7 romantic ways to propose using language of red roses

7 romantic ways to propose using language of red roses

Language of roses varies depending on their colours.

Red roses mean love, passion, I love you, faithfulness, beauty, passionate love, and love me. Pink ones mean elegance and warm-hearted. White means respect and you are the right person. Purple roses mean proud and elegance. Yellow ones mean jealous and unfaithfulness. Roses except for yellow ones have wonderful meanings. That’s why a rose is the most popular flower for a gift.

You must feel romantic with their sweet fragrance when you get roses from your boyfriend.

However, yellow is an exception. Yellow colour is used for warning signs in Japan. Many people may imagine warning tape with yellow and black. Yellow is a colour to avoid in Western countries. So you shouldn’t choose not only yellow roses but other yellow flowers as a gift.

Here are 7 romantic ways to propose using language of red roses.

7 romantic ways to propose using language of red roses


Rose bouquet – let’s send your love

A flower you express your feeling is a red rose. A red rose bouquet is used for that situation. The colour red is the colour of passion, so you can express your feeling to someone directly.

There was the ancestor of the rose in 3,500 BC. Roses have been loved by many people. Long time ago, a man made a bouquet using roses blooming in fields and gave it to a person he loved for proposal. If her answer was yes, she took one rose and returned it to him. Since then, wild roses have been popular.

Why don’t you put red roses in a bouquet like the old European way to propose? They will help you to express your feelings.


Let’s tell your feeling directly

In Greek mythology, when Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was born from a scallop shell, rose petals fell from the sky.

Also, when Aphrodite was going to moribund Adonis who was her boyfriend, she scratched herself by white rose thorns. And red roses grew in a place her blood dropped. There are some more myths relating roses, so roses have been loved by people for a long time.

A red rose bouquet and a proposal “Will you marry me?”. Many women long for romantic situations. So would you like to propose with direct and passionate words like a hero of a story?


Tell your feelings in a room

European nobility loved using roses, such as rose perfume, a rose bath, rose water, rose liquor and rose jam.

A rose can help purify body. They loved drinking, and not only enjoyed fragrance but used roses as medicine.
Rose oil is quite expensive in essential oil. Lots of rose petals are needed to make just one drop of rose oil.

If you plan to propose in your room, you should use roses and an aroma humidifier. “I love you”. Rose fragrance will help you to express your feelings.


“Faithfulness” – symbol of Virgin Mary

A rose is the most loved flower in Western.

There were roses in Roman and Greek mythology. Myths are related to unawareness of human beings, therefore, roses might exist in European people’s mind.

In ancient Rome, “beauty” and “love” belonged to roses, so it was a symbol of the Venus. After that, “Holy” belonged to roses in Medieval Europe, and it became a symbol of Virgin Mary.

Language of roses “faithfulness” came from that. Everyone knows Mary was a good wife. Red roses will tell a person you love that you wish to be faithful.


Wrap roses nicely

Some women like direct proposals, such as “Will you marry me?” and “Stay with me”, on the other hand, others like gentle ways including “I want to be with you forever” and “I’ll make you happy”.

Women want to be a princess when she is with someone she loves. So try to choose nice phrases that makes her happy.

It is good to wrap red roses with maroon colour paper. It will fit one of language of roses “beauty”.


Let’s plan “passionate love”

The important item to propose is an engagement ring. When you decide to propose, try to get lost on purpose at a department store.

You need to order red roses in advance at a florist’s in the department store. You go to the department store with your girlfriend and get separated from her. She possibly send a text message “Where are you now?”. You reply her you will meet her at a jewellery shop. You get a rose bouquet, choose an engagement ring and propose her.

This is just once in your life, so why don’t you try?


“Love me”

Queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra loved rose fragrance. When Antonius visited Egypt from the Roman Empire, she spread rose petals all over and welcomed him

The meaning can vary depending on how many roses you give. A hundred roses mean 100 % love. One rose means falling in love at first sight, three roses is telling your feelings, 108 roses is “Will you marry me?”, 999 roses is “I’ll love you again the next life”. If you can’t express your feelings like Cleopatra did, how about putting your message on a rose petal?

You can find shops online where can put your message on a petal. You can be able to get her heart.


After Suntory succeeded in creating blue roses in 2004, rainbow roses were created. However, most men think that red roses are orthodox.

It may be a classic way to propose with the same number of roses as the age, but almost all women are happy to receive flowers. I hope you will find a romantic way to propose. Language of roses will help you.

Language of blue roses is God’s blessing and dreams come true. Good luck!



7 romantic ways to propose using language of red roses

– Rose bouquet – let’s send your love
– Let’s tell your feeling directly
– Tell your feelings in a room
– “Faithfulness” – symbol of Virgin Mary
– Wrap roses nicely
– Let’s plan “passionate love”
– “Love me”

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