How to Let Yourself Bloom by March Birthstone

How to Let Yourself Bloom by Powers of March BirthstoneAlthough people say that personality is important, Japan values cooperation and group consciousness. If your characteristic is too unique, you would get ostracized. Then, what is being yourself? People have tendency to hid real themselves when they communicate the others, intentionally, unintentionally. Sometimes, being yourself is not acceptable by the others.

Even so, if you wish to bloom yourself, you can be said that you are a person with strong will without being swayed by those around you. Presented in this article is how to establish yourself as an individual using the power of March powerstone. If you want to change yourself, try the following process.

How to Let Yourself Bloom by March Birthstone


Let’s Have Aquamarine

The most well-known March birthstone is this aquamarine. It has effects for deep healing, support of good communication, flexibility toward changes, soothe energy flow.

Since the stone glows more in the night, it is called, the queen of the night. It is said that the stone brings you a new light of hope when you get lost or face to the wall in life.

With Aquamarine, those who are tired of communicating the others with hiding real personalities will probably see the new light of hope for being themselves and enjoy good quality of conversation.


Let’s Have Coral

Coral, one of the March powerstones, have effects to get rid of negative thoughts, recover the balance of mind. It also helps release the tension, relax emotion and mind, and establish calm personality. Effects of coral whose language of is secure growth vary by the color.

Red coral has effects to maintain physical conditions and improve creativity and competence; pin coral promotes to arouse your hidden potential; and white coral symbolizes dedicated and self-satisfying tenderness. For the theme of this article, i.e. blooming yourself, pink coral is recommended.


Let’ Have Bloodstone

Not many people might have heard about bloodstone as a March birthstone. It helps people increase positive appetite for living; and support firmly those who have feelings of loss or are tired of living to heal them mentally and physically.

Its other effects are to increase energy to live and cleanness. Bloodstone is good for those who are tired of living, want to establish their personality and uniqueness, and additionally want to bring about positive influence on blood diseases.


Let’s Not Compare Yourself to the Others

If you compare yourself to the other people, your own personality obviously decreases. Have you tried to be ideal someone who you believe is liked by others? Someone you want to become seems similar to someone who you shall be naturally, whereas those are actually different.

The desire you feel such as you want to have thinner legs than that girl or to become smarter than that person is just a dream. Such dream could be part of your personality if it were really beneficial for you. Yet, even if the dream came true, it does not really mean that you boomed yourself out of such idea that you have to do the same the others do or suppress yourself by believing that you, yourself, are patient.

For the starter, it is suggested you admire someone. For support for such trial, keep a March birthstone as a lucky charm.


Let’s Unleash Yourself

Don’t you force yourself into a corner? Aren’t you hiding your real personality by excessively caring the other people’s feelings, make yourself what you think the others want?

With March birthstones, you would be able to keep your mind and emotions calm, which help you bloom your real personality and uniqueness. Then, you will probably be able to keep good balance of your identity, personality, and uniqueness, which support greatly you to have good communication with the others.

Chasing too hard the ideal figure which you believe the other people want, you do not have to lose yourself. It is ideal if you open first to your close friends and show them your true nature.


Let’s Loosen Up!

Many of you who want to boom yourself probably believe you cannot show your true nature. Actually you who believe that you cannot show your true nature is also you. It is not personality to say everything and it is OK that you do not say everything you have in your mind. Loosen up a little. Then, you probably become more considerate person with calm mind, which will brings about good relations with other people to you.

It is also valuable to stay alone sometimes to keep your real nature while many of you probably hid it when you are with the other people. When you are alone, you can face yourself to establish your real personality and uniqueness. In addition, it is more effective if you meditate holding a birthstone when you are alone. Then, you will probably be able to find real yourself.


Let’s Praise Yourself unlike You

Put aside the idea that you should become as you believe to be by being ashamed of your weakness. Let’s accept your weakness as part of your uniqueness. Assumingly, it is hard to be open and show your real nature anywhere. There is a limit to show your real nature even to your very close friends.

However, it is you both that hides your personality and uniqueness and that releases yourself and show your real nature. Admitting and acceptance is the key here. Maybe, with a March birthstone, you will be able to bloom yourself gradually by looking at the stone every day and remembering the key to establish your personality and uniqueness.


How do you like the seven tips?

The purpose of this article is to help you believe that you will lead happy days by establishing your personality and uniqueness. Whereas children has not difficulty, it would be hard for high school students, university students, and business people to establish yourself.

Still, there might be more people who come to fond of you who have established your personality and uniqueness, that is, bloom yourself. By trying to be yourself, maybe something will change. Why don’t you change who you are with the March birthstone?



How to let yourself bloom by March Birthstone

・ Let’s Have Aquamarine
・ Let’s Have Coral
・ Let’ Have Bloodstone
・ Let’s Not Compare Yourself to the Others
・ Let’s Unleash Yourself
・ Let’s Loosen Up!
・ Let’s Praise Yourself unlike You

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