one of the important care that you have time to let the natural stone supply energy.

It is so-called purification. Because there are various kinds of methods, please perform the method that you think to be good.
You cleanse it with salt and bleach it in the sun and the moon.
There are a lot of methods to go to the locality, natural environments and the spiritual place, and so on.

Then it is necessary to relax yourself including your heart and have an image to resupply the energy.


Utilize the natural stone and meditate

it is important to cause the better activation of subconsciousness with utilizing the great power of a natural stone.
In an act to penetrate the power of the natural stone to subconsciousness, conscious (consciousness: feelings that you can control) is a little obstructive.

You should relax yourself and meditate with a heart as the state (the state of the nothing means the state of not thinking things under consciousness) of “nothing.”
You need to think about the birthplace of the natural stone and feel the history as well.
The natural stone lives. You remove the resistance of consciousness as “it cannot be so” and carry it out obediently.

For such an occasion you utilize when the resistance of subconsciousness becomes weak after taking a bath and before going to bed. Because you begin to do it at short time at first and do it gradually at longer time, you do the performance anchored by the continuation of practice.


A natural stone is what saved great energy of the earth, but it is also said that it lives by itself. If both yourself and a natural stone understand mutually, both powers increase more with a synergetic affect. I recommend that you try these methods introduced above so as to utilize a natural stone well by all means.



7 ways to realize dreams by natural stone

・Find a right natural stone for yourself
・Try to handcraft it decisively
・Keep it on you all the time
・Put your concrete wish into it
・Report an effort and result: make thanks (share)
・Supply the energy of the natural stone
・Utilize the natural stone and meditate

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