Amazing effect of numerology for destiny

Amazing effect of numerology for destiny

Did you know that the numbers of your birthday attract fate and give suggestions to you everyday? Especially they represent your personality and destiny as well as protecting you as a charm. If you can understand the meaning of these numbers and use them as implication, you will realize that things happen inevitably, not by accident.

So I will tell you the way to understand and to make use of your magic numbers derived from numerology. Now let’s start.

Amazing effect of numerology for destiny 


☆How to find your magic number

①Example)If the birthday is July, 22, 1999, add all the digits as follows;
 ②Take the answer “39” and add digit.  3+9=12
 ③Take the answer “12” and add digits. 1+2=3
The magic number is 3.


If your magic number is 1…

You cannot avoid self-expression to be yourself. Therefore you have a power to surely fulfill what you have promised. You are relied and have a leadership, and likely to be an entrepreneur or have your own business. Weighing highly on ability. However once you are in a bad situation, your pride and obstinacy turn you to a selfish person.

If you have too much character of “1”, act like a person of “8” who can see things in long term and control yourself to achieve a goal.
Also sometimes act like a person of “9”, be easygoing. See things with wider point of view and gain your experience, and try to stay calm.


If your magic number is 2…

You care much about personal relationship and sensitive to people’s eyes. The relationship with others is important throughout your life.

You are sensible to feelings of others, and very good at bringing people of same hobby or thoughts together and unite them, or support others. On the other hand, you are not good at arbitrating a quarrel and sometimes worried and just looking from far behind as a spectator.

In such situation, act like a person of “7”, observe carefully and think what you should do. And to avoid being just a spectator, act as “8” and think philosophically for solution as well as an advantage before you act.


If your magic number is 3…

You are specialized in your favorite area. 

Whether it is a job or a hobby, you only accept what you are interested. You also like to amuse people with your knowledge, and have a talent of making things from nothing and arrange it.

However, you sometimes put too much priority on your pleasure and annoy other people. Try to act like a person of “6”, and put a value on the relationship and harmony with others. Too much of it is hard for you, so also remember to have your own time like “7”.


If your magic number is 4…

You are reliable person with stable foundation, solid performance, and accomplish things honestly. 

You have a potential for conservative job, inheriting traditions, or delicate and artisanal job. You can save money, but sometimes can become a stingy person. To avoid suffering from your own rule, act like “5” and break rules in a good way and make better of yourself. Too much of changing rules ends up in nowhere, so it is also necessary to stay calm like “6”.


If your magic number is 5…

You have a spirit of entertainer. You are with full of service-mind and adventurous, and be a center of attention.

However, you can be too daring and annoy people, or confuse people for your baseless confidence. Be like a person of “4” sometimes to be earnest, make steady efforts and act honestly. You will be trusted by doing so. Also sometimes act recklessly like “5”, as you would get tired after being precise too much.


If your magic number is 6…

You are likely to find beauty in many things such as relationships of people, arts, and so on. You know well about arts and music, philosophical and romantic, and yet can think of reality.

However, you sometimes get angry about others for their irresponsibility, because you are being too precise. Think how you can have fun like a person of “3”, or try to self-express yourself in terms of protecting you like “1”.


If your magic number is 7…

You prefer to be alone than getting along with many people. You care about privacy and rarely talk about your real opinion. You have individualistic character.

You like to think alone and philosophically and put a great value on spirit, but tend to be cynical and have a sharp tongue. You are good at things that require analysis and concentration, but sometimes have disproportionate opinion and lack judgment.

Communicate with others and have a wider point of view like “2”, or have interest in many things and put priority on your enjoyment like a person of “3”.


If your magic number is 8…

You are an incredible adventurer. Normally look quiet and amenable to accomplish a goal, but aiming to a chance.

You have a strong mentality and good at making plans, and like yourself. However, you are sometimes extreme and want to decide what is right and wrong.

Act dynamic and honestly express yourself like “1”, and sometimes slow down and stay calm like “2” so you feel relaxed.


If your magic number is 9…

You are seeking for your ideal with passion. However, you have uneven moods, and people think you have careless character but you really are sensitive and secretive.

Your impression is completely different depends a point of view, so people sometime have difficulty understanding you. If you are have a problem, state your opinion like a person of “1”. Also you have potential to work for others.


How was it?
If you know your magic number, you can understand your strong and weak points. This will avoid making mistakes. If you doubt, think about it a little in your daily life. You will recognize something.

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