9 important points how to grow orchids

9 important points how to grow orchids

Orchid is one of the popular flowers for the gift. I assume many people have received it as present in many ways. It looks gorgeous but has a little scent so it’s suitable as a gift. And its meaning is ¨Happiness will fly to you¨. But you’ll feel bad if it withers also for the person who gave you. If you take care well of it, it blooms the beautiful flowers for few months.

This time, I’ll tell you some important points how to grow orchids and enjoy them.


9 important points how to grow orchids


1.Take out the wrappings

You might feel sorry to take out the beautiful wrapping, but you should take it out when you give the water for the first time otherwise it gets humid inside and cause the mold or root rot.

To make the beautiful flowers last, take the wrapping out within the day when you’re given, let the moisture go. Maybe you could keep the ribbon around the pot so that it’s clear that it was a gift. Many people do so.


2.Suitable position

When you put it indoor, put on the windy and light position. Putting near the window cause the leaf scortch by the direct sunlight.

Also when you put it outside, put on the windy and light position. But you better put the sun scield net. Also to put 50cm high avoids the humidity and insects.


3.Watering frequency

Giving water everyday cause the mold and root rot. I can’t say how many times per day because it depends on the size, temperature and humidity.

Observe well everyday and give water 2 days after the soil dries. Not giving little by little, give a lot at once as water overflows from the pot bottom. It makes the fresh water go through also the fresh air.


4.Controlling the environment

Orchid is a tropical plant so it’s not suitable for the cold. Appropriate temperature is between 18 to 30 degrees Celcius. And it need certain amount of moisture so when the room is dry, increase the number of watering and wet the leaves by an atomizer. Avoid to put near the fan or air conditioning to not to let it have a direct wind.

And it has very sensitive flowers so try not to let the children or pets to touch them.


5.When it blooms

Comparing to the other flowers, you can enjoy an orchid for a long time. Its flower blooms from near the root towards top and the first bloomed flower lasts more than 60 days till it’s full-blown.

But to keep the flowers long consumes lots of nutrition from the roots. So to make the next flower to bloom well, you should take out the withered one.


6.To enjoy also the next year

If you give an adequate control, it blooms also the next year. Wash your hands well to avoid the infectious deseases. Also burn your planting scissors to kill the germs before you start.

To grow the root long, cut 2 to 5cm from the bottom. So that it saves the nutrition in the root and sprouts in the fall and blooms in the spring. If you want it re-blooms immediately, cut 2 to 3 nodes from the bottom so that it sprouts from where you cut.


7.Recommended planting material

When all the flowers withered, separate each roots. And if you didn’t do the transplantation more than 2 years, you need to do it. To keep an orchid healthy, Transplantation should be done once a year in April. The planting material easily gets the mold, but nowadays it causes the root rot more.

Recently many people started using the potting compost called ¨Premium subsolate¨. This planting material absorbs the fertilizer well and it expands the roots well so it’s relatively better than the others.



This time I teach you how to do the transplantation with the Premium subsolate. When all the flowers withered, cut all the flower buds. Take the root out, get rid of the molded or root rot parts, leave only the energetic leaves and roots.

Into a new pot, put a handful amount of premium subsolate then 15 grains of fertilizers. Next, put the root in the center and fill with the premium subsolate. Put them hard not to make any gap in a pot. Better not to give water for a week to avoid the bacterias go into the roots.


9.When it gets leaf scorch

A leaf scorch is the situation of the leaves burned by the direct sunlight. It becomes white or black as burned. So when you find it, put it somewhere not under the sunlight immediately.

If the normal green-colored leaves still remain, you can stay still for a while. If you don’t see most of the green leaves, its cell got necrosis or it causes the virus infection. In this case, use the disinfectant of cut the scorched leaves off.


So, how was that?

Orchid entertains us for a long time with its beautiful flowers if we take care well. You’ll feel bad if it withers soon. The person who gave it to you also becomes happy when he/she knows that you’re taking care well of it for a long time. It can deepen the relationship by talking about it.

Not only an orchid but also any kinds of plants, you need a detailed observation and to take care, but it gives you a lot of joy when it blooms the flowers and enriches your heart too.



9 important points when someone gives you an orchid

1.Take out the wrappings
2.Put in the windy and light position
3.Give the water when the soil is dry
4.Beware of the temperature and humidity
5.Get rid of the withered flowers
6.It depends when to cut the flower bud
7.Recommended planting material is ¨Premium subsolate¨
8.Don’t make any gap when you transplantation
9.Direct sunlight can cause the leaf scorch


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