9 habits for skinny calves and enjoy fashionable outfits

9 habits to have skinny calves and enjoy fashionable outfits

Many women worry about the outline of legs especially calves, because skinny calves make you look beautiful in different types of clothing.

Calves halp the circulation of blood and sometimes called “the second heart”. By maintaining healthy calves, blood flows smoothly, swelling and weight gaining becomes better, and therefore you can expect to have skinny calves.

Some of you may have experiences that exercises for skinny calves made them thicker. Not only excercising, but your daily habits are also causes of thicker calves.

Here are ways to have skinny calves. Please read and have skinny calves as you desire.

9 habits for skinny calves and enjoy fashionable outfits


-Mind the body balance while standing or walking

Those who easily have thick leg often have imbalanced body position. If weighted center is leaned to either back and forth or side to side, you tend to use extra muscle of legs and result in developping muscles and have thicker legs.

Therefore mind the position of the body when standing or walking. Here is the way to know the right position of the center of the gravity. Stand and place your feet shoulder-width apart, relax, and move your weight to ball of your feet and to heels.

As you gradually move weight, you feel pressure to thighs and entire body. Move the center of the gravity back and forth, and find the position which you don’t feel any excess pressure to your body.

That is the right position. Please remember this position. You might feel awkward at first, but it will become very relaxing as you get used to it, and there is no worry for developing excess muscle to calves.


-Learn the correct way to walk

Appropriate excercise is important for skinny calves, but it is not easy to do proper excercise. So, what is recommended is walking.

Just walking doesn’t make skinny calves. To have skinny calves, you need to walk in correct posture.

Stretch the knee in front and land from the heel. Move your weight through the center of the sole to the toe, and land the entire feet.

When the weight is moved all the way to the toe, lightly kick up the ground with the toe and step forward. It may be difficult at first, but try gradually until you get used to it.


-Move heels up and down and stretch calves

Use a small step to effectively tighten up calves. Stretch calves and Achilles tendon beforehand. Hold the rail of stairs and place only toes on a step.

Heels run off the edge but you are now ready. Slowly stretch yoru back and slowly lower heels. Make sure heels are lower than toes. Repeat this for about 30 times.

When finished, gently massage and knead calves. This is 1 set. Do this 2 sets a day. If you do this excercise too much, you might experience leg cramps or develop too much muscles and have thicker calves. Please be careful.


-Excercise while doing other things

Make an excercise of moving toes up and down as a daily habit, using time during brushing teeth or cooking. You can also do while sitting on a chair.

Keep heels on a floor and lift toes. Make sure to think about muscles of calves and stretch them well. Hold that position for 3 to 5 seconds and slowly lower toes.

Repeat this for 10 times. You can do this exercise while seated. After stretching calves, sit on a floor and stretch legs.

Slowly move toes away from you. When they are bent to the farthest you can go, slowly bent them toward you. After doing this for a minute, gently knead calves.


-Be careful with high-heeled shoes

When you put on high-heeled shoes, your heels are kept in higher position, so you will develop muscles from calves to ankles. It is effective for those who have excess fat around calves, but not good for those who have too much calve muscles already.

You need to know the cause of thick calves, and here is how. Push shin and calves, and if the skin pushes back slowly, the main cause is swelling. If you pinch calves and see the irregular surface of the skin, the main cause is fat.

If you can’t exactly tell the difference between muscle and fat, sit down and pinch calves, and slowly stand up. What you can still pinch is the thickness of fat. If muscles or swelling are the cause of fat calves, avoid high-heeled shoes as much as possible.


-Remove swelling in the bath within that day

To have skinny calves, it is important to remove swelling. Because of the gravity, feet is swollen in the night more than in the morning. It is important to remove this swelling before the day is out.

Many of you might just take a shower in the hot summer days, but soaking in the bathtub is recommended. Just soaking has enough effect, but try massaging or stretching your body in a bathrub if you have time. It will make it more effective.

If you can’t have time to soak in a bathtub, pour hot water and cold water alternately to legs below knees. Blood circulates better with the temperature difference and it can improve swelling.


-5 minutes everyday after bath!

Waste and water causing swollen calves should be removed by massaging. Pinch the dents under ankles with thumb and forefinger, and massage up and down along Achilles tendon.

After repeating this for 5 times, knead calves up and down with both hands as you wring out a rag. Do this 5 times as well, and do the same for other leg. Next is the massage to remove waste from lymphatic glands.

Clench both hands and rub from the base of toes to ankles. Repeat this for 5 times, and do the same from ankles to knees. Repeat this 5 times as well and to both legs.

The point is to rub with a bit strong power and make lympha flow from lower to higher. Just before you feel a bit pain is appropriate strength. It is more effective to do these massage after taking a bath and when your body is warm, and drink water of room temperature or lukewarm water before massaging.


-Stretching before going to bed

Removing fatigue from legs before going to bed is also important for skinny calves. Here is an easy stretching you can do in bed. Prepare a face towel.

Sit with legs straight, hitch a towel to one leg, hold both ends of a towel with both hands and pull a towel toward you. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds. Keep breathing naturally, and do the same for other leg.

When doing this, don’t bend your back and keep knees straight. If you can feel that it is stretched well behind ankles, calves are stretched properly.

If your body is flexible, you can directly pull toes instead of using a towel. When stretching, don’t force to stretch and do with appropriate pressure.


-Think about what you eat and drink

Don’t you have an experience of differnt thickness of calves in morning and night? If you want to slim down calves, control swelling with foods as well.

Green and yellow vegetables such as spinach, fruits like kiwi and banana, seaweeds, soybean products such as tofu, hot peppers, ginger, green onion and onion are effective to remove swelling.

Drinking too much water is known to cause swelling, but avoiding water can also cause swelling. When you lack water, blood circulation slows down. Water should be taken appropriately.

An ideal amount is 1.5 liter of water a day. Strong flavored foods and alcohol can cause swelling of calves as well as entire body, so be careful not to eat or drink them too much.


Did you like this article?

First, you should know the cause why your calves are not skinny, then slim them down with appropriate methods for you. Start with what you can try.

You may not feel the effect right away, but the most important thing is not to give up and continue doing. You will have skinny calves as a result of continuation. Don’t rush and take it easy. Please start from today.



9 habits to have skinny calves and enjoy fashionable outfits

-Mind the body balance while standing or walking
-Learn the correct way to walk
-Learn the correct way to walk
-Move heels up and down and stretch calves
-Excercise while doing other things
-Be careful with high-heeled shoes
-Remove swelling in the bath within that day
-5 minutes everyday after bath!
-Stretching before going to bed


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