9 rosary combinations for your better fortune

9 rosary combinations for your better fortuneI guess you all have seen rosary on people’s arm as accessory. It’s called “rosary bracelet”. Do you know those rosaries have own powers for people’s wish? Ant that bracelet is so attractive to have various effects by combinations of rosaries.

Today, I’ll tell you the best combination of rosaries for letting them work most powerfully.


9 rosary combinations for your better fortune


For your love

Rose quartz is famous for your better luck on your love. This is for “love and beauty” It’s good combination to have Inca Rose for “attraction”, garnet for “eternal love”or Amazonite“stone of fortune”.
I’m sure you’ll raise your love fortune if you wear it always.


For your money

Whenever you talk about your financial fortune, this stone is for you! This Rutile quartz is such a powerful stone for “attract money”. I recommend to have it with Tiger eye for “seize chances” or Garden quartz for “stone of better luck”which are cheaper than expensive Rutile quartz though that is very powerful.


For your relationships 

Combinations mainly with beautiful stones as very popular “Aragonite” or Aquamarine to “get rid of distraction”, or Larimier for “peace” can make harmony on your human relationships.
I do recommend you to wear it if you might think you have a trouble on human relationships.


For your marriage

The combination with Inca Rose for “best marriage” or Chalcedony for “good match” are symbols of happiness. If you hope the very best happy marriage, this is the best item to wear.

For your beauty

Sodalite helps your keeping good figure by working for“achieve your dream, diet”, Ruby for “passion”, or Pink opal for“well-loved” are said good combination for your beauty.
If you might fail diet, this can take you to success.


For your work

If you want to succeed in your work, the combination of Sun stone for “self affirmation”,Citrine for“hope, courage, energy”,Topaz to “attract what you want” is recommended.
Men can also wear daily because all 3 have beautiful crystal color.


For your health

Amber for“circulation of positive energy getting rid of negative energy”is good for who aren’t confident of health. And Aventurine for“cleaning your energy”, or Green Agate to“maintain your health” are good.


For yourself

You can get the guidance if you wear Iolite for “Compass of life”, Tanzanite for “Direction of life”, or Obsidian for “finding out a problem”. If you might feel some trouble in your life or want to reconsider yourself.


For Amulet

If you want to avoid a problem, it’s said that it’s good to wear 7 colors combination.
I recommend this: Malachite to “prevent troubles”, Clairvoyant stone, Dragon Agate, and Third onyx for “powerful amulet”,Sugilite to“protect you from negative energy”, and Turquoise for “protecting you from danger or evil”



How did you feel? You should choose stones by inspiration. And I recommend you to wear just what you need for good effect because stones
also have vibrations.
You must wear bracelets on your left brace for charm. It’s said you can get power from universe by connecting stones one by one.

How about taking a look into a stone shop if you get interested in? I hope this would help you.

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