7 ways to get to know Sagittarius personality

7 ways to get to know Sagittarius personality
Each of the zodiac signs has characteristics. People born under the same sigh have similar personality, relationships and traits. The signs of the zodiac are broken down into the elements of fire, earth, air and water, and Sagittarius are the fire sign.

The main characteristic of fire sign people is very cheerful. They have ability to attract people. They can encourage people who feel down and also take action without fear. On the other words, they are very energetic.

Other fire signs are Aries and Leo. If we consider Aries as a live coal, and Leo as burning, the image of Sagittarius personality can be flying sparks. Like shooting an arrow at a target, Sagittarius people try to achieve their target. So let’s learn about Sagittarius personality traits and how to build a good relationship with them.


7 ways to get to know Sagittarius personality


1. Their positive personality traits

As Sagittarius people are frank, they have nothing to hide and say what they feel. They seem to be philosophical since they have great insight and thinking patterns.

They have an academic idea which they try to clarify something by learning, but on the other hand, they are unconventional so they tend to follow their heart’ desires.

Also, they are cheerful, lively, curious and very optimistic. As they are quite positive, they hardly keep worrying about something. They are indecisive at all so that can make a prompt decision and take action quickly. As they are not fussy, they are quick to give up. When they get interested in something, they become enthusiastic about it. They have ability to learn quickly and make a good judgement. Also, they are likely to take care of others.


2. Their negative personality traits

As they are cheerful and talkative, they like discussing. Even though they think they talk in their usual way, they tend to talk very seriously and make people tired.

And they exaggerate about everything. They sometimes hurt someone’s feelings even if they don’t mean to. This is because they talk exaggeratedly, like talking and say unnecessary things. Absolutely they say something before thinking.
Also, although they are obliging, basically they are not quick-witted and complaisant. Thus, some people think they are pushy.

They are unlikely to think common sense and morals are important, and they don’t like being formal. So people think Sagittarius people are self-willed.


3. Love compatibility – blood types and male/female

– Sagittarius female, blood type A

She is good at building relationships. She wants to enjoy a loving relationship, and can have a relationship with some people at once. However, she can understand her partner’s feelings quickly and make a good judgement. Thus, she never does anything unreasonable. She knows when to leave before terrible things happen.

Also, when she meets the one, she tries to preserve her relationship with him even though people are against their relationship. This means that she loves the one passionately and wholeheartedly.

– Sagittarius male, blood type A

He is likely to fall in love at first sight and love passionately even a woman who he has just met. However, as he shows his love in romantic ways, it can be very attractive to her.

He has ability to communicate with others, so he has no difficulty to get a woman he is interested in. As he has lots of experience, he doesn’t have any trouble when breaking up, and can find a new love.

– Sagittarius female, blood type O

She gets attention everywhere she goes.
Therefore, she is very popular among males, but she likes chasing her boyfriend rather than being chased. Once she finds a person who she is interested in, she tries to get him in many ways. She always wants to be with her boyfriend and is too possessive of him. This means that she is honest about her feelings. She will be still active after getting married and belong to society.

– Sagittarius male, blood type O

He is passionate about love. Once he loves someone, he tries to get her in various ways. However, when he gets her, he tends to fall out of love suddenly. As he enjoys process of getting a woman, it is hard for him to build a relationship. This might be one of his attractive points.

– Sagittarius female, blood type B

She is popular among everyone as she is cheerful, friendly and simple. She has many both male and female friends, so she will find the one from her friends. Once she falls in love with someone, she becomes passionate. However, she tends to become less passionate if she has a long term relationship. And as she basically likes freedom, she doesn’t like being tied down.

Also, she prefers an exciting and dramatic relationship rather peaceful one.

– Sagittarius male, blood type B

He is footloose and fancy-free. He hates being tied down and is an open-heated person. When he finds someone whom he is interested in, he tries to get her and shows his love. He is far from secretive, so he is open about everything,

He is not so dramatic and romantic, but he is simple. So he can match with a woman who wants to have a peaceful relationship.

– Sagittarius female, blood type AB

She doesn’t like being tied down at all. If she realises that her boyfriend ties her down, she totally fall out of love. On the other hand, once she finds someone she likes, she tends to chase him and ties him down.
She is a strong minded and caring woman, so she can have a good relationship with a younger man.

– Sagittarius male, blood type AB

He likes having fun so that wants to enjoy a loving relationship.
However, he doesn’t intend to have relationships with many women. He may find the one from his friends. He shows his girlfriend lots of love and affection, but wants to make her perfect. He doesn’t care what others think, so he follows his inspiration or sensibility.


4. Best relationship matches

Aries and Sagittarius is a good match.
The can feel relaxed as they share the same values. Sagittarius people are basically honest and are Aries. As there are some similarities between them, they can trust each other and build a good relationship. Also, Aries may long for Sagittarius’ wide knowledge and talent, and Sagittarius could admire Aries’ ability to take action and make a judgement.

And when Sagittarius hesitate to take action, Aries encourage them. On the other hand, Aries become introvert sometimes. So they feel comfortable when they are with cheerful and easy-going Sagittarius. This means they can bridge the gap between them.


5. Worst relationship matches

Sagittarius and Virgo compatibility is not good at all.
Virgo try to follow process as they are sensitive. But on the other hand, Sagittarius get things going cleverly. Outdoor Sagittarius may feel frustrated with indoor Virgo, and critical Virgo are not happy with easy-going Sagittarius. They always have problems, and they cannot enjoy being together as they don’t share the same values. Furthermore, Virgo are reasonable people and Sagittarius are impatient, so they cannot keep their relationship for a long time.


6. Words and phrases the Sagittarius dislike

Sagittarius don’t like being controlled as they like freedom. Thus, they don’t like nosy people. So you should not say like “Line up your shoes nicely” or “How many times do I have to tell you?”.
They don’t like nitpicking people as they are very laid-back.


7. Words and phrases the Sagittarius like

They like taking care of others, so they feel very happy if someone says “You’re reliable” or “I can rely on you”. This is because they feel they are reliable. Also, if you say a big thank you to them, it can encourage them to take good care of you.



We learned 7 ways to get to know Sagittarius personality. By categorising into blood types and genders, we understand each characteristic. As mentioned above, even though compatibility may differ depending on zodiac signs, it is important for you to be easy-going when you are with Sagittarius. If you want to tell them something, just tell it simply rather than nag.


7 ways to get to know Sagittarius personality

1. Their positive personality traits
2. Their negative personality traits
3. Love compatibility – blood types and male/female
4. Best relationship matches
5. Worst relationship matches
6. Words and phrases the Sagittarius dislike
7. Words and phrases the Sagittarius like


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