7 to attract happines with your sensibility

7 methods to attract happines with your sensibilityDo you find small happiness properly? It should not be supposed that there is no happiness around you.
It is always there. If you want to find it, you will need to whet your sensibility.
Today you begin to get conscious of doing it and why not collect small happiness?


7 to attract happines with your sensibility


Listen to moonlight

Have you listened carefully in the silence of a moonlight night? Please remove the code of earphones always hanging down from your ears, turn off a TV and a radio, and use a whole body as a ear. Did you notice the sound to strike your ear so far? The sound of a car running in the distance, motor noise heard somewhere, whistling of branches, and singing of insects.

They have been over there all the time, but you did not notice them. No, you might not have attempted to notice them. Did you find such a sound that a season began to change while you did not notice? What kind of information did you catch from a sound? The information to come in from your ear polishes your sensitivity. The polished sensibility comes over your face, and it becomes the first step to the lively days.


Learn from a figure of fire

Philosopher Heraclitus of Greece advocated that all things changed constantly. However, on the other hand, he watched “what did not change” lying behind. It is fire. The blazing flame keeps constant brightness and ejects constant soot at the same time it is a change without being over. The fire is fraught with both changing and not changing.

The human being was afraid of fire and respected it, and managed it on that basis. The flame is in the self is also the same thing. Human beings always change and are the existence not to change constantly. When you stare at the flame and become the spiritual state of nothingness, it appears for the first time. It is “awareness.” You who are aware of something are not you of other days anymore. One sensitivity is polished, and the expression gloomed by a hesitation accomplishes a change with firm self-confidence.


Think about the abundant world of the sea

There are a lot of creatures which we do not yet know in the deep sea. And the creature also will not be aware of the existence of human beings. In fact, there are a lot of things that you are not aware of though there is surely a thing in front of you. The mother sea. It ill develop the power to see what you can not see to give more than a passing thought to the mystery.
There is the unknown world in front of you. You want to know it. What should you do to know it? Small happiness also is the same as it. You may think whether you pass the happiness without knowing it within your reach, whether you overlook it with knowing it or whether you take one step and it in your hand. To polish your sensitivity is namely to widen your eyes and to expend your arm with courage.
If you extend your arm to the happiness, it does the same as you do. It is such as if you reflect your appearance on the surface of water.


Touch a tree

There was the energy of the warmth of tree with us since the dawn of time. Our DNA memorizes it well. Touch the tree that lengthens a trunk to the sky. Imagine the day when it put out buds first. Feel the accumulation of time and polish your sensitivity.

You calmly feel a message or the power of our ancestors who touched the tree in the same way.
It is not a chance but a necessity that you are here right now and inherit the power. Lift your face with having your self-confidence moreover. Although it a small happy, the reliable one will be expected to wait for you in the direction of the gaze.


Be careful about a light thing

At one time the poison is bright and brilliant. It is not only an appearance. Words and feelings are the same as it. Does the brightness come to really a “good intention?” Isn’t it a “deadly poison” that may break you? Polish your heart to distinguish the truth and the falsity, namely your sensitivity to judge the right and the wrong with your strong heart.

It is necessary for you right now to acquire the calmness and the objectivity that are not confused by evil brightness.
Do not praise a “glittering thing” being nigh at hand more than is necessary since you are going to collect small happiness. Happiness comes to you if you sharpen your sensibility. Please be careful enough not to ruin yourself by “light” that you can obtain without any effort.


Be ready to set a root on the earth

While we are mindful of what you can not see and what you can not hear, we have to give our full attention to the real world now. It is important to set your roots on the earth and to watch before your face properly. Have the strength not to confess that you did not watch what you can watch.

Your courage leads to your confidence and is carved in the expression. You can get happiness with having a strong, correct, and brave heart. You fake only hearing what someone wants to say. Discard such a small habit and raise your face magnificently. There is certainly a hint to attract a small happiness.


Catch the positive light to your whole body

According to the instinct as a creature, a human being demands positive light. Why do you think anyone wants to stretch the whole body under the sun? The feeling that wells up heartily is your instinct. Bathe your whole body in the sunlight.
Switch on your body and awaken the intuition of wild. With simulating your sensibility that you internalize, you will find the seed of happiness that you did not realize and passed up to now and can collect it.


How about things mentioned above?

Are you aware of seven keywords? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday …Yes. You should subtilize your sensitivity little by little every day in rotation from today. Your sensitivity that polished little by little every day appears the manner, the expression and the words, and will make you more attractive.

It is not the decoration but the beauty that shines from within. The happiness is attracted to your charm and you will become the constitution of happiness while you are unaware. Then you’ll be happy are attracted to the charm of you, you will become happy constitution unawares. Now, It is the game from this moment. The method to attract small happiness is unexploited in you.



7 to attract happines with your sensibility

・ Listen to moonlight
・ Learn from a figure of fire
・ Think about the abundant world of the sea
・ Touch a tree
・ Be careful about a light thing
・ Be ready to set a root on the earth
・ Catch the positive light to your whole body


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