Skinny calves! Ways to make them slim in two weeks

Skinny calves! Ways to make them slim in two weeks
A cameraman said “appeals of models are not their faces but calves.” Cameramen have a good sense of beauty, so they care balances of body shapes and tend to focus on the back views and especially on calves.

More beautiful, higher your goal about beauty gets. If you care your calves, you are already in a higher stage in beauty.

It is very hard, but it is not impossible. I’ll talk about exercises that make your calves thinner for only two weeks.

Skinny calves! Ways to make them slim in two weeks


Stretch and exercise your calves

First, let’s try an effective stretch. You need to do it 15 times each morning and night every day.

1: place the back of your calves on a floor tightly. Bend your body forward with breathing out. Stretch your body forward like pushing your foots and make sure the calves are stretched too.
2: keep that pause and stretch out with breathing out. Let’s do until to feel little pains t your calves. A point is to do slowly. Do this stretch 15 times as a guide.


Massage acupuncture points

In Japan, there is the bestseller book titled “Massage your calves if you want a good health condition.” In fact, important acupuncture points are gathered at calves. I’ll tell easy points for you.

It is in the center of the back of your knees. To massage can relieve tiredness and swelling of your legs.

It is a point on the center line of your calves. To stimulate it prevents toxins from to be stored in your legs.

It is around above the syoukin. It has the same effect as syoukin.

How to massage

First, sit down a chair and raise one of your legs, and push the ityuu with your middle finger. Then, hold your calve with your hands and push strongly the syoukin and syoukan with any finger except a thumb.

It is more effective to keep stretching your toe out at the same time.

Do this for two minutes each leg.


Fix your pelvis to a right position

A distortion of your pelvis is all reasons of problems about a balance of your legs, metabolism, and swelling. It works not only to make your calves thinner but also to shape your legs up, so let’s move your pelvis at a right position.

If you want to get a result within two weeks, I recommend going a beauty salon. They sometimes offer monitoring. If you don’t afford to visit those salons, it is one of options.

Professional estheticians are surely able to bring good results. Remember their ways of massages and try these at home.

The perfect calve size is your height×0,2. Let’s get slim calves for two weeks at a beauty salon.


Keep walking in daily life

Take a walking not a train, bicycle, and car. With stress free walking shoes, try walking little faster every day.

It is a body movement, so your body metabolism should be improved. Walking is very effective on losing fat of your legs especially calves.

Walking is better than running to lose weight and running hurts your foots if you don’t run usually and suddenly start it.

You can walk any places and any time. Let’s keep walking for two weeks.

Don’t forget massage around your legs after walking.


Use a beauty good

Beauty good are rapidly developed. There is beauty goods that can give you a massage with perfect powers that are impossible for people and warm your legs up to lose fat. You should use it.

These are little expensive, but are durable for a long time. Therefore, it is not a waste of money. You can massage your calves by the beauty goods on rainy day or when you are too tired to stretch.

Some are possible to rotate 1500 times for a minute as if they have god hands.

Two weeks are short, so don’t hesitate to use beauty goods. Of course, don’t use them for too long time with max strength because claves are easy to be pulled a muscle and be hurt.

Set stretches and exercises as the main menu and use them for support.


How did you like it? If you have fat calves, you can get skinny calves by trying hard.

To lose fat around your calves, there is no other way but to keep exercises and massages every day. However, harder you try more result you can get.

For the attractive back view, let’s keep trying.



Skinny calves! Ways to make them slim in two weeks

Stretch and exercise your calves
Massage acupuncture points
Fix your pelvis to a right position
Keep walking in daily life
Keep walking in daily life
Use a beauty good

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