7 ways change your fortune by potential

7 ways to draw out potential and change your fortune

Potential is what is activating behind our consciousness. It is working more than our subconscious, which affects our behavior and mind.You may have dreamed of drawing out and using your potential more effectively, haven’t you?

So today, I will tell you 7 ways to draw out your potential and change your fortune.

7 ways change your fortune by potential


1. Directionality (How would you like to change?)

Thinking of potential, what should you do in detail? “To use potential” means to be conscious of the ability we “image” which is hiding deep within us, make it toward our ideal, and make it a reality.

There is a way of thinking “think and grow rich”. This word is suggested and also became the title of book by Napoleon Hill, who studied thoroughly about Carnegie who was called “the steel empire” and studied a formula for success.

You are thinking and feeling many things unconsciously, but you are pulling what will happen near future towards you if you follow his way of thinking. So take it conversely and image good things, what you want, and your ideals. By having clear visions of them, you can make them real.


2. Recognition (what you are now)

Did you imagine how you want to be? Now, think how far you are from your ideal. It can be very far, or close.

If you are far from your ideal, it is recommended to set up several steps to reach your final goal. It becomes easier to imagine actualization, if you set up many steps to your goal. If your ideal is close to you, keep your vision strong.


3. Acceptance

You may feel disappointed when you look at yourself objectively and recognize that you are distant from your dream, but you don’t have to worry. Stay as you are. You don’t need to feel ashamed or try to be cool. Instead, try to get a good fortune with what you really are.


4. Action  

Say out loud everyday that you have and still acquiring more ability to make your dream come true, to be who you want to be and to get what you want.

By doing so, you can make your potential to imagine your ideal future vision and good fortune. Believe without doubt, that you have ability. You need to keep challenging everyday in order to say that proudly. If not, what you say out loud is just a word without meaning.

Keep moving until you can truly think that you are doing your best to make your dream come true and pull good fortune towards you, acquiring ability day by day, and you deserve it. Then you will be filled with power by putting your dream and image of luck into words.


5. Belief

It takes some time to pull out your potential. Some can feel effect in a month, while others take longer.

Even if you can’t get a result soon, don’t give up. To encourage your potential also means to lead your life to positive way. Keep believing that you are stepping forward to your ideal day by day.


6. Sense

It maybe a little different from potential, but “the sixth sense” is very important in terms of fortune.

It can be said to everything, you should believe your feeling on deciding when to withdraw or push forward. Something extra besides theory always has effect on reality.


7. Gratitude

Always remember the presence of those who help you to live. We humans sometimes become overconfident after making success, and take a wrong path.

If you make success, thank people and things around you which lead you to success. “Life energy” and “fortune” react sensitively to your mind and will always help you.


Did you like it?
As I said, you need to be conscious of your feeling and common sense in your daily life to pull out potential within you. By doing so, you can do with best of your ability about job, love, and relationship with others.

Please try my tips.


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