Seven reasons why a pretty boy is popular with gays

Seven reasons why a pretty boy is popular with gaysA pretty boy is popular with the human beings of every kind of people and naturally is popular with gays. “Being Kawaii Japan is the Kawaii nation to regard as important justice” in many cases saying “OK if is pretty”, and it looks pretty again; ” but it is a fact to win popularity in the world.

Thus, it may be natural that gays are fascinated with a pretty boy. Therefore I spotlight “why is the pretty boy popular with gays?” this time and I want to lecture.

Because you narrow down a point to 7 and gather it up, please do it for reference. Because you discuss a point to gain popularity with gays, you will see it sequentially.

Seven reasons why a pretty boy is popular with gays


Let’s serve cutely

The first is to serve cutely. As for saying, “being cute is justice.” Actually, what is received from every kind of people “is pretty”. The man who is tough-looking as well as the woman, various places of the age … The reality is large, and that is the reason why “I am pretty” is received and is said to be justice.

Will you think that you are not received only by the gays who say “you look pretty?” You are selected if accepted. Therefore pretty boys will always serve cutely. Surely you may get a heart of gays.


Let’s tickle motherhood

“The motherhood” every; take in “is pretty”. Thus, a pretty boy is popular among women awakened to motherhood, but is popular with the various places of the gay having motherhood. Sure thing.

Therefore let’s act to tickle motherhood thoroughly. You make a grab at instinct of gays by taking the action to tickle instinct. The person cannot fight against instinct. Surely you may take a heart of gays effectively.


Let’s make reverse tension

It is reverse tension to be important to send things to predominance. If even business is same as all, even a stock can get only the same profit in FX. Naturally the profit disperses and can get only wide profit thinly.

You are needed to spread reversely to greatly increase profit here, and did it. Even love is the same. Generally, it is macho people to be popular with gays widely. It is the man like so-called man. Even if it looks at the neighborhood, it is an intelligible part.

Therefore reverse tension is demanded. It will be difficult for a pretty boy to find a quality of man. Thus, reverse tension is important. It is not a demerit not to have a macho part and should grasp him saying “this is because it increases the personality that is not same as all”.


Let’s heal a partner thoroughly

It is “healing” to be demanded from a pretty boy. The modern people are tired in many cases. Work, human relations, study … There is no drill if you achieve an act to pile up of the stress. Therefore healing of the pretty boy is demanded.

But it is difficult, and it is not necessary to arrest you. This is the personality that a pretty boy originally has. It is only by the side, and it is the strength of the pretty boy that they are just looking and are healed. When it is a macho man, it doesn’t go in this way.

It is very difficult to heal it even if you can be relied. It is an important point to get popularity of gays to make use of a merit hard in this way.


Let’s give a weakness

Only a macho man does not gain popularity, and it is just what mentioned above that the boy who is pretty for a pretty boy is attractive. Thus, we do not give strength, and let’s appeal by giving a weakness. Since it is a man, there is the part attracted by all means by manliness. However, you seal it for admiration here and should face love. If it wins, it does not say to the Imperial army, but it is a fact not to begin without getting a partner. It is necessary to make use of a characteristic of yourself, and to act to walk the pleasant life.


Let’s stop that you forge it

There is the place abreast of a foregoing paragraph, but is an element to long for if the macho body is a man. However, it is a fact not to be the thing which a pretty boy idealizes.

The body with mastle does not turn to saying a basically pretty boy for typing it, and there is the part which is hard to get the body macho again. Thus, it may be said that you get a wrong direction that you should aim at.

You should play by the charm that gave the thinness of the line on the entire surface here. You may surely take a heart of gays if you rub it.


Let’s give a smile in the front

Finally, after all it will be a smile. The maximum weapon of the pretty boy is a smile. As a wonderful smile, there is no attractive thing. As the smile of the pretty boy working as with a smile, there is not the existence to heal people.

Thus, the pretty boy who gave a smile on the front gets heart of gays. It is good to have a crush on a taciturn, cool man, but you want something you cannot get. It is the best choice here to think that you make use of a weapon of yourself to the maximum.


How do you think about them? Might you understand the reason why a pretty boy is popular with gays? If it is the person that this clause is read, it thinks it to be what you are able to understand, but it is natural that a pretty boy is popular.

It will be what is liked toward most without being limited toward the gay if you possess all these charm. Actually, you will see the scene where a pretty boy is loved toward most well. A human being likes pretty things instinctively.

It is a man of the pretty system that do with the true type while preaching a pro-manliness and eating meat boy with the mouth. Thus, you think that you make use of a strength of yourself at the very beginning and, as for the man of the cute system, should be acted.
At first you can certainly catch a heart of gays.



Seven reasons why a pretty boy is popular with gays

・ Let’s serve cutely
・ Let’s tickle motherhood
・ Let’s make reverse tension
・ Let’s heal a partner thoroughly
・ Let’s give a weakness
・ Let’s stop that you forge it
・ Let’s give a smile in the front

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