Personalities and tendencies of 12 horoscopes

Personalities and tendencies of 12 horoscopes

Horoscope has been heard of it at least once. At the same time, you may wonder how to tell our fortune or whether that person and you are good for each other.

Simply speaking, horoscope is like fortune telling by blood type. You have traits and personality by nature and your fortune is induced by the combination of

them and current stars.

Personalities and tendencies of 12 horoscopes


It is said that traits acquired by three years old won’t change forever, and traits by nature also unexpectedly won’t change when we get old. When you were a child, you would have thought that 20 years old is greatly matured.

On the other hand, when you become that age, you unexpectedly remained premature and were quite different from what you had imagined.

That’s the same with 30, 40 and 50 years old, because your traits by nature “basically won’t change”.

Horoscope induces things on the basis of the idea that your birth time and place are the center of the world. Yes, your birth time and place are the begging of your world.
Then, what horoscope is that begging of your world? The Ram? The Virgin? You can’t deride it as just a fortune telling.

Depending on our horoscopes, personalities, temperaments, patterns of action and ideas of love really differ. Take a look at your horoscope’s personality and its tendency, it’s alright to start from mere interest. I’m sure that more or less you’ll have some knowledge.

Then, take a look at horoscopes of someone you want to be friends with or your lover. By understanding well about the other part, there should be a lot of things that go right.



12 personalities and tendencies of 12 horoscopes

Personality of…
・the Ram
・the Bull
・the Twins
・the Crab
・the Lion
・the Virgin
・the Balance
・the Scorpion
・the Archer
・the Goat
・the Water Carrier
・the Fishes

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