7 reasons of rebound and fail after fast working diet

7 reasons of rebound and fail after fast working diet I obtain a thin beautiful body by diet and will be that many women think that you want to become the woman whom a parenthesis is good for once. And when it is really “diet” to get it better, think the aim weight and a style if you say “diet” to a word to achieve the aim, the serious effort is necessary and is an often hot thing.

I often fail in diet myself and will not rarely rebound even if, fortunately, I succeed.

It is a place returning to the weight before the diet, or the weight often seems to increase more than before when I rebound. And it is said that it becomes hard to get thinner very much this time when I rebound even if I diet again.

However, there should be much immediate effect trying diet because the tension falls down if you begin to want to get thinner if a result is not given immediately.

Then will there be the relationship of the fast-acting diet and rebound? Let’s think about it.

7 reasons of rebound and fail after fast working diet


Protein is insufficient!

There are methods such as “diet intensive for seven days” to a representative thing in fast-acting diet, but this is a thing such as so-called petit fast.

It is the dieting method that you can easily carry out, and this is surely a method to be provided with the high probability that the result that you really got thinner.

However, the biggest fault, problems of this dieting method are to improve basal metabolism.

Not only you reduce muscle when in a condition that important “protein” was short to make this that is muscle big, but also make the body which is easy to gain weight.

The state of so-called rebound that the weight increases when these “seven days concentration” diet end direct next and gets more than the original weight.


Carbohydrate, outrunning you is dangerous!

In late years there was a rage for diet without glucide. At first there is something like rule called NG, and “carbohydrates” seem to have possibilities to be treated like a representative of the evil that “carbohydrates” really cause obesity in that.

However, it is known that “the carbohydrates” are ingredients making up for very necessary energy for our everyday life widely.
Therefore you can never recommend that you do not consume the important “carbohydrates” at all.

As a result, the weight may decrease, but important physical strength declines, and do not forget that it becomes the body which easily rebounds either.


The excessive fatigue is an enemy of the maximum!

For example, representatives of the fast-acting dieting method include that they carry out a very intense activity in the short term. In that case, it will be surely possible enough surely to cut down on the weight if there is only one week.

However, the thing left to yourself will be deep fatigue and lassitude when you go on such a diet. And the intense exercise training may not intend to be repeated again.

Exercise is that a thing of the degree to be continued by contents without the unreasonableness for a long time is important.
In other words, as a result of having done impossible intense exercise, this is because lack of exercise by the reaction is at the risk that it may be a rebound.


Apt to make an impossible plan!

You overdo it by all means if you intend to get thinner in a short term. You lose 10 kg in one month or you run 10km suddenly from tomorrow and get angry at yourself so as to be high if an aim is high when you cannot achieve and will save a result, stress.

This is an act to cause the rebound.
Continuation is important for everything. For example, every day including the walking of 20 minutes is what begin because you can continue it happily every day surely.

When you make it a rule to gain menus little by little if getting used to them, how do you think about them?


Sudden dieting becomes a heart and the physical stress

The everyday eating habits are very important. In fact, there is a way of thinking not to gain weight basically if you do even the everyday eating habits well.

In other words, when the regular eating habits are disturbed, you gain weight and are physical one to be able to make yourself healthy by fixing the eating habits adversely.

In addition, it is the reason why it may be said that thing continuing it is the biggest arts avoiding a rebound.
If it is a dieting method in the dieting that is “a proper degree” that it decides time to eat a really simple thing every day and is careful about a calorie, you do not seem to have any problem.

The muscles decrease with fat temporarily when the weight falls even if you are on an impossible diet, and an effect was given. A body judges it to be a starvation state without permission by dieting and leaves “the fat” which is an energy source, and the mechanism that it is said to reduce “muscle” said to that it is intense of the energy consumption is reason to work

In other words, in other words, you judge the body to be time to save “fat”, and to be busy with impossible dieting.
In the first place it is reason why basal metabolism that muscle falls comes off. If you diet, I recommend what not only extreme meal restrictions but also right or wrong, exercise and the muscular workout perform together in addition.

For a point, an aim, cut down on around 2-3 kilos with an aim in one month.


It is not good only to reduce the number of times of the meal!

Of course it is natural not to gain weight if there is more calories-out than calories-in. Even so, a daily intake does not merely decrease if you reduce the number of times of the meal.

In addition, it is an illusion to think that you can eat how much because it is a low-calorie thing.

The ideal one subdivides the number of times of the meal and reduces quantity once. In other words, it becomes hard to be hungry even in small quantities if a “feeling of satisfaction” “feeling of full stomach” is provided each time and can prevent so-called “overeating”.

But important one to have to warn is that you consume the next meal there after you become hungry by all means because the number of times of the meal increases.

The person has the thing which a satiety center is, and it is said that the act consumes a meal or to increase the number of times of the meal may disturb the function of the satiety center though it is not hungry.

Therefore it is a Japanese sweet to be recommended. I think whether the sweet Japanese sweet is caloric, and there is an image, but, in fact, there are many things that unexpectedly lipid is rather less, and rather it is hard to be absorbed as fat even if I compare lipid and the glucide with the plentiful confectionery, and the calorie is most suitable for diet at a point to be a weight, too.

Furthermore, beans and seaweed with many dietary fibers are often used when I look at the raw materials of the Japanese sweet and control a rise of the blood sugar level and make the condition of the stomach and intestines better. In other words, this “condition of the stomach and intestines” is very important.


Motivation falls down for the stagnation period!

Particularly, the time when it is easy to give up diet is the stagnation period. The weight declines successfully until you enter the stagnation period, but the weight does not fall to think suddenly after a certain time.

In most cases, you are apt to give it up without maintaining motivation for this stagnation period. And you rebound in form called a lot of eating.


“Apple diet” is always a body and consultation

There is a 3-day dieting method to make three meals only an apple.

This can say that it is a considerably hard dieting method in dieting diet, but there seems to be surely the immediate effect.
However, I can say the dieting method that is easy to rebound adversely. You can do it at a stretch, and coming back is early, and this is because there is law interference with getting thinner more again.

I recommend that you stop it as soon as you feel an accident in physical condition. In addition, please protect that you never continue higher than 3rd because the nutrient is greatly partial.

Because it is how much and falls sick although it got closer to the aim weight and did unhealthy lean people and gets absolutely nothing out of it.


Is everything O.K.? As a result of having dieted conclusively, the thing that is the most important because you rebound if you lose weight suddenly in a short term.

In addition, it is important to be concrete to keep in mind not to cut down on the weight more than 5% a month. When you drop the weight as a characteristic of it that is the rebound in a short term forcibly and get thinner, coming back the amount is because there is a characteristic.

Therefore it takes time if possible, and it is reason to have a plan that is desirable to get thinner slowly and carefully.
Unreasonableness must not match the exercise that the severe dieting has intense either. You must never forget that those stress leads to a rebound.

We should not get thinner, and let’s only keep diet without the unreasonableness in mind with the goal of getting thinner beautifully healthfully. It becomes the key which leads diet to the success.



Seven Wake who fast-acting diet rebounds, and fail

・ Protein is insufficient!
・ Carbohydrate, outrunning you is dangerous!
・ The excessive fatigue is an enemy of the maximum!
・ Sudden dieting becomes a heart and the physical stress!
・ It is not good only to reduce the number of times of the meal!
・ Motivation falls down for the stagnation period!
・ Apple diet is always a body and consultation

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