9 reasons why a pink purse enhance your fortune

9 reasons why a pink purse enhance your fortune

A purse is among the things we carry with us every day. Purses are told to decide our economic fortune from the aspect of Chinese geomancy, it’s a very important item to enhance economic fortune.

Generally, Gold and yellow colors are good for purses and we can expect enhancement to economic fortune regardless of gender. Though, especially for women, I recommend pink colored purses as they are expected to enhance our overall fortune.

I will tell you the reasons.


9 reasons why a pink purse enhance your fortune

Pink is the color of good fortune

Do you know the pink is the color of good fortune? Just seeing the color gives us a high. Pink has a power to make us positive and gives us a power when we start something new.

Also, Pink is psychologically considered to be the healing color, it relaxes our feelings and provides us with delights and a sense of peace. The color, pink represents pacifism ad happiness it also has an effect to give people a feeling of happiness.

Pink is the color you get by mixing red and white, by changing its ratio, the color varies from such adorable pink to vivid one. Light pink colors have healing effects and rinse away the bad energies that have long been in our minds.

Vivid pink colors help us become gorgeous.


Pink color nourishes money.

Speaking of Pink colored flowers, there are peach branches, Japanese apricots, and Cherry blossoms. The spring arrives with the breaking of buds of pink colored flowers. When spring comes, we experience a sense of warmth that makes us comfortable followed by a sense of euphoria.

Pink color has a meaning to nourish things and by using a pink colored purse it will help us save money. Pink colored purse is an item to keep when we have dreams and goals to achieve such as passing a certification exam, gathering a fund for moving and marriage.


Pink color makes women more beautiful.

Pink color makes our apparent age younger as it has a beauty effect of promoting production of hormones. The color also stimulate our brain and sympathetic nerves that it’s highly recommended to women with menstrual and menopausal problems.

If you take pink color in things you daily use, your skin will become smooth and health condition will also maintained which enable you to be a healthy, young girl for ever and a day.


Pink color enhances romantic fortune.

Pink is the color that enhances romantic fortune in romantic relationship and marriage. It gives an impression of kindness and tenderness of women which you may want to wear when you want a new encounter, deepen the relationship with your lover, and want to marriage.

Pink color gives us energy and a sense of positive feeling that, it’s also effective for those who are tend to get too nervous around the men they like and also, those who are not very good at finding new encounters. Also, people feeling lonely and hoping to be loved and protected can be wearing something pink unconsciously.

Pink color has an effect to appeal the feminine side of a person and attracts men, you may become more likely to attract men and have them chasing after you.


Pink color makes relationships trouble-free

Pink color has a power to bring a gentle feeling to people, by wearing the color you can become more considerate of other peoples’ feelings and also towards yourself. It enables you to avoid conflicts, you will be better at communicating with others thus, relationships will become trouble-free.

By wearing pink color, you can deal with people around with gentle and warm considerations which will help maintain greater relationships with others. Let’s wear something pink especially when you find yourself being selfish and offensive.


Enhance your economic fortune with a long, pink purse.

Generally long purses are considered more effective than those two-folded ones in enhancing economic fortune. Long purses allow bills to be in a good condition, without being folded. It makes bills comfortable thus unwilling to go out.

And also, maintain a clean environment for your purse by making all the bills in your purse same the same direction and discarding unnecessary receipts. Money likes people who treat them well. by choosing a long purse and making sure its color is pink, you can surely expect even more powerful enhancement to economic fortune.


Extra incomes can be expected.

Long pink purses have an effect of “unexpected gains”. You will face more opportunities of gaining money by receiving gifts and being treated rather than earning on your own.

And also, unexpected incomes will be likely to happen to you such as your used goods get sold for a good price at an auction. That’s the reason why money stays in your purse. You will gain money if expenses are decreased. The “unexpected gains” power long pink purses possess are quick to realize its effect. You may be surprised.


Long pink pursed are called “ Cinderella story purse”

Long pink purses are called Cinderella story purse. Why? It’s because pink is the color that enhances its fortune given by other people and brings out an encounter with a man with powerful economic fortune with.

AS pink color has a power to attract someone with a higher status than we are now, its recommended to single women.

Marrying into the purple may not be a dream. If you are already married and have a husband, your husband may achieve successful career and as the consequence, your allowance may increase.


Long pink purses are good for all kinds of women.

Even though pink is a color that you can expect enhancement to economic fortune not making efforts on your side, it’s also a good color for career girls who make their own money. As pink color make relationship free-trouble, making them easier to proceed with their work.

It helps to broaden the networks of personal connections, and make you realize higher effect than the current situation. I will recommend pink purses for those of you, that spend lots of time in public, and have much opportunities to visit places where people gather around.


How was the article? Good relationships lead us to better work fortune. Good work fortune leads us to better economic fortune. What’s more it’s not a dream to meet a man with a powerful economic fortune and marry into the purple.

Being able to stay young and healthy forever and a day, isn’t it ultimate happiness of life?


9 reasons why a pink purse enhance your fortune

l  Pink is the color of good fortune
l  Pink color nourishes money.
l  Pink color enhances romantic fortune.
l  Pink color makes relationships trouble-free
l  Enhance your economic fortune with a long, pink purse.
l  Extra incomes can be expected.
l  Long pink pursed are called “ Cinderella story purse”
l  Long pink purses are good for all kinds of women


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