7 Mental Care Skills to Survive Separation for New Life

7 Mental Care Skills to Survive Separation for New Life

Separation from your spouse who have shared a life.  Every couple has its own reasons for separation.  Although there are some positive separation in the world, majority of the couples got separated due to a problem(s) that has either one or both of a couple feel that they cannot be together anymore.

Drastically different separated life from the current marriage life would cause you anxieties about several things like finances, futures, etc.  If the separation serves as a good period for both of you to become calm, there is no need to worry.  Yet, statistics say that separated couples chose divorce within a year from the day they had been separated.  Now, presented in this article is how to overcome separation mentally.

7 Mental Care Skills to Survive Separation for New Life


What is divorce from a spiritual perspective?

There is the “Law of Attraction” in spiritual where only ones with the same wavelength attract each other, which is like a proverb, “birds of a feather flock together.” Divorce from the spiritual perspective is divided into two parts.

One is a case where the time of trial on compatibility is over and another is a case where a wavelength of either one of the couple went up/down. In this case, a gap in their wavelengths causes them separation or divorce.


Let’s make all the efforts you can!

Is the separation in your case escape from your spouse or environment? Or, you feel like you are graduated from the marriage? These questions derive from the common idea in spiritual. Have you done your best till now?

Have you chosen this separation because you did not face to the problems lie between you and your spouse without trying to solve them? A lack of effort that you were supposed to make when you choose separation equals to running away.

We are here to grow our spirits. If we do not assume the responsibility and run away, you will have to experience same problems in different situations with different partners until you overcome them. In order to avoid such repetition, try and make all efforts before the separation ends up in a divorce.


Let’s throw away from useless assumptions!

If you faultily assume that separation and divorce are morally wrong, throw away such assumption. There might be some people around you who are in your face saying as “it’s not good for your child,” or “no divorce!” However, that is their issue of value and moral and not yours.

If you were free from such people and alone, what would you like to do? Your answer to this question is what you really want. To live following only your inner self may appear immoral. Yet, if it is really necessary for you to be as you, you do not have to follow someone else’s moral with killing yourself.

Of course, it is a must to love people around you. Free life without such love is just a selfish self-content based on your ego. First, you need to throw away useless assumptions, and then, try to find a way to live as yourself while appreciating the people around you. There is no need to worry. You already have an answer inside you. You will surely find it.


It is YOU that creates your tomorrow

It is no one else but you that creates your future. Everything lies in front of you is the result of what you have done in the past. This may not be a pleasant task; but let’s try to accept the fact. Then, how would you like to be in the future?

You, in the present time, are creating your future. What do you think you should do now to create the future you wish? What do you need for such future? You need to live through sincerely in order to make your future as you picture now.


Let’s look from a different angle to change your environment

If you are worried about the current situation due to the separation, try to change your environment. As formerly mentioned, things or persons have same wavelength as yours are attracted by you, you need to make an effort to change yourself when if you want to change your surroundings. The first thing you need to do is to change your thoughts.

Try to look at things from a different angle. Then, your will find a different way of thinking. Following such change, then, you will probably act differently. If you repeat this process, your wavelength will change somehow. Consequently, you will encounter new people and environment that are different from your existing surroundings.


Let’s look at yourself especially when things do not go smoothly

When anything goes wrong, it is understandable to feel like you want to run away from everything. However, there is a reason for the hard time such as the time has not yet come; or, maybe a lot better outcome is waiting for you….

Sometimes, you are assigned with a problem that is necessary for your spirit to grow. You may lose a chance to mature your spirit if you give yourself up to despair.

Especially when nothing goes right, take time to see yourself; why you two got separated; what you were supposed to do to avoid it; and what you can do now. Take good deal of time and ponder again.


Let’s believe in yourself in order to be happy

When you decided how you would like to move on, never look back and keep moving on with believing in yourself. Make full effort and live through your life with objectives that can be tiny.

The short cut to happiness is to believe in yourself. Believe or not, you were born with everything that supports you to be happy. You, therefore, do not have to worry.


How are these tips of assistance to you?

Anxieties arise from separation are the fear about losing your partner whom you have depended on. It is scary to stand with your own feet and make a first step, which, thus, takes a lot of courage. However, you who have ponder the past, now, and the future can surely overcome such fears!

You will surely pave a way to happiness. There are all kinds of happiness. The way, thus, to happiness is not only one. The goal is happiness for sure; and yet, you can take any rout you want, you can make a pit stop, or can you change the rout to another.

Let’s move on believing in yourself keeping affection and appreciation toward the people around you so that you can get through your life. Then, you will have no remorse when you look back from the far future. When you feel really tired of keep walking, you can sometimes ask for help from the people around you. Try not to carry the entire burden yourself. Reach out your hand for a help when you can.



7 Mental Care Skills to Survive Separation for New Life

What is divorce from a spiritual perspective?
Let’s make all the efforts you can!
Let’s throw away from useless assumptions!
It is YOU that creates your tomorrow.
Let’s look from a different angle to change your environment.
Let’s look at yourself especially when things do not go smoothly.
Let’s believe in yourself in order to be happy.

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