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Caution points of lilies for wedding bouquet by meaning

Elegant lilies meaning “purity” are often used as a wedding bouquet, but meanings change by their colors. I’ll tell careful points to use them as a wedding bouquet.
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Flowers for birthday☆messages with best flower meanings

Have you given flowers for birthday? You can add a message with flowers by their meanings. This is about 7 kinds of flowers having best meanings for birthday gift.
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The 7 Meanings You should know about Hydrangea

Some people avoid the hydrangea has negative meanings such as “fickleness” or “cold heartedness”. But this article will introduce 7 positive meanings.
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Medieval Germany tragety in meaning of forget-me-nots?

The most famous meaning of forget-me-nots is “don’t forget me” though they have other meanings. I’ll talk about their origin of the story of medieval Germany.
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Seven flowers appropriate for farewell words

I want to introduce a flower and the flower language appropriate for the goodbye to give for graduation this time.
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Meanings of forget-me-nots move lovers’ hearts as song

Forget-me-nots are little modest flowers which attract people’ hearts and motifs of many art works. I’ll talk about their meanings and why they are so popular.
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Gorgeous meanings☆points to give peonies as gifts

Peonies have various kinds of flowers and colors and unique names for each kind. I’ll introduce some ideas about flower meanings and ways of gifts.
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7 Superb Roses Meanings and Messages

It is great to give beautiful rose flowers with their meanings. This article introduces how to give the right message in different situations.
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With meanings☆7 ways to decorate azaleas beautifully

I’ll tell how to decorate azaleas called European rhododendrons with their meanings. Have a nice time for fall and winter with ideas to look them more beautiful.
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7 reasons of happier winter with meanings of hollies

“Holly plants” used for Christmas are believed to drive away and prevent evils in Japan and Europe. I’ll tell flower meanings and ways to enjoy winter with them.
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With the meaning of forget-me-nots☆7 flowers about love

Do you know forget-me-nots? There are 50 kinds in the world and the meaning is “true love.” They are the best to tell love and I’ll show 7 kinds related to love.
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Hydrangea Meanings. Choose the Right Color for a Gift

Hydrangeas meanings are said to be bad. However, this article looks from a different perspective and proves the contrary.
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Hydrangea’s 7 Positive and Negative Meanings

The hydrangea blooms from June to July during the rainy season. It has so many meanings and colors. This article explains them in detail.
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We introduce “finding your charm” by margaret meaning.

The margaret is Love fortune-telling flower. It meaning "Love fortune-telling" "hiding love" "Faithfulness" "honest" We introduce "finding your charm" by margaret.
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7 flower meaning of a pansy with an effect of healing

Old people believed that a pansy was medicine which works in love. I'll introduce the world of healing of the pansy from 7 of nice flower meaning.
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7 points for you to enjoy the herb garden travel

“The herb garden” that featured the theme of herb gains popularity. There was “a botanical garden” to admire the trees and plants in old days. When that's calle...
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7 meanings of roses for good relationship with partner

Roses, the symbol of the love and beauty god, are the best beautiful gifts of love. I’ll tell ways to keep the good relationship with your partner by their meanings.
How to incorporate the healing of the mind

7 effects of the hormone imbalance on your life

Women often change physical conditions. Changes of the hormone balance cause and worsen this. I’ll introduce the hormone imbalance’s effects on your life
How love goes well

Love letter of rose meanings☆ways to tell your feeling

The meanings of roses are different by colors. Every color except yellow is the best gifts for girls. Use the meanings in a love letter☆ways to tell your feelings.
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