Easy Personality Analysis by Chinese Zodiac

Easy Personality Analysis Lists by Chinese Zodiac Signs

I know this is sudden, but what is your zodiac sign? Astrological signs have different personality, in the same way Chinese zodiac signs have them too. I guess few people know the personality.

Then, what personalities do each Chinese zodiac signs have? I will introduce each of Chinese zodiac sign’s personality. Please confirm whether the lists match your actual personality or personality your lover actually has with a light heart.

Easy Personality Analysis Lists by Chinese Zodiac Signs


Mouse: steady persons, Ox: persons who have artisan spirits

『Mouse』……persons who are mild, attentive, cautious, punctual. Therefore you can back up family decline.

You have nature of leaders. So as long as making effort, you can get promoted. You can make a fortune because you rarely waste their money. But you are poor at using money.  You are patient with trouble and are late bloomers.

『Ox』…… It is not too much to say that you have artisan spirits. You are stubborn, unsophisticated, not express much yourselves. So you give shy and mild impression.

Honest, reliable, patient but stubborn and difficult to get along with. You are typical clumsy person.


Tiger: charismatic persons, Hare: mascot types

『tiger』…… big-hearted, being eager for independence, good at working solely rather than group, full of courage, adventurous mind and intellectual curiosity, so you actively challenge new things.

Once you insist they hold their ground. You are compassionate, so you try to defend your families and fellows. You hate to lose, so tend to tell their opinions passionately to no matter who you are. Be careful not to do so.

『Hare』…… charming, warm, flexible, peaceful, not ambitious, having adaptation ability. You tend to be loved by superiors.

You are easy to be loved, so be careful about sexual relationship. And not a few times they give up things in the hallway, so make your mind to carry out till the end. You are not persistent and mild to others and yourselves, and which make you become popular.


Dragon: ambitious persons, Serpent: tenacious persons

『Dragon』……you look quiet and mild but actually are ambitious and have strong personality. Clever and wise but tend to set a too high goal to achieve. It would often create bitter feeling by insisting your opinion persistently.

You have artistic and special abilities. You have better institution and concentration than others, but you tend to have whim and to be lazy. Which might cause bad effects, so be careful.

『Serpent』…… you look calm and cool but you are full of emotion and sense of humor. You hide warmness, wits, strong will and carefulness. You are industrious and patient. However it is said that you are tenacious and tend to be a bad losers.

Although you are interested in others, you hate to be interfered. It is the key that how you stay calm, and suppress jealousy and suspicious mind.


Horse: Sociable persons, Sheep: persons with flexibility and passion

『Horse』…… you have sociable, patient, independent personality.  You hate to lose, have physical strength, but you do not care details which might be your shortcomings.

You are easy to get along with people, which is your great virtue. You should pay attention to details and which may lead to a big success.

『Sheep』……you are loyal, mild, and kind. You have strong will to deny bad things and careful mind. You tend to give inactive and indecisive impressions.

You are poor at expressing yourselves, and which might spoil your talents. To get a good partner is the key to succeed. You are so sensitive that you can have trouble secretly.


Monkey: So clever person, Cook: person of foresight

『Monkey』……You have wits, long sight. You are bright, cheerful, alert, positive and optimistic. You are good at working with people rather than working in the office sitting still.

Although you are clever and can act according to circumstances, you get tired easily, so you should be honest against others.

『Cook』……you have long sight and make quick decisions. You are good at getting along with people. But you are hasty. You have sense of fashion.

It is little bit shame that you are good at planning effectively but you easily change your mind and are lack of patience. As long as you do not give up just before the end, you will get good luck.


Dog: Most honest person, Pig: Straightforward person

『Dog』……You are honest, royal. You are serious and never betray people. You are full of justice and conservative, so dislike breaking disciplines and rules.

You are stubborn and hate to be interfered. You hate to flatter people. You are slightly lack of situation judgment ability. So you tend to do your best when you are No.2 rather than top.

『Pig』…… you have strong self-esteem and will. You insist your opinion persistently and rarely hear other`s opinions. This is exactly making a headlong rush! You are really straightforward and hate bad things. You are compassionate and full of emotion.

Although you are innocent, simple and considerate, you easily get obsessed and easily misunderstand so you should stay calm and cooperate with people.


Do you know “inverse zodiac sign“, which is said that lead to good fortune?

Inverse zodiac signs are the sign is located in the 6thforward position from your sign. Drawing circle chart of the signs may make it easier to understand them. The sign is just across your sign.

Normal signs mean to avoid illness, disaster and evil spirits. Inverse signs mean to play a role in covering your shortcomings and defend your back.  By getting both of the signs, you can get talisman which defend you from every bad spirits.


How were the articles?

Although not all of them apply to you, it would be great if you even feel slight sympathy about the signs.
There must be reason when you or your lovers were born.
I will be glad if these articles served as a starting point for understanding your destiny map. We have only one life, so let’s make the most of it.



Easy Personality Analysis Lists by Chinese Zodiac Signs

Mouse: steady persons
Ox: persons who have artisan spirits
Tiger: charismatic persons
Hare: mascot types
Dragon: ambitious persons
Serpent: tenacious person
Horse: Sociable persons
Sheep: persons with flexibility and passion
Monkey: So clever person
Cook: person of foresight
Dog: Most honest person
Pig: Straightforward person
Do you know “inverse zodiac sign“, which is said that lead to good fortune?


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