7 ways to stop the separation and spend anxious days

7 ways to stop the separation and spend anxious days

Unfortunately, some of you have the troubles between you and your partners you’ve loved, and choose a separation. It must make you sad because you’re forced to spend lonely time. In the situation, you remember the importance of him, who spends time with you for a long time, don’t you?

The separation may be the important way to let you find such feeling. Stop it right now, and live with your partner again to get a lucky star together. Then, let’s think about what to do.

7 ways to stop the separation and spend anxious days


Don’t call him whenever you want

You must have decided the separation with your serious thinking. So, don’t call him easily with your selfishness. The separation is a cool-off period for both of you.
If you do such things, your partner must be confused. In that occasion, he might think that is nuisance. It’s not for himself but yourself, and there’s no merits. So, it is a just selfish behavior.


Stop the tactics

DO NOT try to make tactics like that you stop a contact suddenly. Both of you are not teenagers no more, you’re enough to think about your future seriously. Tactics might become the betrayal against your important partner.

It is more awful than what you think, because it can hurt him. Such childish action has the risk of breaking his positive mind. Just be sincere to him. If you do such stupid behavior, you would cause other troubles before you resolve the separation.


Face yourself

Why things have changed like that…? There must be some causes. If you want to restart your life with your partner, you have to find the causes. It’s not only your fault, but also your partner’s.

But you don’t think that there is no fault of you, do you? Let’s review yourself with cool head, and find the points why you and your partner leave each other. Don’t excuse yourself and say that was his fault or that was caused by other reason without your fault. There’s no useful things. You must find the points what you have to change. Face yourself with sincerity, and you’ll be able to make delightful future.


Listen to other opinion

You guys are in the separation because both of you can’t be cool. Of course you know what he thinks, and he knows what you think. Maybe you think so that, but are you sure?

It is important to ask third party who know your occasion, because they can judge with cool head. Especially, it’ll be more effective when you’re so emotional.

Don’t talk about how you feel. Listen to what the causes of this separation. You’ll find the solution which you can’t discover by yourself.


Discuss with him after 3 months

If you enjoy your new life which you’ve never experienced, is must be limited in 2 months. That period makes you cool. When 3 months pass, you’ll feel inconvenience and lonely. The point is how you talk about it with your partner.

Apologies about your fault, and tell him your opinion to make efforts. It is important to resolve the past troubles. Don’t excuse, and say you’re sorry. If you and your partner can do it for each other, it won’t be so difficult to stop the separation.


Stop the separation within a year

If you continue the separation, it becomes difficult to stop it because you don’t feel inconvenience and you think it is hard to live together. The limit is 6 months. If you continue the separation over 6 months, you’ll forget how much you need him.

It is important to make good relation from 3 to 6 months. If it takes over a year, it’ll almost impossible. Don’t be in a hurry, but try to keep in continuous touch and talk about stopping the separation after 3 months.


It depends on the reasons whether you guys could live together again or not

If you misunderstand your partner or feel the mismatch of your character with him, it’ll be resolved easily. But if there is your/his flirtation, it must be difficult.

Betrayal hurts others. If the people who were betrayed can’t allow their partners, the separation can’t be resolved.

It is difficult to trust the partner one more time, and it won’t be realized within a year. But if you allow this unfortunate betrayal, both of you trust each other more than before.


How’s that?

The separation is hard judgement because you’re forced to leave your partner in spite of that past that you’ve decided to live together. There must be the causes and they are not only the fault of one person.

If you really hope to live with your partner again, it is more difficult than what you think, so both of you know what you think more and more.
The separation will show you something you need. You’ll find what you need after living together again.



7 ways to stop the separation and spend anxious days

Don’t call him whenever you want.
Stop the tactics.
Face yourself.
Listen to other opinion.
Discuss with him after 3 months.
Stop the separation within a year.
It depends on the reasons whether you guys could live together again or not.

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