For meditation and spiritual unity

What is spiritual? Explore from 7 aspects.

The word "spiritual" can be called general word now, and many people find it familiar. Today, I'll define it from 7 aspects.
Law of happiness

5 uses for color therapy to make life happy

Color therapy knowledge is useful to relax or to get in condition in the daily life. Today, I'll tell you some simple uses for color therapy.
How guidance of fortune

Amazing effect of numerology for destiny

Did you know that numbers of your birthday attract fate and give some suggestions for you? Here are ways to use numerology and magic numbers effectively.
personality and horoscope

9 misteriousnesses of Aquarius personality

In the series of story about a zodiac sign and personality, we will focus on Aquarius personality today. It is generally said as mysterious, but is it true?
Tarot Angel Oracle Cards

9 ways to attract happiness by angel cards

Do you know “angel cards”? The most popular one is also called “Oracle cards”, and known as a way to receive message from gods and angels from ancient times.
How to incorporate the healing of the mind

Easy 9 ways to use autosuggestion

Hypnogenesis and autosuggestion are used for treatment of psychosomatic disorder. If we have a positive purpose, autosuggestion will help us.
How to raise a fortune

7 ways to change destiny from boring days

Is everyday boring? You never can change your present destiny without any action. Please try 7 tips I'll introduce to renovate your destiny.
How to heal a broken heart

7 fearful act patterns to get back ex

Most people can’t go to the next step soon and wish to get back somehow “I want to be with him again.” How can you solve it? You have not only one answer.
For personality, personalities and human relations

10 things to do before seeing soul mate

10 years has passed from my girly days. “I didn’t meet my prince! Where’s my soul mate?”You looks an international sniper. Please practice the followings.
How guidance of fortune

9 thought changes for better fortune

We think negative fortune if we had something bad. Let’s have a habit for thinking positive. They’re the 9 ways to be conscious to be positive.
Wish to take full moon and new moon

9 ways for happiness with full moon

Everyone is hoping to have a good luck and be happy. There are many ways to get good luck, and here are ways to use the power of the full moon.
personality and horoscope

7 tips to cope well with the Leo personality

What is the characteristics of Leo? They look gorgeous and gay. But only that? Let's have a look at their essence to find the surprising side.
How guidance of fortune

7 charms to try to increase your luck

Thinking back the old times, we used to have some charms in our daily life. Let me introduce some easy and useful charms to partake in your life.
Law of happiness

7 wonderful charms on a full moon night

The full moon makes you feel very mysterious, but its tide affects us in a various ways. Keep in your mind these 7 charms. You'll look forward to see the full moon.
How to use the subconscious

10 autosuggestions to change future

We are autosuggesting everyday. If so, we should make better future with autosuggestion. Here are ways for you to change future with autosuggestion!
Good luck surgery

Change tomorrow! 9 methods of attraction

We have various attractions on relations, feelings, money and work every day. What you want becomes the reality. Today I tell "9 methods of attraction on your wish."

9 ways for healing heart in busy days

The way of healing heart depends on each person. This time I'll introduce you the easy ways which can be easily partaken into your life to heal your heart.
Personality and blood type

7 tips to cope with blood type O personality

What kind of image do you have about blood type O? Many people may think he lives at his own pace, generally easy. What is the controversial type O personality?
Dream divination, dream diagnosis

Remove delusion and concentrate in 7 steps

With having many things you need to do, feel uneasy about or worry about, you can’t concentrate. Today I will tell you ways to remove delusion and concentrate.
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